WWE Raw 02/12/2013 – Results, Review and Analysis

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WWE Raw 02/12/2013 – Results, Review and Analysis

World Wrestling Entertainment’s Monday Night Professional Wrestling Show kicked off from Oklahoma City with CM Punk in the center of the ring.  Punk claimed that he had been thinking for the past one week for a reason behind The Shield’s attack on him.  He felt that that the reason behind it might have been because he spoke bad about Triple H but at the same time thought that he was right, then the authority would be the stupidest people on the planet.  Hearing all this, out came Stephanie McMahon.

WWE RawSteph hoped Punk had a good thanksgiving which he did not believe.  She was not sure the reason behind Punk’s reluctance to believe her.  Steph said the authority was just as mad as Shield as Punk was and they had no hand in his attack.  She further said if Punk had a few problems he could speak to the Director of Operations, Kane.

Kane came out and said that the Authority had nothing to do with The Shield’s attack on CM Punk.  Kane also said Punk could ask him some questions now if he wanted.  Punk said Kane was now just a big red Kissas and asked him to take off his cheap suit so that he could put him to sleep.  The Shield’s music then hit and out they came.  Steph asked them to stop and told him that CM Punk should be admired and respected.  Kane added that Punk should also be challenged.  Kane then announced that CM Punk would face all the 3 members of The Shield in a 3 on 1 handicap match at TLC.

A contract signing between Randy Orton and John Cena was scheduled for the night and the fans were given an opportunity to name what the champion of the match would be called.  The options were the Unified Champion, the undisputed WWE Champion, the Undisputed World Champion.

Note: Spoilers and Results below.

The Results of the match between Dolph Ziggler and Damien Sandow went in favor of Sandow after Ziggler hit a You’re welcome for a 3 count.

The Results of the match between Summer Rae, Tamina and AJ Lee against The Bella Twins and Natalya went in favor of Bella Twins and Natalya.

The next segment saw the introduction of the Bad New Barrett.  Wade Barrett was present at the podium in the ringside.  Barrett claimed he had good news and bad news.  The good news was that they were live at Monday Night Raw and the Bad News was that they were in a hilly billy arena where they had to name the city after their state so that they could remember it.  A promo between Maddox and Orton saw Orton asking Maddox to tell the authority that he was the greatest WWE champion of all time.

The Results of the match between Daniel Bryan and Erik Rowan saw Bryan used a rollup for a win.

After the match, Bray Wyatt appeared on the titantron and told Rowan and Harper to stand down.  He claimed that they won’t hurt Bryan until he told them too.  He then said he was wrong about Bryan and asked how long it will take until he realized everyone looked at him like a circus clown.  He also further claimed he saw a monster in him and that together they could bring back the machine to its knees.  He then asked Bryan to open his eyes.

Daniel Bryan ran into Kane who told that since Bryan and him are friends they should face the same challenge and a match at TLC was announced where Daniel Bryan was going to face all the 3 members of the Wyatt family.  Kane then mocked Bryan with Yes Chants.
The Results of the match between Xavier Woods and R-Truth against Tons of Funk went in favor of R-Truth and Xavier Woods after woods rolled up for a win.

The Results of the match between Sin Cara and Alberto Del Rio went in favor of Cara after he hit a Senton bomb for a 3 count.

Renee Young Interviewed John Cena.  She asked Cena what it would be to Cena if he won the unified championship.  Cena said there has always been a debate as to who is the real world champion.  He then said at TLC it would happen and that there should be only one champion.  He further said him winning meant everything.

The Results of the match between Cody Rhodes, Goldust and Big Show against The Shield went in favor of
The Shield after Goldust superplexed Ambrose but Rollins immediately rolled up Goldust for a 3 count.

The next segment saw CM Punk addressing The Shield.  Renee Young was present with CM Punk.  She asked Punk his reactions to the 3 on 1 handicap match.  Punk sarcastically claimed he was happy with it.  He then claimed he was going to hell and that he will be going to hell and then he will go down.  The real question was how many he will take with him.  Another segment with Bad News Barrett saw him saying that the good news was that Thanksgiving was Thursday, he then said the bad news was that they were fat, they sweat when they eat and were all constipated.

The Results of the match between Ryback and Curtis Axel against Kofi Kingston and The Miz saw Ryback and Axel winning after Ryback hit a shellshock for a  3 count.
Another segment saw Miz slapping Kofi after the match and storming off looking extremely frustrated.

The Results of the match between Fandango and Mark Henry saw Henry winning after he hit the world’s strongest slam for a 3 count.

Mark Henry celebrated in the ring after the match.

The Results of the match between The Real Americans against The Prime Time Players saw the real Americans winning after Cesaro hit a huge uppercut for a 3 count.
 The Final segment of WWE Raw was the contract signing between Randy Orton and John Cena.Triple H and Stephanie confirmed that the winner of the unification match will be called as the unified champion.  Triple H grabbed a Mic and said he had scheduled one of the biggest matches in WWE history.  He then said that there want be a champion but he Champion.  Stephanie added that they guarantee there will be one unified champion.  Randy Orton was first introduced and was soon followed by John Cena. Triple H gave both the mean a history lesson with Steph mentioning hhh in both categories.  Triple H said that they had waited for this match to happen until now because they were waiting for the two to face off.

Randy Singed the contract and was soon followed by Cena.  Orton spoke how hunter was right and said that some of the big names had held these titles in the past but he is the biggest name to hold both the titles.  Randy further said he had something in common with a lot of people and that was the reason they hated John Cena.  Orton further said he will put him out of his misery and be the face of the company.  Cena tried to speak but Orton asked him to shut up and said the only reason Cena was put in the planet was to lose the biggest match of his life.

Cena the spoke up and said HHH made a mistake with him as Orton made everything look easy but then got cocky and lazy.  He threw everything away and let a kid in a T-Shirt and a ball cap take everything away from him.

The segment ended in a brawl after Cena put Orton through the table with an AA.  He held both the titles up as WWE Raw went off air.

What are your thoughts about the WWE Raw 02/12/2013 Results?

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