Sep 07

EXILES Zero v2.53 Mega MOD APK+DATA is Here! [LATEST]

From the creators of the award winning Ravensword: Shadowlands comes EXILES, a beautiful Sci-Fi 3D role playing game that takes place on a distant world.
In the near future, a colony on a distant planet has been driven to isolation and desolation, as a corrupt government tries to enslave it with a lethal virus.

Become one of the Elite Enforcers, and go on various missions that will unravel the secrets behind the plot to enslave the world. Unleash a large arsenal of weapons and items against vicious aliens and mechanized enemies.
  • Explorer a huge and open world, full of alien hives, underground temples, and caves
  • A large colony with various interior locales
  • Choose from 3 different character classes
  • Choose a Male or Female Character
  • A large variety of weapons to use and upgrade
  • Huge Alien creatures to fight
  • Mechs and Hoverbikes available to traverse the massive landscape
  • A dark story of government plots and conspiracy
  • No IAP!
  • Real-time Shadows
  • Full Night/Day System
Mega Mod Info
  • Infinite Credits
  • Max Weight
  • God Mode (After Level Up)
  • Infinite Talent Point (After Level Up)
  • Energy gun ammo will increase
  • Vehicle Fuel is always Max
  • Faster Level Up
How to Install ?
  1. Download & Install the Apk from the links given below
  2. Download & Extract the OBB cache into sdcard0/Android/obb
  3. Done ! Enjoy :)

Download & Links
EXILES Zero v2.53 Mega MOD APK (18.4 MB) | Mirror | Mirror
EXILES Zero v2.53 OBB (52.4 MB) | Mirror | Mirror

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Jul 25

GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES v1.3 APK+Data is Here! [Latest]

The posthumous successor of Geese Howard who was raised by the “Legendary Wolf” Terry Bogard, and a host of all-new charismatic characters with their own unique background story and goals.

A fully redesigned game system
“GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES” renews the series with the “T.O.P. SYSTEM”, a revolutionary game mechanic that can be set anywhere on the character’s lifebar and gives access to a unique attack and significantly increases the character’s hitting power. Moreover, the “JUST DEFENSE” mechanic offers a multitude of bonuses to the player if he successfully blocks his enemy’s attacks at the last moment. Finally, the “BREAKING” feature allows to cancel specific special moves to other for impressive combos and damage.

New charismatic characters
With the exception of the series’ historical hero “Terry Bogard”, all the participating characters in “GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES” are new, and some of them have some connections with characters from previous installments.
New features
  • unique to this mobile port
  • In addition to the 4 & 6 button type layouts, the “SP” and “FM” special buttons allows the user to respectively
  • activate Special and Desperation Moves with the touch of a button. Furthermore, this faithful port of “GAROU:
  • MARK OF THE WOLVES” features a “PRACTICE” mode, in which you can train all you moves and best
  • combos, a “SURVIVAL” mode, where you fight all the game characters until your life bar depletes to zero.
  • Finally, “GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES ” is also compatible with “Bluetooth” game controllers for the best game experience ever.
  • 2P VERSUS PLAY via the Bluetooth functionality
  • Challenge your friends in intense and epic battles via your smartphone’s Bluetooth functionality!
What’s New
  • Several bugs have been fixed.
How to Install ?
  1. Download The Apk given below
  2. Extract obb data in “Internal storage/Android/obb” Folder
  3. Install normally
  4. Done.Enjoy !!

Downloads & Links
GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES v1.3 APK (6.2 MB) | Mirror | Mirror
GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES v1.3 Data (64.0 MB) | Mirror | Mirror

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Jul 13

République v3.6 Cracked APK+DATA is Here ! [LATEST]

Developed over five years by industry veterans (Metal Gear Solid, Halo, F.E.A.R.), RÉPUBLIQUE is a thrilling and topical stealth-action game that explores the perils of government surveillance in the Internet Age.
You receive a call from Hope, a woman trapped inside a mysterious totalitarian state. By hacking into the nation’s elaborate surveillance network and taking control, you guide Hope through a web of danger and deception across five thrilling episodes.


  • One Touch stealth action gameplay
  • Immersive puzzles and strategic choices
  • Innovative, interactive developer commentary (in-app purchase)
  • Fully translated in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese
  • Episode 2 required to purchase and play Episode 3
  • Close all running apps to improve performance and stability.
  • GPU: Adreno 300 series, Mali-T600 series, PowerVR SGX544, or Tegra 3
  • CPU: Dual core 1GHz
  • Memory: 1GB
What’s New
  • After updating, Episode 2 and 3 content must be re-downloaded.
  • Minor “Play Games Services” UI fix.
How to Install?
  1. Download & Install the Apk from the links given below
  2. Download & Extract the OBB cache into sdcard0/Android/Obb
  3. Done ! Enjoy :)

Download Links
République v3.6 Mali APK (32.7 MB) | Mirror | Mirrors
République v3.6 Mali OBB (1.1 GB) | Mirror | Mirrors

République v3.6 Andreno APK (32.7 MB) | Mirror | Mirrors
République v3.6 Andreno OBB (991.6 MB) | Mirror | Mirrors

République v3.6 Tegra APK (32.7 MB) | Mirror | Mirrors
République v3.6 Tegra OBB (993.7 MB) | Mirror | Mirrors

République v3.6 PowerVR APK (32.7 MB) | Mirror | Mirrors
République v3.6 PowerVR OBB (1.1 GB) | Mirror | Mirrors

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Jun 18

THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’98 v1.3 APK+Data is Here ! [Latest]

Series’ masterpiece “KOF ’98” finally joins the battle on Android!


  •  The best game balance in the KOF Series!
  • “KOF ‘98” is praised among KOF fans around the world as being the ultimate compilation of “KOF ‘94” ~ “KOF
  • ‘97” titles and for its fantastic game balance. Moreover, this perfect port of “KOF ‘98” features 2 different
  • gameplay modes, “EXTRA” & “ADVANCED”, and also includes a “TRAINING MODE” where you can master
  • all your combos! “KOF ‘98” is also compatible with Bluetooth game controllers for the best gameplay
  • experience ever!!
  •  38 playable characters!
  • In addition to the series’ iconic characters, “Iori” and “American Sports” teams as well as “Shingo Yabuki” and
  • “Rugal Bernstein” edit characters return in “KOF ‘98” to complete the gorgeous roster of 38 characters and for
  • a never ending dream match!
  •  A NEOGEO Perfect Port with added features!
  • Play “KOF ‘98” with its original 4 buttons configuration, or use its unique control scheme of 6 button settings
  • and the simplified special moves with the help of the “SP” button!
  •  Challenge your friends via Bluetooth!
  • Dual with other KOF players via Bluetooth Multiplayer Mode for epic and unforgettable battles!
What’s new in this version
  • Several bugs have been fixed.
How to Install ?
  1. Download The Apk given below
  2. Extract obb data in “Interna lstorage/Android/obb” Folder
  3. Install normally
  4. Done.Enjoy !!

Downloads & Links
THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’97 v1.2 APK (7.6 MB) | Mirrors
THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’97 v1.2 Data (60.6 MB) | Mirrors

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Jun 04

Mission Impossible: RogueNation v1.0.1 Mod APK+DATA is Here ! [GOD MODE][Latest]

Mission Impossible RogueNation Mod Apk

In Mission Impossible you infiltrate secure locations and discharge high-profile targets, perform fatal strikes and confront a Syndicate opposite a globe.
This summary will self-destruct…


Take out rivalry agents, destroy brute bases, discharge a singular high-profile aim that matters many or silently/stealthily finish a design in locations around a globe!
Complete a idea objectives as we stop a Syndicate and support a IMF. Stake out targets from prolonged range, take them down with well-placed shots, attack rivalry bases head-on or penetrate rivalry lines but compromising your identity
Load adult on weapons like sniper rifles, attack rifles, complicated guns and gauss rifles afterwards ascent them. Don’t forget to squeeze a latest rigging as good like rocket launchers, throwing knives, med kits, armor, and more!
Assault other players’ HQ, take their resources, and urge your IMF HQ opposite attack! Fortify your defenses with upgrades like drones to repel even a many realistic attackers.
Form an IMF group with other players and work together towards a common goal. Combine your resources to turn adult a group and accept improved rewards for all members!
High-end, immersive inscription gameplay!
Mod Info
  • God Mode
  • Infinite Ammo
  • No Reload Needed
  • Massive Attack
Download the New OBB given below for this mod, Obb of old mod will not work with the new apk.
How to Install ?
  1. Download the apk and
  2. Extract the zip and copy the Obb folder to Android/obb
  3. Install the apk and Run the game.
  4. Done, Enjoy !!

Official Game Trailer

Download Links
Mission Impossible RogueNation v1.0.1 MOD [GOD Mode] Apk (10.7 mb) | Mirrors
Mission Impossible RogueNation v1.0.1 Data[OBB] (87.8 mb) | Mirrors

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Oct 09

WWE Immortals v2.1 Mods APK+DATA IS Here !

WWE Immortals
Take your favorite WWE Superstars out of the ring and into the supernatural world of WWE IMMORTALS. Wield DEVASTATING POWERS to demolish opponents with innovative touch-based combat from the makers of Injustice and Mortal Kombat. SUPERCHARGE YOUR ROSTER with spectacular signature moves, gear and support cards. Bring the pain during live BONE-CRUNCHING BATTLES tied to WWE events.

Use the touch screen mechanics of your mobile device to do epic battle with your enemies in 3-on-3 combat. Swipe and tap to perform combos and build your power to pull off special attacks and use each Superstars’s customized superpower.


Collect and play as fantastical versions of your favorite WWE Superstars: Triple H, John Cena, The Undertaker, The Bella Twins, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, and many more. Each iconic Superstar comes with unique variations, featuring special powers and moves.


Build your move set, increase your powers, upgrade your characters, and conquer your competition. Constantly evolve your roster to fit your style of play and put your best Immortals forward as you take on a series of combatants.

Take on real opponents in Online Battles and compete against players around the world in live, in-game events tied to the WWE and earn awesome rewards. Watch replays of your previous matches to hone your skill and perfect your lineup.
Delivers best-in-class graphics on your phone or tablet, with custom animations for every single WWE Superstar. Engage in battle across multiple worlds, all tailored for each Superstar’s alter-ego, fully rendered in 3D.

Mods Info :
Mod 1 :
  1. Infinite Coins
  2. Infinite Character Stamina
Mod 2 :
  1. Infinite Coins
  2. Infinite Character Stamina
  3. God Mode
How to Install :
  1. Uninstall any version (If Installed)
  2. Download and Install Apk (Mod1/2) From the Links Given Below
  3. Download and Extract the OBB DATA in “Internal Storage/Android/obb” folder
  4. Enjoy :)
Screenshots :
Download Links :

Mod 1 :
WWE Immortals v2.1 Mod 1 Adreno Apk (42.2MB) | Mirror
WWE Immortals v2.1 Mod 1 Mali Apk (42.2MB) | Mirror
WWE Immortals v2.1 Mod 1 PowerVr Apk (42.2MB) | Mirror
WWE Immortals v2.1 Mod 1 Tegra Apk (42.2MB) | Mirror
Mod 2 :
WWE Immortals v2.1 Mod 2 Adreno Apk (42.2MB) | Mirror
WWE Immortals v2.1 Mod 2 Mali Apk (42.2MB) | Mirror
WWE Immortals v2.1 Mod 2 PowerVr Apk (42.2MB) | Mirror
WWE Immortals v2.1 Mod 2 Tegra Apk (42.2MB) | Mirror
Obb : [For Both Mods]
WWE Immortals v2.1 Mod 2 Adreno Obb (1.6GB) | Mirror
WWE Immortals v2.1 Mod 2 Mali Obb (2.3GB) | Mirror
WWE Immortals v2.1 Mod 2 PowerVr Obb (1.5GB) | Mirror
WWE Immortals v2.1 Mod 2 Tegra Obb (1.5GB) | Mirror

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Jan 31

Game Studio Tycoon 2 v3.6 APK+Data is Here ! [Latest]

Game Studio Tycoon 2

Game Studio Tycoon 2 puts you in the place of an independent game developer during the early days of the gaming industry. Play through 50 years of gaming history and develop on over 40 different platforms! Expand your studio along the way and hire up to 16 employees!


  • Play 50 years of gaming history.
  • Manage every detail of your studio! Hire employees, create up to 3 separate teams, raise money by getting investors and create games, consoles, and more!
  • 4 unique locations with room for up to 16 employees!
  • Amazing 3d graphics with motion captured animations!
  • Two game modes – Play the game as it was intended in normal mode, or test your skills with the unforgiving hard mode.
  • Create your own gaming platforms.
  • Create and manage Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games! You can determine the level of support to give the game and even create updates to boost sales!
  • Research new technology that you can use to create better consoles and game engines.
  • Manage up to 3 teams! Each team can work on their own project allowing you to release games and consoles quickly!
  • A clean, minimalistic user interface allows you to play the game with ease.
  • Appropriate for all ages
What’s New
  • Added French localization
How to Install ?
  1. Download The Apk given below
  2. Extract obb data in “Interna lstorage/Android/obb” Folder
  3. Install normally
  4. Done.Enjoy !!

Downloads & Links
Game Studio Tycoon 2 v3.6 APK | Mirror | Mirror (22.0 MB)
Game Studio Tycoon 2 v3.6 Data | Mirror | Mirror (54.9 MB)

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