WWE Raw 05/08/2013 – Results, Review and Analysis

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WWE Raw 05/08/2013 – Results, Review and Analysis

WWE Raw that aired on 05/08/2013 kicked off from Resch Center in Green bay, Wisconsin with Michael Cole Welcoming the fans to the show.  The professional wrestling episode officially started off with Justin Roberts introducing Stephanie McMahon as she spoke a bit about her father.  To know about what happened as far as WWE Raw 05/08/2013 Results are concerned, take a look at the Performance review of the matches and analysis of the show below.

Note: Spoilers included below.

Daniel Bryan’s Makeover

Stephanie who was in the center of the ring claimed that she didn’t understand the reason behind Vince McMahon thinking that Daniel Bryan was not championship material.  She further spoke about how Triple H disagreed with her father and showed a video of Daniel Bryan getting a makeover.  Bryan was shown at a spa getting a facial, a manicure and lifting some weights after which he was shown eating a steak at Texas Roadhouse Steakhouse. After the makeover, Bryan now has his hair slicked back and also a suit which he got custom made through a tailor.  Back at the arena, Stephanie introduced the new Daniel Bryan and out he came in his suit.

Stephanie complimented Bryan on his New look before handing him over the Mic.  Bryan asked the WWE Universe if they liked his new look to which he was responded by Boos.  He then said that this new look was not something that the company wanted as they were rather looking for someone who was jacked up.  He then took a dig at John Cena as he spoke about how the company were looking for someone wearing bright yellow shirts and also said that he was a wrestler while Cena was an entertainer who could go back to his mansion if he was fired while he loved wrestling to an extent where if he got fired he would be at every gymnasium and every little dirtbox filled with 30 fans.  He went on to further say he would do what the company wants him to do for now but he will make Cena tap out at Summerslam after which Vince McMahon came out to the ring.
Vince McMahon then made it to the ring at Raw 05/08/2013.  Bryan tried shaking his hand but Vince avoided the shake after which he claimed that he was just messing with Bryan, he confessed that he didn’t want either Cena or Bryan to be the next WWE Champion.  Vince then said that Bryan had a muscularity of a toothpick and a face of a gargoyle and looked like a miniature version of Mick Foley.  Mr. McMahon then suggested Bryan to shave his beard off.

A barber Chair was then called by Vince after which Bryan started his famous no chants.  Vince threatened to fire Bryan and said if he wanted to be a WWE Champion he will need to do what Vince says.  Bryan then hesitantly sat on the barber chair after which McMahon said they needed a barber.  Out came Wade Barrett with clippers in his hand.

While Barrett was just about to shave Bryan he gave him a headbutt and started shaving Barret’s beard in the chair.  At this point Vince looked visibly upset after which Bryan dumped Barrett over and into the crowd.  Bryan then headed up the ramp and said he would not change but he will still become the new WWE Champion.  He then removed his shirt like John Cena and said “The Beard is Here” as Vince looked more pissed.

*The results of the match between Rob Van Dam and Alberto Del Rio at WWE Raw 05/08/2013 saw RVD emerging a winner after RVD countered a bucket put in the corner by Ricardo and reversed it as he f Del Rio into it and covered him for a win.
Post match, Ricardo pleaded on his knees but Del Rio still planted a kick to his face.  He then beat Ricardo with a bucket and tossed him out of the ring after which he positioned Ricardo’s head between the steel steps and dropkicked it and posed with his title belt.

Cody Rhodes’ Gift for Damien Sandow

The next segment at Raw saw Cody Rhodes in the ring claiming that he had a gift for Damien Sandow.  He then pulled out the Money in the Bank Briefcase which was dripping wet with seaweed hanging out of it.  He then called out Sandow.

Sandow asked Cody to leave the briefcase and the ring, for a moment Cody did leave but returned soon enough to attack Sandow while he tried to retrieve the briefcase.  Cody sent Sandow out of the ring and emptied the briefcase with the contract wet and torn.

*The results of the match between Ryback and Mark Henry at WWE Raw 05/08/2013 saw Ryback losing once again as he slid out of the ring and got himself counted out after which Henry won via countout.

Backstage, The Bella Twins were having a conversation about how they were looking at the Total Divas last night.  Eva Marie then joined in and spoke about how Brie got a nice win over Natalya last week.  Natalya then walked up and they made fun of her, Brie said it was a slap in the face that Natalya was on their show after which Natalya slapped Brie before walking off.

The next segment on 05/08/2013 saw John Cena coming up towards the ring and talking about Daniel Bryan and the WWE title.  While speaking, Cena was interrupted by Randy Orton who came up to him with a briefcase.  Orton claimed that the only thing that mattered was his briefcase after which The Shield came out and surrounded the ring.

Daniel Bryan stood alongside Cena and Orton in the ring as Raw General Manager Brad Maddox came out and announced a six man tag team match for the night.
*The results of the match between Erick Rowan and Luke Harper at WWE Raw 05/08/2013 against Tensai and Brodus Clay went in favor of Rowan and Harper as they won it easy towards the end.
Post match, Bray Wyatt hit his finisher on Clay and taunted Kane after which he appeared on the big screen.  He spoke about Wyatt and said that at the upcoming Pay Per view neither the family nor anyone else would be able to save Bryan.  Kane revealed that an inferno match will take place between them after which he made the ring explode.
*The results of the match between Layla and Kaitlyn at WWE Raw 05/08/2013 went in favor of Layla after AJ Lee distracted Kaitlyn.
*The match between Christian and Heath Slater saw Christian emerging a winner after planting a huge spear.
* The match between CM Punk and Curtis Axel ended in a no contest when CM Punk tried to grab Paul Heyman in the midst of the match while he was trying to speak to Axel.  Brock Lesnar then came out after which he and Punk ended up brawling with him.  He then gave punk a Belly to Belly throw and bashed him up a little more and eventually grabbed a chair and hit Punk with it multiple times before he left along with Heyman.

Backstage, Renee Young was alongside Lesnar, Heyman and Axel.  She wanted to know what just happened to which Lesnar responded by saying he was the beast and the best in the world.  Heyman then asked Renee to pass a message to CM punk.  He said  that Punk might not be able to make it to the PPV as he was challenging Punk to a match next week.
*The results of the match between Fandango and Kofi Kingston at WWE Raw 05/08/2013 saw Kofi winning after eventually planting a trouble in paradise after a lot of back and forth throughout.

Backstage, Triple H was on the phone after which Stephanie McMahon came in crying as Vince threw her out over the Daniel Bryan issue.  Triple H then claimed that Vince was not a great genius as he once was and that the was tired out it.  He then said he was going to stop him before he stormed out.

*The results of the match between Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro against The uso’s at WWE Raw 05/08/2013 saw Swagger and Cesaro winning after Swagger got a cheap shot in one of the Uso’s and Cesaro planted a neutralizer for a win.

*The match between Big E Langston and Dolph Ziggler saw Ziggler losing as Big E ran over him and planted a big ending for the win.

*Daniel Bryan, John Cena and Randy Orton ended up losing to The Shield via DQ when Ambrose and Reigns attacked him and got themselves disqualified.

Post Match, Bryan was hit with an RKO by Orton.  John Cena and Randy Orton then cleared the ring off shield and it looked as though Orton was looking to encash his MTB contract but backed off when Shield came back.  Cena received a spear by Reigns after which the trio triple bombed Bryan from the ramp.  Raw went off air with The Shield’s celebration and Randy Orton staring back at the ring.

What are your thoughts about the WWE Raw 05/08/2013 Results?

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