WWE Raw 04/11/2013 – Results, Review and Analysis

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WWE Raw 04/11/2013 – Results, Review and Analysis

World Wrestling Entertainment’s Monday Night Professional Wrestling show kicked off with a footage from last week where CM Punk was attacked by The Wyatt Family.  This resulted in the show last night kicking off with a match between Luke Harper and CM Punk.  To know more about what happened during the course of the show, Read on for the complete Results, Review and Analysis.

Note: Spoilers below.

WWE Raw 04/11/2013 Results

* The match between CM Punk and Luke Harper ended with Punk countering a big Clothesline and using a rollup for a win.

Post match, Rowan attacked Punk from behind after which Bray Wyatt entered the ring.  Daniel Bryan then made his way out to the ring with a steel chair and bashed up Rowan and Harper.  Bray was able to avoid a chair shot but was sent by Punk out of the ring.  Eventually, Punk and Bryan managed to clear the ring.

Backstage at Raw 04/11/2013, Renee Young was seen standing with CM Punk.  Punk claimed he didn’t expect his fight to be a clean one as he was so used to being outnumbered and claimed that he didn’t realize he was not the only one to have an issue with the Wyatts.

Michael Cole spoke to Paul Heyman via phone.  Heyman claimed that he was in Europe seeing numerous specialists for the injuries he suffered in the hands of CM Punk at Hell in a Cell.  He further said that he had a spice trauma, Bruised Vertebrae and a few other injuries and said what Punk did to him was a travesty and inexcusable.  He started crying and said the whole WWE universe owed him an apology.  Cole asked if Heyman was crying post which heyman disconnected the call.

* The Results of the match between Ryback and The Great Khali at WWE Raw 04/11/2013 went in favor of Ryback after he nailed a meathook clothesline.
Post match, Ryback was leaving the ring when Santino and Hornswoggle entered to check on Khali.  Ryback turned around and pulled Santrino out of the ring and beat him up.
*The  results of the match between Kofi Kingston and Alberto Del Rio at WWE Raw 04/11/2013 ended in Del Rio’s favor after he locked in the cross armbreaker for a victory.

* Randy Orton defeated Big E Langston at WWE Raw 04/11/2013 after he slided out of the Big ending and nailed an RKO for victory.

* Tyson Kidd and Natalya defeated Fandango and Summer Rae after Kidd locked in the sharpshooter.

Renee Young had Damien Sandow backstage with her.  Sandow spoke about John Cena and the world heavyweight title.  Colter then walked up with Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro and spoke about the real americans defeating Cody Rhodes and Goldust again.

Up next, John Cena came out and spoke about Rise Above cancer and Susan G Komen.  He claimed that there were a few Breast Cancer Survivors in the crowd and pointed at them.  He then called out his partners Rhodes and Goldust for the Smackdown rematch.
* The Results of the match between Cody Rhodes, Goldust and John Cena against Damien Sandow, Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro at Raw 04/11/2013 went in favor of Rhodes, Goldust and Cena after Goldust hit the final curtain on Cesaro.
Vickie Guerrero walked into Triple H’s office and informed him that Big Show as in the arena.  Triple H didn’t look too amused and was about to leave when Stephanie McMahon walked in.  Steph claimed it was her who let Show in the building and said it wasn’t her fault as the board demanded it.  She further claimed that the board didn’t want to take any risk regarding Show’s lawsuit.  Triple H said Show was banned for life and he didn’t care.  Steph then said HHH that this was not about them but their business ‘WWE’ and said she couldn’t afford to take any risks.  Triple H then brought up the McMahon family’s personal business after which Steph said she never minded taking McMahon family money.  She further said that the Board wanted all of them to work it out without lawyers and that was the reason behind Show being present.  Triple H then asked Vickie to ask Show to come to her office now.
WWE Raw 04/11/2013

* The Results of the match between Dolph Ziggler and Curtis Axel at WWE Raw 04/11/2013 ended with Ziggler nailing a Zig Zag for victory.

Post match Results, Renee Young approached Daniel Bryan to get his thoughts about how things transpired early on.  Bryan claimed he saw an opportunity for payback earlier tonight and he took it.  He claimed that it looked as though someone else also had a problem with the Wyatt family and walked off.

* The Results of Usos Vs Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater at Raw 04/11/2013 ended with Uso’s winning after a big splash.

* The Results of the match between Bella Twins and Eva Marie against AJ Lee, Tamina Snuka and Aksana ended with Bella’s team winning after Eva tagged herself in and grabbed a pin on Tamina.

The next segment at WWE Raw 04/11/2013 saw Stephanie McMahon and Triple H making their way out to the ring.  They called out big show who was all smiles while Triple H didn’t look too happy.  Steph said they had all agreed to settle the problems they had without any lawyers.  She asked Show what he wanted.  Show claimed that he needed a broom so steph could hop on it and fly back to Connecticut.  Triple H warned show that if he was going to trade jokes he could make the best of them and asked Show how big check he wanted. 

Show claimed this was not about the money but about him doing what he was meant to be doing.  She said he just needed his job back.  Just as Triple H was about to tell him to shove it, Stephanie McMahon stopped him and said if he wanted his job back he has got it.  Show said there was one more little thing he wanted.
He said to make the world’s largest lawsuit to go away, he needed the largest bonus and said it was not about the money.  He said he wanted to be the face of WWE.  Stephanie made fun of him after which Shield’s music hit and out they came through the crowd.
Show then demanded for the WWE title shot against Randy Orton.  HHH responded by saying Show was lucky to have his job back and asked him to get out of the ring.  Show then claimed that tomorrow morning his attorney will be in tough with the board and that he will complete his task of owning everyone.   Just as Show said good night and was walking away Triple H stopped him and gave him the match. HHH said Show now had his job back and a title match at Survivor Series.  Triple H then said that since he got his job back it was only fair for him to compete and set up a handicap match.

The Results of the handicap match between Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose against Big Show ended with Show winning after  Kane tossed a steel chair in the ring and The Shield and Randy Orton used it to get DQ’d.
After the Bell just as Big Show as being Beat down, Kane took apart the announcers table.  Reigns grabbed part of the Steel Steps and nailed it onto Show’s head.  The Shield ended up lifting Show and putting him through the announcers table for a triple Power Bomb.  The WWE Raw 04/11/2013 went off air with Orton posing with his belt.

What are your thoughts about the WWE Raw 04/11/2013 Results?

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