Nov 23

Norton 360 Multi-Device

Symantec has released the program for information security Norton 360 Multi-Device, one box with the product allows you to protect  at the same time up to five devices on the platform of Windows, iOS and Android.

Norton 360 Multi-Device is designed to protect the devices on different platforms: PC running Windows and OS X, smartphones and tablets iOS and Android. A single license of Symantec
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Nov 08

A new reference app for multi-device applications

It is now possible to bring the benefits of your app to your users wherever they happen to be, no matter what device they have near them. Today we’re releasing a reference sample that shows how to implement such a service with an app that works across multiple Android form-factors. This sample, the Universal Music Player, is a bare-bones but functional reference app that supports multiple devices and form factors in a single codebase. It is compatible with Android Auto, Android Wear, and Google Cast devices. Give it a try and easily adapt your own app for wherever your users are, be that a phone, watch, TV, car, or more!

Playback controls and album art in the lock screen.
On the application toolbar, the Google Cast icon.


Controlling playback through Android Auto

Controlling playback on an Android Wear watch

This sample uses a number of new features in Android 5.0 Lollipop, like MediaStyle notifications, MediaSession and MediaBrowserService. They make it easy to implement media browsing and playback on multiple devices with a single version of your app.

Check out the source code and let your users enjoy your app from wherever they like.

Posted by Renato Mangini, Senior Developer Platform Engineer, Google Developer Platform Team

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