WWE Raw 02/09/2013 – Results, Review and Analysis

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WWE Raw 02/09/2013 – Results, Review and Analysis

World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) Monday Night Professional Wrestling Show ‘ Raw’  that aired on 02/09/2013 kicked off with Triple H making his way out with the Shield standing on guard around the ring.  Triple H then introduced the New WWE Champion Randy Orton and out he came.  To know more about what happened during the course of the show last night, Read on for the complete WWE Raw 02/09/2013 Results along with the performance review of the matches and analysis of the show.
WWE Raw 02/09/2013 Results

Note: Spoilers below.
Randy Orton took the mic and spoke about how he won’t let WWE’s image get tarnished.  He further claimed that those who disrespected him were actually disrespecting the company.  He then played around a bit with the fans as he asked them a few questions such as
  • If they wanted to see a match between him and Daniel Bryan at Night of the Champions.
  • If Bryan had a chance of winning the WWE Title
  • If Bryan will be anything more than a B+ Player

The crowd responded to all the questions positively but Orton didn’t look too serious about it.  It was then Triple H’s turn to speak about Bryan.  He told the fans that they deserve the best and his main focus other than wrestling was to ensure the health and well being of the superstars and divas.  He further claimed that he was worried about Bryan’s health and Well Being.  Triple H also said that the fans were confusing popularity against what was best for the business.  He then spoke about Doink the clown and said he was never a WWE Champion because it was bad for the business.  Triple H also joked about bringing back the Cruiserweight or European championship back so Bryan could compete for those. 

Daniel Bryan then came out to the ring and called Orton and Triple H as clowns.  He then claimed that Triple H was more of a man before he got his hair cut and said he was not giving up on his title shot.  He then asked if Orton was more masculine than Stephanie McMahon to which Orton responded by threatening Bryan of Consequences.  Bryan further claimed that Orton and HHH knew deep down that he would be able to beat orton for the title and went on to call Orton as Triple Hs bitch.  Triple H told Bryan that his anger should actually be directed to The Big Show and not to them and a match between Bryan-Big Show as announced for later on.

Another segment at WWE Raw 02/09/2013 saw Triple H walking around with Orton as they joked about Big Show.  They came across Cody Rhodes.  Triple H shook the hands of Cody and asked him how Dusty Rhodes was doing.  Cody claimed them to be fine and said that the  main event set for the night would be great unless someone got involved.  Triple H asked why anyone would get involved.  Cody then asked Orton the reason behind him not defending his title against Bryan and claimed Bryan against Orton is what is best for the business.  Triple H then shot down cody by saying that he has a lot in his mind like getting married soon and everything and claimed that they both (Orton and Triple H) didn’t get an invitation.    Triple H got Cody an early wedding present in a form of a match against Orton.  If Cody lost, he might not be in the business for long.

The results of the first match at WWE Raw between Fandango and The Miz saw The Miz winning after he locked a figure four.

The Following segment at Raw 02/09/2013 saw Booker T making his way towards Daniel Bryan.  Booker tried to convince Bryan to give up on his title shot and said he was too good to go back to high school wrestling for 50$ .  He also claimed that a fight against the McMahons was something he could not win.  Bryan could not believe that Booker T said these things to him and claimed this was about his life.  Booker claimed he was behind Bryan but he needs to tread lightly.

The results of the match between Dolph Ziggler and Ryback on 02/09/2013 saw Ryback winning after he shellshocked Ziggler for a win.

After the results a Backstage segment saw Brad Maddox walking up to Stephanie McMahon.  He said Big Show as not willing to fight against Daniel Bryan later on.  After hearing that, Stephanie went out towards the ring to call out Big Show.

Stephanie claimed that she was going to bring out someone who had helped her during the course of the last few years.  She then introduced the Big Show who came out to the ring.  Stephanie started off with a hug and claimed that she was hearing that show was not willing to fight Bryan tonight.  She then spoke about Show’s bad investments and how he was totally broke.  Show started crying as Stephanie claimed that he will not get any money from the Iron clad contract unless he performs.   She went on to insult Show more by asking him how long he thought he will wrestle  and said this was about his family and that’s why he will make the right decision.

The Results of the match between Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater against Darren Young and Titus O’Neil at Raw 02/09/2013 ended with Young and O’Neil winning after Titus laid down Mahal for a win.

After the results, Brad Maddox was on the phone as Paul Heyman walked in.  Heyman asked Maddox to call that person back and claimed that maddox was not doing any good especially after he put his hands on the WWE Universe last week.  Triple H then claimed he could not see Heyman weasel his way out of the match at NOTC.

A video snippet of Bray Wyatt speaking about what happened to Kane was then shown at Raw 02/09/2013.  Bray claimed that fire was not Bryan’s best friend and claimed that Kane allowed his pride to cloud over his common sense.  The segment ended with Bray claiming Kane made his bed now and was not burning in it.

The results of the mach between Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton at WWE Raw 02/09/2013 saw Orton nailing an RKO for a win.

Post match results, Orton stood tall with his WWE Title after which Triple H came out to congratulate him.  Orton made his way back to the ring as Cody  looked on.  Triple H appreciated Cody’s efforts as he felt Cody fought as though his life was on the line.  He claimed that he respected Cody from the bottom of his heart but his business was business and he needs winners.  With deep regret he then fired Cody Rhodes who was upset.

The next segment at WWE Raw 02/09/2013 involved punk coming out towards the ring.  He promised there will be no more empty threats and spoke about Curt Axel’s attack on him last week.  He then said that he wanted to fight Paul Heyman and that he was ready to fight Axel to get his shot at Heyman.  He further claimed he would love to invite them right now but was confident they wouldn’t come.  Punk promised that at NOC he will get his hands on Punk and claimed most of people wont like what happened to Heyman during the night.

Backstage at WWE Raw 02/09/2013, Big Show claimed he did not want to fight Daniel Bryan.  Show claimed that he was in a no win situation here to which Bryan responded by saying that tonight he will beat show once again.

The results of the match between Natalya against Naomi against Brie Bella at WWE Raw 02/09/2013 ended in a contest after AJ stormed into the ring and attacked Naomi and Natalya for a DQ.  No no.1 contender was named.

The results of the match between Damien Sandow and Rob Van Dam at RAW 02/09/2013 saw RVD winning after he hit a five star frogsplash for a victory.

A match between Naomi, Brie Bella, Natalya and AJ Lee was announced for NOTC.

Another segment at Raw 02/09/2013 saw Cody Rhodes being interviewed backstage.  Cody said he lost because of a stupid stipulation and claimed that the McMahons hated Rhodes family for decades.  He further claimed they ruined his father and brother before storming out when Matthews mentioned his fiancee.

The entire WWE Roster was made to witness the match between Big Show and Daniel Bryan at Raw 02/09/2013.  The match kicked off with Show refusing to fight.  Bryan on the other hand went after show who kept getting up despite being beaten.  A particular portion of the match saw Show getting ready for a chokeslam but he decided against it and walked off.  Triple H’s music then hit and out he came.  HHH threatened show to do what was right for his family.  He then asked show to step back as The Shield hit Bryan with a triple powerbomb.  Show started crying after which HHH asked him to use his fist and knock Bryan out.  Show yelled no and walked off but Triple H warned him about the consequences.  Big Show then turned to Triple H but was confronted by Stephanie McMahon who got in the way.  He then turned back and hit a knockout punch on Bryan after which he was patted on the back by Stephanie and HHH.  Show then head to the back with triple H and Stephanie who told him that he did the right thing.  Randy Orton then came out the ramp and headed towards the ring.  Orton then put a bot on Bryan’s chest and posed with his Title after which RAW 02/09/2013 went off air.

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What are your thoughts about the WWE Raw 02/09/2013 Results?

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