WWE Raw 28/10/2013 – Results, Review and Analysis

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WWE Raw 28/10/2013 – Results, Review and Analysis

World Wrestling Entertainment’s Monday Night Professional Wrestling Show or WWE Raw that aired last night kicked off with a recap of the results of Hell in the Cell Pay Per View that aired on Sunday Night.  This week’s show was live on 28/10/2013 from Orlando, Florida and featured a segment where HBK (Shawn Michaels) was going to explain his actions during the PPV and Randy Orton’s championship celebration.  WWE Fans were allowed to choose the stipulation for a match between Ryback and CM Punk as well.  To know more about what happened during the course of the show, Read on for the complete results and review along with the analysis below.
Note: Spoilers below.

WWE Raw 28/10/2013 Results

Raw officially kicked off with John Cena asking the WWE Universe if they miss him.  He claimed that he understood a few people were skeptics of him but he didn’t care.  He went on to thank JBL for motivating him after he was mostly negative of his return.  Cena also said that he was back for good and that he will be back on Friday Night Smackdown as well.  He confessed he was excited but didn’t want to be too excited as Randy Orton had a celebration later on.  Cena ended the segment by saying that he was aware that Del Rio had a rematch and asked Del Rio if he wants some to come get some.
WWE Raw 28/10/2013

Sandow Interrupted Cena,  took a Mic and claimed to be the uncrowned champion.  He further said he was not fooled by Cena as he was aware Cena was still injured.  He knew Cena was more hurt that he was claiming not to be.  Sandow said Cena sounded so confident because he was afraid of being cashed in on.  Sandow then said he was not planning on cashing in his Money in the Bank contract tonight.
Sandow then beat up Cena and went after his arm.  He attacked Cena’s arm with a steel chair as well and cashed in his MITB contract.
* Despite Cashing in his MITB contract at Raw on 28/10/2013, Damien Sandow lost to John Cena after Cena reversed Sandow’s Piledriver and turned it into an AA for a 3 count.

A backstage segment with The Shield at WWE Raw 28/10/2013 saw Dean Ambrose claiming that he had to defend his title tonight against Big E Langston.  Dean said he was the only member of the Shield with a title and that he will retain it.  Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins didn’t look too happy with what he said.

* The Results of the match between Big E Langston and Dean Ambrose at WWE Raw on 28/10/2013 ended in a no contest after an interference from The Shield.  The Uso’s came out to make the save.  Maddox announced that the match would now take place as a six man tag.

* The Results of the match between Big E Langston against The Uso’s against The Shield at Raw 28/10/2013 saw Shield winning after Reigns hit a double spear for a three count.

The next segment on 28/10/2013 involved Shawn Michaels explaining the reason behind his actions at WWE Hell in a Cell PPV.  Before staring off, he asked Daniel bryan to come to the ring and out he came.   HBK claimed that he was aware that Bryan was not happy with what had happened the previous night and wanted him to know it was unintentional.  He claimed that he had not come to the match to screw Bryan and said Triple H was his best friend.  HBK said his friendship with Triple H was more important then the business.  He also claimed that Triple H was with him during his darkest days and he needed to be there for him last night.  He asked Bryan not to forgive or understand him but to accept his apology.
Bryan didn’t accept michaels’ apology.  Shawn said that he had thought Bryan not to trust anybody in the business but to show him some respect and accept his apology.  Bryan still refused but Shawn continued to insist.  He claimed that he had backed Daniel Bryan and said he was an A+  player but he didn’t know that didn’t care about it.  Shawn asked Bryan to shake his hand immediately which he did but he also ended up locking HBK in a yes lock.  Shawn eventually tapped out after which Bryan left.

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Just as Daniel Bryan was being interviewed by Renee Young, The Wyatt’s began to beat Bryan down.  Rowan and Harper threw Bryan into the latter while Wyatt said that the devil made him do it.  Bray ended up throwing a box on Bryan to knock him out.

* The Results of the match between AJ and Tamina against The Bella Twins saw AJ locking up a black widow on Nikki to win the match.

* The results of the match between Kane and The Miz at WWE Raw on 28/10/2013 saw Kane winning after he chokeslammed Miz and covered for a three count.

Post match, Kane grabbed a Mic and asked Stephanie McMahon to come to the ring right now.  Steph came out and stood on the ramp.  He claimed that Stephanie had been on a power trip which had ruined lives.  He also said this was best for the business and the monster was hers to unleash.  Kane then went towards Stephanie and removed him mask.  He handed his mask over to Steph and walked away.

CM Punk made is way to the ring and said that it didn’t look like it but last night he slept like a baby.  He claimed that it was because he finally got his hands on Paul Heyman.  He said he had put Paul Heyman to sleep and he was history.  He claimed to be more focused on Ryback now and said that Ryback had zero chances against him.  He further said that he would beat Ryback tonight.

* The Results of the Street fight between Ryback and CM Punk went in favor of CM Punk after he locked in the Anaconda Vice.

After the match Results just as Punk was celebrating, The Wyatts music hit and out they came.  They beat down punk and nailed a Sister Abagail on him.  Bray once again claimed that the devil made him do it.

* The Results of the match between The Ral Americans against Cody Rhodes and Goldust at WWE Raw 28/10/2013 saw The Real Americans winning after Swagger locked in the patriot lock on Goldust.

*  Summer Rae lost to Natalya after she locked in the sharpshooter with Rae having nowhere to go.

The final Segment was Randy Orton’s championship celebration.  The entire locker room was on stage.  Triple H made his way to the ring with Stephanie McMahon along with The Shield.  Triple H said that a decade ago Vince asked him who was the future. He chose Randy Orton.  He also said that he watched him do horrible things to everyone as well as himself and called him an A+ player.  He said he was not someone like Daniel Bryan who was currently ina hospital.  

Randy Orton and HHH shook hands and hugged in the center of the ring.  Steph said that Orton was a champion to all the superstars onstage as well and that they must show him respect that he deserves.  Randy claimed that the WWE Championship makes him better than everyone including the complete roster.  He further claimed that a person was either born a success or not and he in most certainty was a success.

Big Show came down but was beaten down by The Shield.  Show however managed to get into the ring after which HHH and Orton ran out.  Show claimed that he was not going to sit down and do nothing and claimed he had nothing to lose.  He then KO’d Orton which left Triple H shocked.  HHH took off his jacket and left the ring as WWE Raw 28/10/2013 went off air.

What are your thoughts about the WWE Raw 28/10/2013 Results?

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