Dec 17

Grand Theft Auto Vice City- GTA: Vice City [Highly Compressed Direct Link]

grand theft auto vice city – GTA 4: Vice City [Direct Link Highly Compressed]

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Known as GTA Vice City is Wonderful and enjoyable games . It is  developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstars Games. This game is published in 2002 . It is a 3D game . GTA Vice City is the 2nd game in the GTA series. This Game build on GTA III . That’s why it follows the GTA III . But there are several improvements in GTA Vice City . 
The player will complete the mission to complete the storyline . And Player Will complete the mission for unlocking the newest city areas. The player can visit the city by using a car of footpath without a mission. The player can drive car , motorcycle , boats, helicopter , can shoot anything with players guns. Police rules are same as GTA III . The great improvements of GTA Vice City is a player can easily buy properties around the whole city. The player can buy business properties which are known as asset  like film studio , dance club , taxi company, ice cream delivery , car showroom etc. . Some missions are included in business properties or asset . There are some submissions in GTA Vice City like pizza delivery , drive injured people to hospital using an ambulance , delivers passengers using taxi , and player can use Police cars for killing criminals. My friend said that this is wonderful game he has ever seen . That’s why I impressed to write an article about Grand Theft Auto Vice City . I think you will like this game so much.

System Requirements 

Minimum System Requirement

OS : Microsoft Windows Xp/Windows 7/ Windows Vista

Processors : Intel Pentium III 800 MHz  or Above

RAM : 128 MB

Graphic Card Memory : 32 MB

Hard Disk Space : 1.55 GB Free

Input Device : Keyboard/Mouse/Speaker 

Recommended System Requirment

O/S : Window Xp/7/Vista

Processor : Intel Pentium IV 1.2 GHz Or Above

Ram : 256 MB

Graphic Card Memory : 64 MB 

Hard Disk Space : 1.55 GB Free

Sound With DirectX 9.0c

Input Devices : Keyboard/Mouse/Speaker

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Password :

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Nov 10

Developing for Direct Boot

Posted by Wojtek Kaliciński, Developer Advocate

Starting with Android N, a device that has been powered on can boot into a new mode called Direct Boot before the user has a chance to unlock it for the first time. In this mode, the operating system is fully operational, but access to private app data is limited and only apps that have been updated to be Direct Boot aware can run.

Is Direct Boot right for my app?

Not every app should run in Direct Boot mode, so before you start coding check if your app fits these common use cases:

  • Apps that schedule alarms, such as alarm clocks.
  • Apps that provide important and timely notifications, like messaging apps.
  • Apps that provide services to other apps or the system, such as Accessibility Services.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and we look forward to seeing what other kinds of apps can benefit from Direct Boot.

Making your app Direct Boot aware

In order to let your app run before the user unlocks the device, you have to explicitly mark components as being Direct Boot aware in the manifest:

 <activity|provider|receiver|service ...

You can pick the subset of your app components that need to be Direct Boot aware, but if you are using a custom Application class, it is assumed to be Direct Boot aware if any component inside your app is marked as Direct Boot aware.

For apps that need to run as soon as the system starts in Direct Boot mode, there is a new Intent.ACTION_LOCKED_BOOT_COMPLETED broadcast. All apps will still receive Intent.ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED after the user unlocks the device.

Using the device protected storage area

To support running apps before the user provides the credentials needed to unlock private app data, all Android N devices now provide two storage locations for data:

  • Credential protected storage, which is the default storage location for all apps, available only after the user has unlocked the device
  • Device protected storage, which is a new storage location that can be accessed at all times when the device is booted, including during Direct Boot

Components of your app that are marked as Direct Boot aware must rely on device protected storage for any data required for their operation during Direct Boot mode. They may still access credential protected storage after the user has unlocked the device.

To access device protected storage you need to create and use a secondary Context object for all file-related APIs:

 Context deviceProtectedContext = context.createDeviceProtectedStorageContext();
 deviceProtectedContext.openFileInput( ... )

When your app gets updated to a Direct Boot aware version, you might have previously saved Shared Preferences or databases that need to be migrated to device protected storage. You should use Context.moveSharedPreferencesFrom() and Context.moveDatabaseFrom() before accessing them to make sure the app continues to work properly even when data is backed up and restored from older versions or other devices.

Things to watch out for

You should think carefully about what you put in the device protected storage. This should be a minimum set of data that will let your app work during Direct Boot. For example, in a messaging app you could store an access token with a narrow scope that only has access to the number of new messages on your server. All sensitive, private information, like the full message history and a read/write access token, should still be saved in credential protected storage.

Another thing to remember is that during Direct Boot apps can only access other Direct Boot aware apps and components. If your app depends on external Services and Activities, make sure you gracefully handle the situation when they’re not available. Intent filters will by default match only components available in the current user state (locked / unlocked). There are two new flags for explicitly telling the Package Manager which components to enumerate: PackageManager.MATCH_DIRECT_BOOT_AWARE and PackageManager.MATCH_DIRECT_BOOT_UNAWARE.

What’s next?

Until devices with Android N that support Direct Boot out of the box are released, you can test your apps using Android N Developer Preview builds. On Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, you can wipe all user data and enable full Direct Boot mode by using Settings > Developer options > Convert to file encryption. Alternatively, you can reboot into bootloader and issue the appropriate fastboot command:

 $   adb reboot-bootloader
 $   fastboot --wipe-and-use-fbe

Warning: Both methods will perform a factory reset and delete all user data on your device.

Alternatively, you can use an emulated Direct Boot mode. To enable it, set a lock pattern on the device, choose “No thanks” if prompted for a secure start-up screen when setting a lock pattern, and then use the following adb shell commands to enable and disable emulation:

 $   adb shell sm set-emulate-fbe true
 $   adb shell sm set-emulate-fbe false

Please note that using these commands will cause your device to reboot. You should only be using emulated Direct Boot mode on test devices, as it may cause data loss.


Follow the Android Development Patterns Collection for more!

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Oct 12

DriverPack Solution v14.0 R410 Full Edition [Direct Link Download]

DriverPack Solution v14.0 R410 Full Edition [Direct Link Download]

DriverPack Solution software is useful to automatically find and install drivers for every piece of hardware on your computer is designed. Perhaps the lack of appropriate drivers for Windows , new, missing drivers, it became old, finding and installing the drivers from dozens of folders and cause the user to have multiple problems so DriverPack Solution can be the best solution for To overcome these problems with a single click that automatically attempt to identify and verify the hardware installed on the computer, the latest version of the automatic and the installation of a drivers of drivers that of the not to create problems for Windows gives a list.This is a complete set which includes most of the hardware components have the latest updated drivers in its place is the variety.

A key feature of the software DriverPack Solution: 

- Automatic installation of drivers in just a few minutes 

- Save time and money 

- Compatible with a variety of different computer hardware components 

- Includes the latest version of driver types 

- Updated drivers installed 

- Easy to use 

- Having 32-bit and 64-bit drivers 

- Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7 (Seven) 

- Multilingual user interface and automated language identification system 

- Both simple and advanced mode (Expert)

Brand: DriverPack Solution 

File Size: 4460 + 7540 MB 

Source: PC Download 


اطلاعات DVD Edition - 4460 MB
دانلود Download - Part One
دانلود Download - Part II
دانلود Download - Part III
دانلود Download - Part IV
دانلود Download - Part V
دانلود Download - Part VI
دانلود Download - Part VII
دانلود Download - Part VIII
دانلود Download - Part IX
دانلود Download - Part X

اطلاعات Full Edition - 7540 MB
دانلود Download - Part One
دانلود Download - Part II
دانلود Download - Part III
دانلود Download - Part IV
دانلود Download - Part V
دانلود Download - Part VI
دانلود Download - Part VII
دانلود Download - Part VIII
دانلود Download - Part Nine
دانلود Download - Part X
دانلود Download - Part XI
دانلود Download - Part XII
دانلود Download - Part XIII
دانلود Download - Part XIV
دانلود Download - Part XV
دانلود Download - Part XVI 

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Sep 26

MathWorks MATLAB R2016a Full Version Direct Link

MathWorks MATLAB R2016a Full Version Direct Link

      MATLAB is a powerful software for students and researchers in the fields of mathematics and engineering at the University of New Mexico and Stanford first written in 1970 in order to resolve the issues matrix theory, linear algebra and numerical analysis was created and today hundreds of thousands of users, academia, academic, diversified industrial engineering in many fields such as advanced mathematics, linear algebra, telecommunications, systems engineering and technical computing with MATLAB as one of the first environments to be able to solve their problems, are familiar. 

Mathematics, engineering science is the most common language. Matrices, differential equations, numerical sequence information, drawings and graphics of the original parts are used in mathematics and also in MATLAB. MATLAB programming language is a system of effective and many scientific and engineering computing. It is used in almost all engineering disciplines. In any field that requires mathematical calculations, curve drawing, simulation models, and numerical analysis, using MATLAB can be useful. Issues in the programming languages ​​C and Fortran engineering courses usually are solved using MATLAB is much easier and faster solved. R2016a version of this software is completely free to download and direct link to the website is ready to go to read more, you can download a more detailed description of the software and links on the go.

Mathworks Matlab R2016a Incl Crack- = TEAM OS =
Key features Mathworks MATLAB:
1. A unique feature matrix The most important feature is that its name is taken from the matrix (Matrix Lab Matrix Laboratory)
It is much easier than other languages ​​defined in the matrix. Imagine matrix n × n × n × … with these dimensions is the size of floating and optionally, also due to the fact that most engineering calculations done for Matrysty having specific functions in this case like transpose, reverse, for non Qatar, the top of the triangle, etc. another unique feature is reading.
2. Use Vzhmat those with more work experience so that anyone in any field Bashdshrkt manufacturer has done more reading them in the next version, so the app is very comfortable to write with such a language because many of the functions provided to us by others we just have more functions it from the list of problem. Which would save time and just above the accuracy of the work.
3. Compatibility with other programming languages: functions can be written in another language, like C language is used exactly in Mhytmtlb or more programs in C language code into Knbm we use it in the environment.
4. The diversity of subject areas dealt with, such as telecommunications, control, fuzzy, image processing SOUND, partial differential equations, neural networks, power systems, mathematics, database systems, Hybrid
What’s New in MathWorks MATLAB R2016a


- Live Editor: Create and run live scripts with embedded output; add equations and images to enhance the interactive narrative 

- Toolboxes: Programmatically package and install custom MATLAB toolboxes with matlab.addons.toolbox package 

- Tab Completion: Complete parameter names and options in select MATLAB function calls 

- Pause Button: Pause the execution of a program from the Editor and enter debug mode 

- Toolboxes: Customize additions to MATLAB path upon toolbox installation 

- Preferences: Migrate preferences from MATLAB versions up to three releases preceding the release starting up 

- VerLessThan Function: Compares releases 

- Internationalization: Default encoding scheme on Mac platforms will change in a future release 

Language and Programming 

- Datetime Object: Set the default locale and format of datetime objects through the Preference panel 

- Zeros, ones, and eye Functions: Create logical arrays

- Cellstr, deblank, and strtrim Functions: Keep significant whitespace characters when removing leading or trailing whitespace 

- Rowfun and varfun Functions: Create output table without row names when using the ‘GroupingVariables’ parameter 

- Debugging: Set breakpoints while MATLAB is executing 

- Functionality being removed or changed


- Moving Statistics Functions: Calculate moving statistics using the movmean, movsum, movmedian, movmax, movmin, movvar, and movstd functions 

- Datetime and duration Arrays: Compute standard deviations with std 

- Datetime and duration Arrays: Ignore NaNs and NaTs using ‘omitnan’ or ‘omitnat’ in the functions mean, median, std, and sum 

- Graph and digraph Classes: Analyze graphs and networks using centrality and nearest nodes functions 

- Svds Function: Compute singular values ​​with improved performance and convergence behavior with a wide variety of matrices 

- Median Function: Compute medians with improved performance 

- Cummin, cummax, cumprod, and cumsum Functions: Compute cumulative minimum, maximum, product, and sum with improved performance 

- GraphPlot Objects: Interactively inspect graph plots using data cursor and plot selection


- Polarplot Function: Plot data in polar coordinates and modify properties of polar axes 

- Yyaxis Function: Create charts with two y-axes and customize each y-axis individually 

- Legend Object: Add legend title and create callbacks to highlight plots when clicking legend items 

- Histogram2 Function: Enable data linking and brushing for bivariate histograms 

- Function Plots: Visualize mathematical expressions as parametric line, surface, and contour plots 

- Graphics Display: Render plots with large numbers of markers faster 

- 3-D Pan and Zoom: Explore data with improved pan and zoom behavior for axes in a 3-D view 

- Graphics Drivers: Use latest drivers to avoid instabilities with older NVIDIA Windows drivers 

- Printed Figure Size: Print or save figures that match size of the figure on the screen by default 

- Print Function: Print figures that fill page using the ‘-fillpage’ and ‘-bestfit’ options 

- Figure Menu: Save figures that honor the PaperPosition value using File> Save As 

- Functionality being removed or changed 

App Building 

- App Designer: Build MATLAB apps with line and scatter plots using an enhanced design environment and an expanded UI component set 

Data Import and Export 

- Writetable Function: Write to text files significantly faster, especially for large files 

- Readtable Function: Read from Excel files with faster performance 

- Writetable Function: Write to Excel files on Mac and Linux platforms 

- SpreadsheetDatastore Function: Import and process data from a collection of Excel files 

- Datastore Function: Import a TabularTextDatastore object with improved file format detection 

- ImageDatastore Object: Specify image labels using the Labels property and process with splitEachLabel, countEachLabel, and shuffle functions 

- FileDatastore Function: Create a custom datastore for a file collection too large to fit in memory 

- Readtable Function: Read text files with automatic detection of delimiters, header lines, and variable names 

- TabularTextDatastore and imageDatastore Functions: Create objects to import large text and image data collections- Writetable Function: Detect text with embedded delimiters automatically and write as quoted text 

- TabularTextDatastore Objects: Read text files with automatic detection of delimiters, header lines, and variable names 

- Imread Function: Generate C-code using MATLAB Coder 

- Functionality being removed or changed

required system:

OS: Windows XP SP3 / Vista SP2 / 7 SP1 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 

Processors: Any Intel or AMD x86-64 processor 

HDD: 2 GB for MATLAB only, 4-6 GB for a typical 

RAM: 2GB, With Simulink, 4 GB is recommended 

Graphics: No specific graphics card is required., Hardware accelerated graphics card supporting OpenGL 3.3 with 1GB GPU memory is recommended.

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Dec 07

Plants vs. Zombies Pc Game Full Version Direct Link

Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies one of the best games that is fun for children and test it once again can not stop it. Play addictive PopCap designed by well known companies and anyone with any age with itself involves. In this game you must use the courtyard in a variety of plants, each with unique features and capabilities, the zombies from entering into the garden and your home. The more points you going and the game allows you to purchase new plants and use them in combat. Zombies are also one of the features they need to eliminate the use of more powerful plants. Stunning graphics and soundtrack play the game is more attractive. I would not miss this game. You can now play attractive from powerful servers to download Persian receive and enjoy the game.

required system :

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7

Processor: 1.2GHz + processor

Memory: 1GB of RAM

Graphics: 128MB of video memory, 16-bit or 32-bit color quality

DirectX: DirectX 8 or later

Hard Drive: 65 + MB of free hard drive space

Sound: DirectX-compatible sound 
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Nov 22

L.A. Noire PC Game Full Version Direct Link

L.A. Noire Download Free for PC

L.A. Noire
Platform Requirements: PC
Language: ENG
File size: 13.74 GB 

We all play with the same old rock star known companies. LA Noire game by game studio Team Bondi and supported. However, the game makers, according to many critics, amazing game LA Noire is one of the best of 2011. This game shows how to use all the parts (of the gameplay, story and music to many other issues) to properly used. LA Noire is one of the perfect scenario for the game and its line of dialogue is extremely high. LA Noire is a phenomenon of this generation that the game industry is towards another. 

Games LA Noire PC game series of small black chase action and adventure developed by Team Bondi and Rockstar Games label famous for platforms PC and XBox360 in 2011 to the market. The game takes place in 1947 in Los Angeles, and Los Angeles police officer Player Control (LAPD) is responsible for solving puzzles that need to use all five senses. Player must examine all the crime scenes to find the right clues and interrogate suspects as desired. Game aesthetic elements of black and white movies and scenes inspired by the 1940s and 1950s created is unique. Motion-Scan is also used in development of new technologies that allow you to play characters, surrounded by 32 cameras located on. You as the player must judge the reactions of the suspects while responding to question the truth or lying discover it. The first game was screened at praise from many critics along.

The game takes place in 1947 in the City of Angels city full of glamor, fame and fortune is a crime, crime, and corruption is rife. The main character was a man named Cole Phelps, a war hero and now has entered a Los Angeles police patrol forces. She asked two friends to a crime scene detective who comes and helps them to solve the mystery. Since Phelps is very smart and clever. This allows him to solve murder cases that occurred after World War II, and to the detective invited to join the City of Angels. The story in the game is very attractive and very involved in the player. Another feature of the game, stunning graphics that all elements of the game is designed with very high precision. I would never miss the game. You can now download the game attractive to powerful servers in Persian and enjoy the game.

Features version of the Complete Edition:

- Includes Access to All LA Noire Add-On Content

- 5 Additional Cases ranging from Traffic to Arson

- The Badge Pursuit Challenge – Find and collect badges to unlock the Button Man Detective Suit

- The Broderick Detective Suit – Boosts your fist fighting capabilities and resilience to damage

- The Sharpshooter Detective Suit – Sharpens your aim with rifles and pistols

- The Chicago Piano – A powerful machine gun stored in the trunk of your car

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Nov 21

Goat Simulator PC Game Full Version Direct Link

The new version comes with a plug-GoatZ added.

Yes you are not wrong! As the game can read it. Manufacturer off with a nice tone with humor, it has introduced its game :

Goat Simulator last game of a new generation of simulation technology to simulate the goat and the goat is for you! Wish goats and other impossible dream is not for you! You can end up with big dreams and aspirations that goat is the end, achieve! You can be a goat! The goat and the fate of the world ‘press play!

Surely, if these words were offensive and among those players know that this kind of speech is like, you will love this game, because in this game everything is built on vandalism. Style is very innovative and cleverly designed. You must be a goat, so that you can sabotage. This game with an old game skate comparison, and the only difference is that instead of it being a skater, goats are rather beautiful skating movements, you will destroy everything! Of course, if something breaks, you do it with class. For example, a turntable and press. Throw a bucket and head toward the window. When the goats, even the sky is not the limit for them and it can also sabotage.

The company game with impressive document, promoting the release of the game was big and everyone was eager to buy the game with the release of a recommendation at first appears to be, its release to the detriment of the company, the enthusiasm for the game Buy this game has increased. Disclaimer This document has stated as a fix or is claimed. In this context, they have to play your stupid games and game makers, spend money to buy the game wrong. However, it is interesting that the right way to spend money to buy the players have a real goat,. The funny The company said at the time of the natural characteristics of the game does not end and they want players who are not expected to be serious and the match is not. In the following game features from manufacturers, it is stated that:

You can be a goat!

With more sabotage your friends who flock goat head.

Millions of bugs in the game. The only bug in the game that are a problem are overcome, the bugs are very good and we will keep them.

Physical objects within the game is lost forever.

Pork neck note. What is really neck?

And finally you can be the goat!

Introducing Extensions to download the game:

- Plug GoatZ: Have you ever thought why you always play that their aim is to survive and survive the zombies are the only group of people who are as healthy survivor? After the goats at the end of the world and the time is up zombies?

With the addition of this plugin can play as a goat brave fight with zombies.

Required system

OS: Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7, Windows 8

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon X2, or equal at 2.0 GHz or better

Memory: 2 GB RAM

Graphics: DirectX 9.0c-compatible, SM 3.0-compatible, 512MB VRAM

DirectX: Version 9.0c

Hard Drive: 2 GB available space

Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c-compatible, 16-bit 
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Nov 20

Farm Expert 2016 PC Game Full Version Direct Link

Farm Expert 2016 Download for PC

Farm Expert 2016 PC-CODEX

Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or better
Processor: Pentium Dual Core 2,2
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX11 compatible, 1GB VRAM video adapter (hardware shader model 5).
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatble
Additional Notes: Laptop versions of graphics cards may work but are NOTofficially supported.

The proposed system:
OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or better
Processor: Pentium Dual Core 3,2
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX11 compatible, 2GB VRAM video adapter (hardware shader model 5)
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatble


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Nov 19

Call of Duty World at War Download Pc Full Game Direct Link

Call of Duty World at War Free Download

Call of Duty World at War-RELOADED

Call Of Duty game series ever. This series of games made ​​by Activisionfamous company, awarded each year to make huge profits. This fifth edition of the series of Call Of Duty: World At War have decided to put your dear friends. Unlike previous versions, this version of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare modern warfare has not been built on and is about World War Call of Duty series has experienced several times by the war. This version was published in 2009 in the style of action is a first-person shooter.

The story of the game is also very good and acceptable before. The game’s story takes place during World War II and its story is based on fact. This time, countries with very severe war. On the one hand, the Nazis and the Japanese and the Russians on the other side of the world to deal with the war on terror have plunged. In this game you have to fight against the Japanese and the Nazis began to get in front of them, not a single one under the domination of the land in this match. Call of Duty game series have experienced if you know where the story is going to play one or several very bad falls or rather incredible that these events and stories in this version of all too true. In the game you will help those who help you come to terms with your friends. All the friends that you have to pay the fine and mobile AI or grenade bomb explodes when they lose their balance and their immediate cover. The enemies you have friends that are too small fraction of the size of the intelligence of an artificial intelligence enjoy this exciting game more. Well-designed graphics for its time it takes full advantage of the graphics. For example, when the rain is falling raindrops on the leaves of trees and sits on your clothing gets wet enemies during the game design is very beautiful. The game has an interesting degradation can not be called good at it. Shadows are also very good work should be appreciated as well.Shooting game design is very beautiful, as expected from a big old gun was used. The game has different levels and with many ups and downs as well.You now have the full version of the game and crack Call Of Duty: World at War’s Download from powerful servers.

Minimum system requirements for the game: 

Operating System: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 

Processor: 4.8 Ghz 

Graphics: 256 Shader 3 compatible graphics card 

Requirements RAM: 2 GB Ram 

Graphics adapter: Directx V9.0c 

Hardisk Requirements: 8GB available space 


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Nov 18

Alan Wake Pc Full Game Direct Link

Alan Wake Free Download for PC

Alan Wake (battle with the darkness) is an adventure game that is one of the best parts of the game, deep and engaging story of his. Alan wake someone by the name of the game is that the individual authors and nightmares
that kept him in the dark forest and the people who learned of their presence nightmares finds, then this is He decided to Journey in the name of rural bright will fall to find their composure but when they arrived there to find leaves that are written in the story in his mind that he wanted them to write, and it happened during the game actually happens to him.

Information about the game:
Release Date: 16 February 2012
Producer: Remedy
Games Publisher: Nordic Games Publishing
Genre: RPG Action
Platforms: PC / Xbox360 

Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
CPU: Core 2 Duo 2 GHz or Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5400
Graphic: GeForce 8600 GTS 512MB or Radeon HD 5550 512MB
Direct X: DX 9
HDD: 8 GB Free

The proposed system:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
CPU: Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz or Phenom 9850 Quad-Core
Graphic: GeForce GTX 285 or Radeon HD 5830
Direct X: DX 9
HDD: 8 GB Free


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