May 14

In the third quarter increased the number of threats to mobile platforms

252 out of 259 new families of malicious software created for the platform Android, and only 7 – for Symbian.

The company F-Secure Labs, dedicated to security issues , published a report for the third quarter of 2013 on threats to mobile platforms. According to a document from July to September, it was discovered 259 new families of malicious software and versions of existing viruses. 252 of
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Feb 04

Average annual damage from cyber attacks increased by 78 %

The frequency of attacks, the level of their damage and the time to correct them continue to grow the fourth consecutive year, according to the latest report from Ponemon Institute.

In a report in 2013 Cost of Cyber ​​Crime Study estimated that the average annual damage from cyber attacks today is 11.56 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 78 % over four years ago when they released their
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Jan 29

Android Developer Story: The Hunt — Increased engagement with material design and Google Play

Posted by Laura Della Torre, Google Play team

We’ve been in San Francisco talking with the team from The Hunt — a style and product sharing community. They’ve recently lifted the rate at which Android users start hunts to 20 percent after successfully implementing material design in the app, which is a 30 percent improvement over other platforms. As The Hunt’s Product Designer Jenny Davis puts it, “it felt like having a team of design experts on hand,” which lets them focus on what matters to the Android user.

But as we find out, that’s not the whole story. Beta testing — managed from the Google Play Developer Console — also allowed them to iterate design and features daily. Based on feedback, they introduced the floating action button, which helped boost new hunts and helpful responses from the community. This speed and freedom is something the team thought possible only with their mobile website, until they started working with the Android tools.

Watch the video to discover more about how design and rapid iteration has been key to building a strong community.

Learn about using the tools that have helped improve user engagement for The Hunt:

  • Material design — learn more about material design and how it helps you create beautiful, engaging apps.
  • Beta testing — discover how to easily deliver test versions of your app to users for feedback before release.

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Aug 09

Get the guide to family app success on Google Play and see how BabyFirst increased installs by 50%

Posted by Lily Sheringham, The Google Play Apps & Games team

We recently released the second edition of The Secrets to App Success on Google Play with more best practices for finding success growing an app or game business on Google Play. Today we’re sharing our first companion guide for developers, The Family Playbook, which includes information on developing high-quality apps and games for kids and families, along with advice from other developers.

The guide includes advice to help you optimize your user interface design for children, build interactive features that both educate and entertain, develop a business model, understand legal considerations, and plan age-appropriate marketing.

If you create family apps, opt-in to the Designed for Families developer program to designate your apps and games as family-friendly. Apps that meet the program requirements will be featured through Google Play’s family-friendly search and browse experiences and help parents discover great, age-appropriate content and make more informed choices.

Once you’ve checked out the guide, we’d love to hear your feedback so we can continue to improve our developer resources, please let us know what you think.

Android Developer Story: BabyFirst increases installs by 50% with Google Play

BabyFirst was founded to create good educational content for babies, toddlers and their parents. Their apps now have over 30 million downloads, with 40% more downloads on Google Play than other platforms.

Watch this Android Developer Story to learn how opting-in to Designed for Families on Google Play, implementing Store Listing Experiments, and localizing the store listing into 10 languages helped them increase installs by 50% across their portfolio of apps.

Find out more about the Designed for Families program and download our new Family Playbook to help you find success on Google Play.

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