WWE Raw 19/08/2013 – Results, Review and Analysis

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WWE Raw 19/08/2013 – Results, Review and Analysis

World Wrestling Entertainment’s Monday night Professional Wrestling Show ‘WWE Raw’ on 19/08/2013 kicked off with a recap of how the match between CM Punk and Brock Lesnar turned out to be at Summerslam on Sunday.  A recap of the match between Daniel Bryan and John Cena was also shown along with Randy Orton cashing in his money in the bank contract after a turn by triple h.  To know more about what happened during the course of last night, Read on for the complete WWE Raw 19/08/2013 Results along with the performance review of the matches and an analysis of the show.

Note: Spoilers below.

The WWE Raw on 19/08/2013 officially kicked off with John Cena talking about how disgusted he felt about Summerslam.  He spoke about how he was not allowed to wrestle because of a giant ball of fluid on his elbow due to a torn tricep despite which he competed.  He further claimed this was not an excuse and confessed he was beaten by a better man and all he wanted was a clean fight.  He further said he was not putting surgery off and was leaving WWE.  Just as Cena said he was going to miss all this and praised Daniel Bryan out he came with a huge pop.  Before Bryan could speak anything, Stephanie McMahon also
WWE Raw 19/08/2013

came out to the ring.

Stephanie confessed that Bryan had earned a right to be the WWE Champion at Summerslam but her husband did what was best for the company.  Bryan responded by saying that he expected something like this from either Stephanie or Vince McMahon but not from triple h and further said if you lie down with trash sooner or later you start to stink.  Bryan trash talked a bit more before he confessed that he was not scared of getting fired but Stephanie replied by saying no one had any intention of getting him fired.  Bryan said before he left he would like to face either Randy Orton or Triple H to give her a real reason to fire him.  Stephanie then claimed that not everyone could be a WWE Championship material, She further mocked Bryan’s height, weight and looks and told him he might not be an A but he was definitely a solid B+ as far his skills were concerned.  Bryan responded by saying B reminded him of other word and looked visibly upset as he knocked out the mic from Stephanie who requested a new one.  She was eventually upset with Bryan disrespecting her and called for security who escorted him out of the building after which she said Bryan had no one else to blame apart from himself.

*The results of the first match of the night between Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes saw Rhodes using a rollup for victory after Sandow managed to block his cross-rhodes finisher.

A backstage segment at Raw 19/08/2013 saw General Manager Brad Maddox showing a few comments by Dolph Ziggler regarding Triple H’s turn at Summerslam.  Maddox then announced an handicap match between Dolph Ziggler and The Shield for later on.

The next segment saw Paul Heyman in the ring speaking about the match between CM Punk and Brock Lesnar at the Sunday Night Pay Per View.  Heyman confessed that Punk proved his worth at the PPV and further said he was willing to take Punk back if he apologized. The segment ended with Heyman saying Punk was better off with him and he could help him to headline Wrestlemania and towards the WWE Title and together they will be the best in the world.

*The results of the match between Cameron and Naomi against Layla and AJ Lee at Raw 19/08/2013 saw Cameron and Naomi getting a shocking win.

*The results of the match between The Shield and Dolph Ziggler at Raw 19/08/2013 saw Roman Reigns planting a spear on ziggler to win the match for his team.

*The results of the match between Sin Cara and Del Rio went in favor of Rio after Sin Cara injured himself.  Rio ended up winning the match due to referee stoppage.

*The results of the match between Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro against Darren Young and Titus O’ Neil at Raw 19/08/2013 saw Young and O’ Neil winning after dropping Cesaro over his knees.

Backstage at Raw 19/08/2013, Renee Young was with Big Show.  After welcoming him back to the show, Renee asked him if the rumors regarding him teaming up with Mark Henry against Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns were true.  Show confirmed it by saying that the rumors were true and the duo were going after the tag team titles.  Brad Maddox then walked up towards show and asked Renee to leave.  He showed Show’s comments about Triple H’s action at Summerslam and booked a match between him and The Shield with all the members present in the ring at the same time.  Show asked Maddox if he was sure he wanted to do that to The Shield after which he walked off.

*The results of the match between The Shield and Big Show at Raw 19/08/2013 saw Show losing after they nailed a triple powerbomb.

The next segment at Raw 19/08/2013 saw CM Punk coming out to the ring and daring a fan to fight him for booing him.  Punk asked the guy to be a man or be a bitch, sit down and shut up.  He further spoke about how Paul Heyman claimed he could get him the WWE title shot and Wrestlemania main event.  He said if an apology was what it took for Punk to get them, he was ready to do it.  Out came Paul Heyman along with Curtis Axel.
Punk said he was Sorry to take his eyes off Lesnar and not doing a lot worse to Heyman.  He trashed talked a bit more after which Heyman said he was sorry for what was about to happen.  He then asked Axel to tape up his fists for a fight and told Punk if he was in the ring after commercial, Axel would finish the job lesnar started.

Axel used a steel chair on Punk’s leg a few times after which he used a modified neckbreaker.  Heyman ordered Axel to break Punk’s leg.  He eventually managed to fight off Axel despite limping around and hit him with a few chairshots.  Punk then stared at Heyman as his music played.

*The results of the match between R-Truth and Bray Wyatt saw Wyatt winning after hitting his finisher on Truth.

*The results of the match between Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal Vs The Usos saw The Usos winning after planting a big splash on Slater.

*The final match of the night was scheduled to take place between The Miz and Wade Barrett, the results showed a no contest after Fandango’s interruption.

The final segment of the Raw 19/08/2013 night kicked off with Brad Maddox informing Stephanie that Daniel Bryan was back in the building.  

Stephanie McMahon and Vince McMahon were in the ring and they were joined soon by Triple H.  The ring was being guarded by the Shield.  Vince claimed finally they had a wwe champion they could be proud off and said he was proud of his son in law after which they hugged.

Triple H spoke about how he didn’t think Daniel Bryan was the face of WWE and he did this to save the future of his wife and kids.  He further claimed that Bryan was selfish and said he didn’t care after his personal problems.  Randy Orton was then introduced as the future and face of WWE.

Orton Shook Triple H’s hand and said he cashed in his contract when everyone knew it was coming.  He confessed he owned the victory because of Triple H after which they hugged.  Orton asked the WWE universe to stand on their feet show HHH some respect.  Triple H knew Bryan was in the arena and asked him to come out to settle their person issue.  He then asked The Shield to step aside and asked no one to interfere with Bryan.

Bryan came out and just as he was going to enter the ring The Shield attacked him.  He tried fighting them out and had a little bit of success in doing so.  Triple H asked him to get his feeling out.  After Bryan tried entering the ring once again Reign hit him a spear on the floor.  Just as The Shield was about to triple power bomb him on the floor, Triple H stopped them and asked Bryan to enter the ring.  He barely entered the ring only to be RKO’d by Orton.  Vince, Orton, Stephanie and Triple H raised their hands after which Raw went off air.

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