WWE Raw 14/10/2013 – Results, Review and Analysis

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WWE Raw 14/10/2013 – Results, Review and Analysis

World Wrestling Entertainment’s Monday Night WWE Raw that aired on 14/10/2013 kicked off from St. Louis with Shawn Michaels welcoming the fans.  HBK thanked fans for voting him as the Special Referee  and appreciated the fact that no one had forgotten about him.  He then said that he had personal feelings for both the competitors as well as his friendship with COO Triple H.  He also said that he had been a part of the hell in a cell and because of it he was glad he had retired.  According to him, the main event at Batteground was a joke and he promised a new WWE Champion.  He was then interrupted by Randy Orton.  To Know more about what happened during the course of the show, Read on for the complete WWE Raw 14/10/2013 Results along with the performance review of matches and analysis of the show.

Note:  Spoilers below.

WrestlingRandy Orton said that his match against the Miz was next and he was going to make this quick.  He said that he knew Shawn thought he had them all convinced but also knew the people of St. Louis more than anyone else and claimed that they were not bright.  He further claimed that the actual problem was Shawn representing himself because he was better than him.  He said it eats Shawn inside but Shawn responded by saying not to worry about him but Daniel Bryan.  Randy claimed he didn’t have to worry about Bryan as he was going to decimate him as Shawn Michaels would stand and watch.  He then said that Michaels was Notorious with Screw jobs and if he was screwed he will get kicked straight in the head.

Randy then tried to RKO Shawn but HBK reversed it into a Super Kick that Orton rolled out of.  Orton then escaped the Ring and The Miz came out and assaulted Orton.

The Results of the match between Randy Orton and The Miz at WWE Raw 14/10/2013 saw Orton winning after he was RKO’d because of the distraction by the Wyatt’s.

Wyatt took the Mic and said that Miz hated the world and claimed that he didn’t understand Miz’s obsession with fame and fortune.  He further said he didn’t want Miz to suffer and will make he didn’t put him down.

The Results of the WWE Raw 14/10/2013 match between Sandtino Marella and Fandango saw Fandango winning after Summer Rae distracted Marella.

A Backstage segment at WWE Raw 14/10/2013 saw Paul Heyman and Brad Maddox.  Heyman showed a footage of Punk low Blowing Ryback at Battleground.  He said Maddox had to do something about it.  Maddox claimed that they will be having a rematch and Hell in a Cell but was not sure what more he had to do.  Heyman then said that he should choose the stipulation to amend Punk being a cheater and said Punk should face both Ryback and Axel in a Handicap match.  Maddox disagreed and instead said that there will be a beat the clock challenge tonight.  If Ryback beats the clock he would get to choose the stipulation. 

The Results of the match between 3MB and Los Matadores at WWE Raw 14/10/2013 saw Los Matadores  winning after Diego and Fernando hit a double finisher for a 3 count.

Another segment at WWE Raw 14/10/2013 saw Triple H coming out with Stephanie McMahon.  Stephanie claimed that last week she learned a lesson that her kindness could not be mistaken for her weakness.  She also said she bailed out Big Show more than she could remember and said that they continue to be disrespected.  She further said that Big Show was happy now but unemployed and said they were selling his house, repossessing his possessions and they will be pressing charges.  She then said that there were reports that Triple H had a broken Jaw but they were wrong and said that people had forgotten who he actually was.

Triple H then kicked off by saying that rumors of his demise were exaggerated and that he has been the COO for 2 years now for the fans.  He became the authority in order to make sure the World Wrestling Entertainment continues to run.  He said he had to deal with so much but last week was his breaking point.  He then said he guessed he was the villain because that’s how the fans felt about him and said that if the fans thought he was the bad guy he would be a bad guy.  He then said that anyone who went against him would have to bet or his job.  Daniel Bryan then came out.

Bryan bashed up Alberto Del Rio from behind who hit a straight kick to his head.  Stephanie then asked Bryan if he had anything to say.  HHH then began to chant Yes.

The Results of the beat the clock match between R-Truth and Ryback at WWE Raw 14/10/2013 saw Ryback winning after he got Shell Shocked.

Another segment involving Stephanie McMahon backstage saw her telling Brie Bella congratulations on her engagement.  She said she wondered if Bryan had to say anything about her match against Tamina tonight.  Nikki was banned from ringside but AJ was not.

The results of the match between The Real Americans and Tons of Funk at WWE Raw 14/10/2013 saw The Real Americans winning after Cesaro hit an uppercut into a neutralizer for a 3 count.

After the match, Cesaro hit a swing on Tensai.

The Results of the match between Brie Bella and Tamine Snuka at WWE Raw 14/10/2013 saw Snuka winning after landing a big boot on Brie for a 3 count.

After the match Tamina hit a Samoan Drop and a shoulder breaker and nailed a super fly splash.  AJ on the other hand  locked a Black Widow.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan interrupted Stephanie and Maddox.  He said it was ridiculous to go after Brie.  Stephanie claimed it was not her fault and that he should be attending to Brie and not bother her.

The beat the clock challenge match between CM Punk and Curtis Axel meant Punk had to win in less than 05:44.  The match ended with Punk hitting a high Kick and a GTS for a 3 count with 11 seconds left on the clock.
CM Punk grabbed a mic and asked where Heyman was going.  Punk reminded Heyman  that he got to choose the stipulation.  Punk said Heyman should be proud of him because he had learn’t to be devious from him.  He then said that the stipulation would be a 2 on 1 handicap match.  Punk Vs Ryback and Paul Heyman inside hell in a cell.

The Results of the match between Alberto Del Rio and Daniel Bryan at WWE Raw 14/10/2013 saw Del Rio winning after Bryan  he was counted out as he went to check on the well being of Brie.

Bryan checked on Brie to know if she was Okay but was attacked by Orton from behind.  Orton beat Bryan down inn front of Brie and left as Bryan was checked up on.

The next segment saw The Shield in Stephanie’s office.  Triple H told the Shield that their tag team match was no disqualification.  Triple H and Stephanie then shared a kiss.
The Results of the Tag Team Championship match between Cody Rhodes and Goldust against Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns saw  Rhodes and Goldust winning the tag team championship after Rhodes pinned Reigns for a three count.

Triple H then came down after which Big Show led the crowd to Yes Chants.  The WWE Raw 14/10/2013 went off air with the new tag team champions.

What are your thoughts of the WWE Raw 14/10/2013 Results?

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