Nov 14

Oracle Corporation released 104 patches for its products

Oracle Corporation on Wednesday released its quarterly patch set.

At this time the company released a record 104 fixes for the whole range of supported its products. As described in the Oracle, the last set of Critical Patch Update includes fixes for middleware software, databases, as well as products Hyperion, Siebel, PeopleSoft, and a number of products, the company previously owned by Sun
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Nov 14

Award Winning Antivirus of March from AV-Comparatives

AV-Comparatives – independent laboratory testing of information security – announced the results of its research in March. Test Real-World Protection checked how well the world’s top antivirus 1264 fighting modern threats.

The winners of the next research AV-Comparatives steel programs Emsisoft Anti-Malware 8.1 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2014, the two managed to block 99.7% of threats and
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Nov 05 hacked you need to change passwords

The security department discovered unauthorized access to the user database and

Hacking is associated with vulnerability to third-party software that was installed on the server, rather than the most vulnerable in the content management system Drupal. So in that sense, users need not worry.

The problem is that by the attackers
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Nov 02

New Trojan breaks WordPress-blogs

The company “Dr. Web” on the eve warned of spreading malware Trojan.WPCracker.1, designed to crack blogs and websites running popular CMS (content management systems), in particular Worldpress.

With the help of the Trojan attackers can change the contents of the blogs or infect them with other malware that threaten future visitors. It is the spread of Trojan.WPCracker.1 may be linked
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Oct 22

Smartphones based on Windows Phone exposed WiFi-vulnerability

Smartphones running the operating system Windows Phone susceptible to attacks that can expose the user details necessary to enter into closed corporate network resources. This was today warned by Microsoft.

According to the company, the vulnerability lies in the authentication scheme WiFi, known as PEAP-MS-CHAPv2, which is used by Windows Phone-smartphone for a WiFi-networks that are protected
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Sep 17

Results of a study of the world of information security market

Gartner published a study of the global security market

Last year, the information security market grew by 7.9%.

Research agency Gartner published a study on the global market for information security in 2012. According to a study last year, the IS market grew by 7.9% – to $ 19.135 billion compared with 2011.

The market leader is still the company Symantec, which owns a stake in the market
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Sep 14

Insider threats are more difficult to detect/prevent than they were in 2011

According to new research from the company Vormetric, approximately 54% IT-administrators believe that now more and more difficult to identify and prevent insider attacks, compared with 2011. 46% of respondents admitted that they suffer from similar threats. The reason for careful attention to insider activity was the scandal of Edward Snowden.

The main problem for 63% of the respondents was
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Sep 13

Blizzard Members faced a new phishing attack

In the Internet unfolded a new phishing attack aimed directly at fans of multiplayer role-playing games.

Users find in their mailboxes letter with the heading «Blizzard Entertainment IP Restrictions», which informs recipients that their accounts have been compromised. Potential victims advised to confirm the legitimacy of the accounts from the following link.

The letter came illiterate and
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Sep 10

Trojan that captures SMS, making two-factor authentication dangerous

New Trojan for Android mobile operating system does two-factor authentication is practically useless and even dangerous.

The main feature of the malware identified Dr. Web as Android.Pincer.2.origin, is that it intercepts all SMS-message arriving on the infected device and sends them to the attacker.

The specialists of Dr. Web found the Trojans, note that he is disguised as a security
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Sep 02

Google: Disclosure timeline for zero-day vulnerabilities

Google has identified a firm deadline for disclosing zero-day vulnerabilities

Google has introduced rules for the disclosure of information about new vulnerabilities, analyzed by security Google.

 To correct actively exploited “zero-day” vulnerabilities manufacturers now has 7 days, after which all of the available information will be published in the public domain. The changes apply only to
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