Aug 15

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My Wifi Router V3.0
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  • Easy to Create A Secure and Free WiFi Hotspot.
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How to install it ?
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Jul 24

Top Ten Best iOS Games of November 2013

Top Ten Best iOS Games of November 2013

As we close in towards the end of the year, i played a few of the most amazing, addictive, fun titles on my iPhone.  Despite being an android fan, A part of me still thinks that the iPhone/iPad devices give the most smooth performance as far as gaming is concerned.  To know about the titles i played this month, Read on for the complete list below.  

Note: The list below is a mixture of Action/Adventure/Puzzle/Platform titles and is not based on a single genre.

 Top Ten Best iOS Games of November 2013

10. Dead Man’s Draw

09. EMPIRE: The Deck Building 

08.  Monster Adventures

07. Transport Tycoon

06. Indigo Lake

05.  Type:Rider

04.  Dead Trigger 2

03. DEVICE 6

02.  Pandemic: The Board

01. Paint it Back 

What are your thoughts about the Top Ten Best iOS Games of November 2013?

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May 10

Top Ten Best Songs of November 2013

Top Ten Best Songs of November 2013

This month featured artists as Storm Queen, Eminem, Britney Spears, One Direction, Tinie Tempah among others producing some great and addictive music.  To know which tracks are worth listening to this month, Read on to see the complete list below.  
10. Roar – Katy Perry
09. Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus
Music08. Children of the Sun – Tinie Tempah ft. John Martin
07. Counting Stars – One Republic
06. Work Bitch – Britney Spears
05. Story of My Life – One Direction
04. Move – Little Mix
03. Royals – Lorde
02. The Monster – Eminem
01. Look Right Through – Storm Queen
What are your thoughts about the Top Ten Best Songs of November 2013?

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May 01

Top Ten Best PC Games of November 2013

Top Ten Best PC Games of November 2013

This month featured the release of few of the most amazing titles i was looking forward to since a long time, One of them being Batman: Arkham Origins.  After the success of the first too titles this was one of the titles i could not wait to play and i must admit despite a few bugs, the game didn’t disappoint me that much and lived up to pretty much what i expected out of it.  Besides Batman, i was also looking forward to call of duty: Ghosts.  COD Franchise is an unbelievable franchise, I cannot imagine any game series where almost all the titles have been super hits. For me, this was the most amazing gaming experience of the month.  Anyhow, to break it down for you, Take a look at the complete list of ten of the best top PC Games i have played this month (November 2013).  

Note: The below list of Top Ten Best PC Games of November 2013 might include titles released earlier as well.  I have included them as i got a chance to play them this month.

Top Ten Best PC Games of November 2013

10. Fifa 14 – An amazing game, the only reason why i have put it in number ten of the Top Ten best PC Games of November 2013 is because i am not a very huge fan of sports game, Moreover compared to other Fifa titles i liked controls in this better

09.  Lego Marvel Super Heroes – A Lot of Superheroes to choose from, this was a fun experience but didn’t have much of a storyline to play around with.

08.  State of Decay – Undoubtedly one of the top best Zombie Survival games available this November 2013.

07. Path Of Exile – I will be the first one to admit i don’t like Role Playing Game much but this is one of the greatest releases this month.

06.  Metro: Last Night – Much better than Metro 2033, it was a good experience and enjoyable in comparison to its previous installment.
Call of Duty

05.  NBA 2K14 -  After missing out a lot of basketball titles, i decided to give this one a go.  It really brings might faith back to the NBA series as i thoroughly enjoyed the gameplay.
04. Battlefield 4 -  I only started playing this game series when Battlefield 3 was released, the fourth one truly lives up to its expectation and the graphics are just phenomenol.
03.  Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag – You are the pirate in this game and have a lot of missions on the sea which are fun to play and really drew me into this game.
02.  Batman Arkham Origins: As i said earlier, despite bugs this game is just awesome, especially the fight sequences.
01.  Call of Duty: Ghosts – Undoubtedly one of the most superb, first person shooter the world has to offer.  With that being said, most of the gamers will agree with this being at the no. 1 spot of the top ten best pc games of November 2013.
What are your thoughts about the   Top Ten Best PC Games of November 2013?

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Apr 05

Top Ten Best Songs of August 2013

MusicTop Ten Best Songs of August 2013

This month the music charts were ruled by artists such as Robin Thicke, Avicii, Miley Cyrus, Jay Z, Imagine Dragons, Daft Punk, Capital Cities, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, One Direction and Anna Kendrick.  If you are a music lover and looking to download or buy a few tracks via the iTunes or through a
store, check out the list of the Top Ten Best Songs of August 2013.

Rank Song Artist
1 Blurred Lines Robin Thicke Featuring T.I. & Pharrell
2 Wake Me Up! Avicii
3 We Can’t Stop Miley Cyrus
4 Holy Grail Jay-Z Featuring Justin Timberlake
5 Radioactive Imagine Dragons
6 Get Lucky Daft Punk Featuring Pharrell Williams
7 Safe & Sound Capital Cities
8 Same Love Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Featuring Mary Lambert
9 Best Song Ever One Direction
10 Cups Anna Kendrick

What are your thoughts about the Top Ten Best Songs of August 2013?

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Feb 27

Top Ten Best Free Android Games of October 2013

Top Ten Best Free Android Games of October 2013

It’s Halloween time and i am back with the Top Ten Best Free Android games you can download this month.  Since this month is considers to be the most spookiest of the year, you will find that the list includes majority of titles keeping the Halloween in mind.  To know about the list of the greatest titles of October 2013, Read on.

Top Ten Best Free Android Games of October 2013

Android Robot10.  Subway Surfers (Halloween Edition)

Subway Surfers is not a new game but the Halloween edition update that released this month definitely gives this superhit running game a boost of an already impressive gameplay.  Get it at Google Play here.

09.  Dragon Story: Halloween

One of the cutest titles you can get your hands on this month is undoubtedly Dragon Story: Halloween.  The Objective of the game is simple Raise your dragons from babies to epic adults under the ghostly light of the full moon.  Get it from Google Play Store here.

08. Eden to Green

Zynga’s Eden to Green has impressive gameplay, good visuals and a treat to play.  The Objective of the game is to create an army from a wide variety of plants to fight back against the alien machines and restore the once beautiful vistas.  Get it at PlayStore here.

07. Zombies ate my Friends

Zombies ate my Friends is an Action-Arcade game which will keep you to the edge of your seats.  The quests, Zombies and the gameplay everything about this game is just perfect.  Get it at Market here.

06. Doodle Devil

Doodle Devil is a title where you just need to destroy everything.  While some of the users think the game is somewhat lame.  I believe its a great stress reliever and fun to play.  Download it here.

05. Nun Attack: Run and Gun

If you love temple run, Pitfall and Subway Surfers, you might enjoy this one as well.  Within this game, you get to pick the nun and run through monsters, destroying them in the process with your gun.  Get it here.

04. Hotel Transylvania Dash

In the non paid Version of Hotel Transylvania Dash, Players get to play 6 levels where you can help Dracula run his hotel by booking rooms, taking guests luggage’s and attending to their needs.  Download the game from Google PlayStore here.

03. Plants Vs Zombies 2 (It’s about time)

Just like the first Installment in the Plants Vs Zombies series, the second one does not disappoint either and graphics have improved to an extent as well.  Get it here.

02. Despicable Me

Another Movie inspired game ported to smartphones is Despicable Me.  In this game, you get to play as Minions and complete a few objectives.  Get it from google playstore here.

01. The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Some might think the reason behind me selecting The Simpsons: Tapped out as number one in the Top Ten Best Free Android games of October 2013.  Well the answer is simple, this is one game that has it all according to me, it has great graphics, storyline and is quite addicting to play and the unique feature about it is, i don’t see it lag as much as most of the other titles do.  Get i here.

What are your thoughts about the Top Ten Best Free Android Games of October 2013?

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Jan 24

Top Ten Best Songs of October 2013

Top Ten Best Songs of October 2013

It’s the Halloween month and i am back with a few of the most amazing tracks to listen to currently.  This months list/chart includes artists such as Miley Cyrus, James Blunt, Katy Perry, John Newman, AVICII among others.  To know about which tracks are worth listening to, read on for the complete Top Ten Best Songs of October 2013 list.  
Music10. AVICII – You Make Me

09. Cheating – John Newman

08. Talk Dirty – Jason DeRulo featuring 2 Chainz

07. Roar – Katy Perry

06. Bonfire Heart – James Blunt

05. Disco Love – Saturdays

04. R U Crazy – Conor Maynard

03. Counting Stars – One Republic

02. Bezerk – Eminem

01. Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus.

That’s it for the Top Ten Best Songs of October 2013 list, Hope you enjoyed it.  If you feel i have left out on a track, please leave the name of it in the comment section below.

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Dec 26

Top Ten Best Free iOS Games of October 2013

Top Ten Best Free iOS Games of October 2013

Its the month of Halloween and just like always i am back with a Top Ten List.  This month i will share with you a few of the best Free iOS games of October 2013.  While this list is not official, bear in mind that this is based on my personal view but at the same time if you feel like something is a miss, please share the same in the comment section below.  Without any further a due, lets now take a closer look at the Top Ten Best Free iOS Games of October 2013 which are really addictive to play.
10. The Room – Pocket (Horror)

09. Giant Boulder of Earth
08. Madden 25 (Sports)
07. Gang Lords (Open World)
06. Pocket Trains (Simulation)
05. Dots (Puzzle)
04. Color Zen (Puzzle)
03. Pixel This (Puzzle) 

02.  Fifa 2014 (Football/Sports Simulation)

01. Clash of Clans (RPG)
There were a few others i played which were quite addictive as well, but i think the list above are better than those.  Hope you liked the list.

What are your thoughts about the Top Ten Best Free iOS Games of October 2013?

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Sep 07

Top Ten Best PC Games of September 2013

Top Ten Best PC Games of September 2013

This Month saw the release of few of the most anticipated titles.  Apart from Grand Theft Auto V, a few others that make it to the list this month include, titles such as Final Fantasy X15, Arma III, Total War: Rome II, Amnesia: A machine for pigs among others.  To know about the exact list, Read on for the complete Top Ten Best PC Games of September 2013.

10. Outlast.  

09. Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

08. Lords of Shadow

07. Europa Universalis IV

06. Gone Home

05. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

04. Total War: Rome II

03. Arma III

02. Final Fantasy IV

01. Grand Theft Auto V

What are your thoughts about the Top Ten Best PC Games of September 2013, Do you think i have left a few or some that you feel must be added.  If so, Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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Aug 18

Android Instant Apps: Best practices for managing download size

Posted by Maru Ahues Bouza, Developer Relations Partner, Google Play

Android Instant Apps provides rich, native experiences at the tap of a web link.
People can experience your app without upfront installation, enabling a higher
level and quality of engagement.

However, to provide comparable latency of loading a mobile webpage, an instant
app needs to be lean and well structured, so it can be downloaded and run
quickly in response to a URL tap. In light of that, we encourage that the binary
loaded in response any entry-point URL is as small as possible, with a maximum
of 4MB. The smaller the binaries, the faster the instant app will load and the
smoother the user experience.

This document will propose best practices for managing the application structure
and binary size to enable a smooth instant app experience. These practices will
also benefit your installable app.

Refactoring your codebase

The biggest binary size benefit comes from refactoring your app into multiple
feature modules. Even if your current size and feature set don’t require
multiple features, we recommend designing for it, so you can quickly add more
features in the future without affecting the binary size of existing features.
We also highly recommend having a unified modular codebase to produce both
installable and instant application binaries, as this will reduce the burden of
maintaining separate projects and code and provide a cleaner project structure
across both. Based on the experience of our early access partners, we believe
this will have the largest impact to the binary size at download. However, it
also requires the most investment.

To get to that end, you can start with a single (base) module and then refactor
code by moving relevant portions to feature module(s). Note that you do not need
to worry about the binary size while developing your instant app, as the size
limit does not apply for locally built binaries. You can also publish your
binary through the Play Developers Console to the Development
track (special track for quick deployment of your instant app during
development), where the size limit is 10MB. [1,
The 4MB restriction is applied once your binary graduate out of the Development

Each feature module can have one (or more) entry points – activities – that
correspond to a given URL. When splitting a single code base into multiple
modules, you will have different entry points for different features, and the
platform will load the relevant feature as needed. Remember, the total binary to
be downloaded for any given entry point should be under 4MB, so the combined
size of any feature module and the base module must be below 4MB.

It is advised to define the feature–activity–entry point mappings first, and
then structure the refactoring effort towards reducing the binary size for each

Also consider how your libraries are included. If a specific feature module
requires certain libraries they should be included in the feature module only,
instead of being added in the base APK. This will reduce the size of the base
module. For example, let’s say you have an application that depends on libraries
X, Y, and Z. Initially, you may pack all the libraries in the base module by
placing all the dependencies in the base file. But if only the code
in the feature module requires library Z, it makes sense to move that dependency
from the base module to the feature module.This works as long as no other
feature modules depend on the same library. If multiple feature modules use the
same library it definitely makes sense to keep it in the base module.

Lint checks

Many apps tend to acquire a lot of resources, and over a period of time, some of
them are no longer used. Android Studio has useful built in lint check for
unused resources. Press Alt+Ctrl+Shift+I (Cmd+Alt+Shift+I on Mac OS), type
“unused resources” and start “Unused resources Android|Lint|Performance”
inspection. It helps to reduce the size of the installable APK as well.

String resources

Similar to resources, pay attention to strings, not all of them may be in use,
and typically the application size can be reduced significantly by removing
unused string resources. If application supports multiple languages, you may
want to reduce the number of localized resources, as it typically removes large
chunks of the resources assets. This is especially important if the app supports
only a few languages but uses AppCompat library, which includes messages in
multiple languages. Use resConfig
to select specific resources configurations only. Hint: typically you can use
to restrict configurations pulled from third-party libraries to match the set of
configurations defined in your project.

Switch to WebP

Significant reduction of the drawable
resources size may be achieved by switching to WebP
images instead of PNGs. Android Instant Apps supports all features of the
WebP format (transparency, lossless, etc.) so there will be no loss in
functionality. Keep in mind that application launcher icons must use PNG format,
but it should not be a problem since projects normally keep those in mipmap-
directories. If a backward compatible solution is required, you need to include
the original PNG images in the APK module and it will override
WebP resources automatically (main source set overrides all resources from
AAR/feature module). [4]

Of course, going with vector drawables may let you save even more of the
precious space, but using vector drawables will require a code change while the
above mentioned trick with WebP images for the instant app and PNG images for
the installable APK requires no code modifications.

Download assets at runtime

Finally, remember that technically there is no need to pack all the resources in
the instant app APKs, as the application can download additional assets at run
time. This approach also enables the app to download the required assets only.
These modifications may require significant changes to the code base, but will
also help you to reduce the size of the installable APK.

If shrinking resources does not bring your app feature modules size under the
limit, it is time to look for the ways to reduce the code size.

Review native libraries

Some third-party libraries may include native code, which may not be used in the
instant app at all. So the first step is to review the native libraries packaged
within the APK and make sure the instant app has only those that are actually
used. Remember to look into the compiled APK using APK
Analyzer (Build -> APK Analyzer…) [5]

Review external libraries

Next review the list of all external libraries linked with the app’s code. You
may find some unexpected surprises courtesy of transitive dependencies.
Transitive dependencies occur when the library your project relies upon depends
on another library, which in turn may depend on yet another library. Sometimes
those transitive dependencies may contain unexpected surprises such as libraries
you do not need at all (i.e. a JSON processing library you never use in your
code.) Please see “Excluding
transitive dependencies” section in the Gradle User Guide for further

Android Studio has several useful tools for analyzing the external dependencies
for the project. It always helps to start with the Project view:

The “Project” view shows a section called “External libraries”, where you can
see all the libraries used by the project including any transitive dependencies:

In order to further reduce the base feature size you may need to pay attention
to the code dependencies and external libraries. Check the “Project” view and
look for unused libraries that might be transitive dependencies the project does
not need. Also look for libraries that provide the same functionality (e.g.
multiple libraries for image loading/caching). [4]

You can also compare different builds with APK
Analyzer tool, and it works with instant APKs, too.

Finally, review the list of transitive dependencies and exclude the ones you do
not need. Use the following command to review the dependencies graph:
gradle -q :MODULE:dependencies --configuration compile. Further
details can be found in the Gradle

Other tips

Android Studio 3.0 includes the App Links Assistant tool, which can help to
generate the necessary intent filters, and help in splitting the project into
several modules. [3]

Once you got the instant app bundles under the size limit, it is the time to
make sure the building process is up to date. Check that the application package
and instant app APKs are signed using the “APK
Signature Scheme v2″. If you sign the APKs using the latest version of the
SDK tools, everything should be done automatically. However, if you manually
sign the build artifacts you need to avoid using jarsigner and switch to apksigner

And a few useful tips for adapting the app’s code to the instant runtime
environment. Keep in mind that having a small branches of code for
instant/installable applications, based on the InstantApps.isInstantApp(…),
should be fine and typically does not make the source code unreadable (unless
you abuse it, of course). Also, when using share intents make sure the code does
not explicitly enumerate applications installed on the device, instant app
security model does not allow that. Simply use regular Intent.createChooser() to
present the list of all possible actions to the user.

The level of effort of developing an instant app for an existing Android
application varies across developers and is heavily dependent on how your
application is organized today. For some, it will be easy as your project is
already organized as multiple modules. However, for some, the focus will be on
reducing the code and resource assets size, and we have introduced tools and
Android platform features above to help you with that.

Hear from other developers using Android Instant Apps

Finally, check out these great posts by developers that have already built an
instant app:

  • Buzzfeed:
    From Westinghouse to Android Instant apps, a BuzzFeed Journey
    Building the Android Instant App
  • WillowTree:
    An introduction to Android Instant Apps
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    Your App Instant
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    Android Instant Apps, step-by-step: how Vimeo went about it
  • Ticketmaster:
    Ticketmaster Demonstrates Cutting Edge Android Instant Apps Technology at Google
  • Domain:
    Making the Domain Android App Instant

Visit the Android Developers website to get
started with Android Instant Apps and check out more
instant apps success stories from other developers.

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