WWE Raw 29/07/2013 – Results, Review and Analysis

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WWE Raw 29/07/2013 – Results, Review and Analysis

The WWE Raw that aired on 29/07/2013 kicked off with a recap of what went down between Daniel Bryan and John Cena last week.  A few snippets of Bryan’s gauntlet match were then shown after which Vince McMahon came out towards the ring to address the WWE Universe.  Read on for the complete WWE Raw 29/07/2013 Results along with a review and the analysis of the complete show.

Note: Spoilers included below.

WWE Raw 29/07/2013

The first segment of Raw 29/07/2013 saw Vince passing his Mic to Brad Maddox who apologized for his decision to allow John Cena choose his summerslam opponent.  Vince then reminded Maddox of how he had called Bryan a troll last week and asked Maddox if he knew the meaning of troll.  Vince then asked Maddox what he really felt after which Bryan made his way out to the ring.

WrestlingAfter coming out to the ring Bryan spoke about respect and told Vince how he had given him everything but had got back nothing in return.  Vince then asked Bryan if he respected John Cena to which Bryan Responded by saying that he respected Cena as a human being, a champion and for choosing him as a summerslam opponent.  Vince then claimed that Bryan cannot beat Cena or Kane at the upcoming pay per view and even mocked about his height before he took a dig at John Cena. He further said he didn’t care who won at the PPV.  Bryan then said it didn’t matter what Vince thought, all that mattered was the fans.  He then asked the fans if they wanted to see a new champion to which they responded by Yes, Yes, Yes chants.

The first match at WWE Raw that aired on 29/07/2013 saw The Shield defeating The Uso’s and Mark Henry after Ambrose got his knees up to drop uso for the Win.

Post match, Mark Henry attacked The Shield and cleared the ring.  The Shield eventually retreated through the crowd as Henry was still ready to fight in the center of the ring.

The next segment of WWE Raw 29/07/2013 saw Ryback thrashing a catering section.  He shoved a guy into the wall and got in another man’s face and humiliated him.  He then slapped the guy and some food on his face and him him through the table full of food and walked off.

Backstage, Kane walked up to Brad Maddox and claimed that he wanted the Wyatts.  Maddox said if Kane wanted to send a message to them, he needed to face off against Daniel Bryan.

The Results of the match between Rob Van Dam and Fandango went in favor of RVD after Fandango and Summer Rae left the ring and were counted out.

Post match, Fandango took the Mic from the stage and said his name before he danced away with Summer.

Another Backstage segment at WWE Raw on 29/07/2013 saw AJ Lee and Big E Langston backstage.  AJ was dreading another spear from Kaitlyn and claimed that Big E Langston lets this happen every time.  She then started laughing as she played with her hair and said Big E likes her and what she does in the ring.

The next match between Kaitlyn and AJ Lee at WWE Raw 29/07/2013 saw the results go in favor of Kaitlyn after she finally planted a spear for a win.

Post the results of the match, AJ went berserk after which she was comforted by Big E Langston.  Dolph Ziggler then made his way out to congratulate AJ on her loss and challenged Big E to a match which he accepted.

The results of the match between Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston at WWE Raw 29/07/2013 saw Dolph Ziggler winning via disqualification .

The results of the match between Christian and Alberto Del Rio went in favor of Christian after he rolled up Del Rio for a non title victory while Cody Rhodes defeated Wade Barrett by pinfall.

After the results of the match between Rhodes-Del Rio were announced, Damien Sandow came out and spoke against Cody for throwing his briefcase in the gulf of Mexico on Smackdown.  Sandow then said he had already filed a complain with the WWE management and has done all the big stuff but all cody has done is grow a mustache.  He further said that Cody belonged to the family of clowns so maybe he will be sent back to the circus where he belongs.

The results of the match between Daniel Bryan and Kane ended in the favor of Daniel Bryan as the match ended in a quick pin by Bryan after he countered aa Chokeslam off Kane.

Post match, Kane grabbed Bryan;s throat and hit a big Chokeslam.  Bryan then walked off after which Kane made the Pyro explode but the lights went out and out came the Wyatt family.

After the lights came back on at the WWE Raw 29/07/2013, Bryan Wyatt, Eric Rowan and Luke Harper were seen beating down Kane and brought him back to the ring.  He fought them off as Bray watched from the floor.  They bashed up kane a bit more after which Wyatt claimed that Kane was no demon.

The results of the match between Brie Bella and Natalya went in favor of Brie after she rolled up Natalya for a pin.

The next match at WWE Raw on 29/07/2013 was scheduled to take place between R Truth and Curtis Axel.  The match was interrupted when CM Punk came running down and pulled Axel off the ring and bashed him up a bit before he stared at Paul Heyman and smiled.  He then bashed him up a little more and stood at the top of the announcers table.

Backstage, Triple H was seen with Vince McMahon.  HHH asked him if he asked if he was through jerking Bryan around.  Vince claimed that deep within his heart he knew Bryan would be the next WWE champion and that he was using reverse Psychology.  HHH said he couldn’t even say that with a straight face  after which Triple H told him that he would like someone who was 20 or maybe 23 years younger to him beat Cena.  Stephanie then walked in and said that Bryan just needed some help and recommended a corporate makeover to which Vince said good luck and walked off.

The results of the table match between Ryback and John Cena went in favor of Cena after he put him through a table courtesy of an Attitude Adjustment.

Post Match, Daniel Bryan came out and grabbed the WWE title and refused to give it back to Cena. Bryan then said that the belt was going to be his soon after which Raw went off air as the two faced off.

Results of WWE Raw 29/07/2013

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WWE Raw 29/07/2013 Results
The Shield Defeated The Usos and Mark Henry Via Pinfall
Rob Van Dam Defeated Fandango Via Count Out
Kaitlyn Defeated AJ Lee Via Pinfall
Dolph Ziggler Defeated Big E Langston via disqualification
Christian Defeated Alberto Del Rio via pinfall
Cody Rhodes defeated Wade Barrett Via Pinfall
Daniel Bryan Defeated Kane Via Pinfall
Brie Bella Defeated Natalya Via Pinfall
R-Truth vs. Curtis Axel ended in a no contest
Tables Match: john Cena Defeated Ryback

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