WWE Raw 16/09/2013 – Results, Review and Analysis

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WWE Raw 16/09/2013 – Results, Review and Analysis

World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) Monday Night Raw that aired on 16/09/2013 kicked off with a recap of Night of Champions Pay Per View where Daniel Bryan won the championship from Randy Orton.  Last Night’s Show that aired from The Q Arena in Cleveland, Ohio was expected to be an interesting one as it was about to reveal the reaction of The McMahons and Randy Orton as they didn’t think Bryan had a slightest chance of winning the title.  To know about what happened during the course of last night, Read on for the complete WWE Raw 16/09/2013 Results along with the performance review of the matches and Analysis of the show.

Note: Spoilers below.

The WWE Raw 16/09/2013 kicked off with a unhappy Triple H making his way towards the ring.  HHH said that before Bryan went too far ahead of congratulating himself, he wanted to address the fast count from Sunday Night.  He claimed that the social media, talent were all talking about it and said Bryan’s victory at NOC was tainted.  HHH called out the referee in charge Scott Armstrong and showed his fast count alongside the normal count for the fans to see.  He asked the ref the reason behind it.  Scott confessed that he had made a mistake to which Triple H responded by saying these kind of mistakes just do not happen.  He then asked the ref to go backstage and said he was ashamed of Bryan.  He claimed that Bryan had embarrassed himself and the entire WWE by getting into a conspiracy with an official.  Triple H then asked Bryan to hand over the title until he investigates the issue further.  He also said that as of now there was no champion but there might be re match soon.  He asked Bryan to hand over the belt or he will need to take it off him.  HHH also said he thought Shawn Michaels would have thought Bryan better than this after which Orton came out towards the ring.

Triple H tried to calm things down by saying there wont be a fight here and threatened to take the belt of Bryan once again.  HHH managed to snatch the belt off Bryan after which Orton laid an RKO on Bryan.  Triple H then left the ring with the title while Orton stood over Bryan.

A Backstage segment at WWE Raw 16/09/2013 saw Triple H standing backstage with Stephanie McMahon.  Orton yelled at Triple H for how things had transpired.  Stephanie then got in front and told Orton he deserved to lose last night and asked what happened to Orton of old, the one that handcuffed Triple H and DDT’d her.  She then asked him to find himself and walked off.

The results of the match between WWE Raw 16/09/2013 between Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose saw Dolph Ziggler winning after he planted a Zig Zag for a win.
WWE Raw 16/09/2013

A backstage segment saw Brad Maddox along with Big Show.  Maddox spoke to Triple H about Daniel Bryan competing tonight while Stephanie stood staring at Big Show.  A match between Bryan and Roman Reigns was announced.  Maddox then claimed that Dusty Rhodes was here and walked off.  Stephanie then spoke to Big Show and reminded him that he was broke and in the unemployment line for long.  She said that tonight he will sit down and stay in the office until she needs him and when she calls show will need to say yes and call her Mrs. McMahon.

The Results of the match between Fandango and R-Truth at WWE Raw 16/09/2013 saw Fandango winning comfortably towards the end after he laid a leg drop for the win.

Post match results, The next segment at WWE Raw 16/09/2013 saw Dusty Rhodes coming to the ring as the fans gave him a huge ovation.  He claimed that he appreciated the reception but was not present as an American Dream but as Vigil Runnels.  He said he wanted the McMahons to hear what he wanted to say and spoke about the hard road that the McMahons have never been on.  He further asked about what the hell was good for business and spoke about Goldust coming back to Raw.  Dusty then claimed that he was not here to get Cody’s job back but wanted him to have a chance to earn him back.  Dusty then asked Stephanie to drag her long legs and come out to the ring.

Stephanie then made her way out and claimed that decision to fire Cody was weighing on her and Triple H.  She then handed over a Bed, Bath and Beyond Gift Card to Dusty for Cody and his Wife.  Dusty threw it away.  Dusty then said they’re done and walked away.  Stephanie claimed that they could give a job to his older son, Goldust or Cody Rhodes and the choice was Dusty’s.  Dusty said he won’t make that choice.  Stephanie teased Dusty a bit about being a bad father after which Dusty brought up Stephanie’s kids.  Dusty asked Steph to go to hell to which Stephanie responded by saying she felt sorry Dusty felt that way.  The Shield’s music then hit and out they came.

The Shield surrounded the ring but Stephanie asked them to back off as she had someone in the back to help out.  She called out The Big Show.  Steph said that since Dusty couldn’t make a choice between Cody and Goldust he has another choice, to either be beaten down by the Shield or knocked down by the big show.  Dusty refused to make a decision so Stephanie made it for him.  She then asked show to knock out Dusty.  Show then started crying and refused to hit him.  Stephanie then asked The Shield to get dusty.  They tried to move in but were warned by The Big Show.  Reigns then got in three steel chairs and handed them out.  Big Show then hugged Dusty and whispered something in his ear.  Dusty noded after which Show cried some more.  He said he has no choice.  The Shield then teased Big Show as Stephanie yelled at him to do it.   Show said Dusty he was sorry and knocked him down with a punch.  Show then caught Dusty before he fell to the mat.  Show cried over Dustry as doctors checked on him.  Stephanie and The Shield then walked away.

The Results of the match between Brie Bella, Naomi and Cameron against Alicia Fox, Layla and Aksana at WWE Raw 16/09/2013 went in favor of Brie Bella, Naomi and Cameron after Brie got a pin on Aksana after a big brawl broke out

The Results of the match between Damien Sandow and Rob Van Dam at WWE Raw 16/09/2013 saw RVD nailing a Five Star Frogsplash for a win.

Post match Results, Sandow spoke about how he was guaranteed to be the next World Heavyweight champion.

A Backstage segment at WWE Raw 16/09/2013 saw Triple H backstage along with Scott Armstrong.  Triple H claimed that he was in a jam as all the whole fast count thing had got out of control.  He further claimed that there was no champion right now which was a problem.  Triple H said that the officials had to be in integrity and offered Armstrong a really nice severance package and fired him.   He then said he would take care of Armstrong and everything would be alright.

The Results of the match between Randy Orton and The Miz at WWE Raw 16/09/2013 ended in a  no contest after the match got out of control and ended with Orton putting Miz’s head in between the steel chair and hitting a big running knee drop.

Post match results, Ryback made a way to the ring with WWE intercontinental champion ‘Curtis Axel’ behind him pushing Paul Heyman in a wheelchair.  They stopped on stage as Heyman introduced himself.  He claimed that he was the best in the world and spoke about how he pinned CM Punk at NOC.  

Heyman claimed that they did not have any Back-up plan and Punk had him dead to rights and said that Punk beat him so bad that he was now in a wheelchair.  Heyman also said that it was a miracle that he was not a vegetable rotting in a nursing home.  He then said that he was here toight because one man took the initiative to change history and stood up for him,  He also said that he will continue to torment Punk because of the actions of this big beautiful man named Ryback.  He then said he owned his life to Ryback.

Ryback claimed he couldn’t stand bullies and Punk bullied Heyman at NOC.  Ryback said he did not like anything about Punk and called him a bully.  Ryback then said he was here to stop Punk and said Heyman never had to worry again as long as he’s around.  Heyman kissed Ryback on the cheek which put him off guard and posed before taking Heyman to the back.

The Results of the elimination match for the No.1 Contenders between Tensai and Brodus Clay against Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro against The Uso’s on 16/09/2013 went in favor of The Uso’s after Jimmy nailed a splash from top rope for a win.

Michael Cole then revealed that The Miz had a Thorax while Dusty Rhodes was being kept overnight in a local hospital.

A segment at Raw 16/09/2013 saw The Wyatt family together.  Bray spoke about his world and said when one of his animals were sick, he puts them down.  A recap of Bray hitting Sister Abigail on various superstars was then shown.

The Results of the match between Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan at WWE Raw 16/09/2013 saw Bryan locking a Yes lock on Reigns but because of an interference by Orton, Bryan ended up winning by DQ.

Post match results, Bryan applied a Yes Lock on Orton but The Shield saved him and beat down Bryan.  The Usos, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, Rob Van Dam, Titus O’Neil, Darren Young and other superstars made their way out to the save.  After a Brawl Young and O’ Neil hoisted Bryan up on their shoulders before WWE Raw 16/09/2013 went off air.  That’s it for the results.

What are your thoughts about the WWE Raw 16/09/2013 Results?

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