BlueStacks 0.9.24 Build 5311 Rooted Download [Direct Link]

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BlueStacks 0.9.24 Build 5311 Rooted Download

These days, the market for operating systems for mobile and tablets is very hot. So that each operating system is trying to overtake another. The Android Open Source and for many models, more popular. Surely you are one of those that maybe you wanted Android on your laptop or your PC test! Because Android only supports ARM processor, as it can not be the default operating system on x86 or x64 processors run. The Android operating system should be simulated. But before that the Mac was provided by Google itself but because of the difficulty of working with the team at work and the BlueStacks  software BlueStacks App Player have to develop Android applications easily on Windows to run.

Key features of software BlueStacks App Player:
- Run games and programs for Android on Windows and tablets
- Easy and fast
- It has all the features of Android
- Support for many Android apps
- New graphics and support for gaming and HD programs
- Ability to synchronize applications
- The Mac ‘s backup the information stored
- Ability to connect to the Internet

BlueStacks What is the Program?
BlueStacks is actually a tablet Samsung’s software that runs on Android 4.4.2 installed to fully simulate the feeling that you’re really in the hands of a Android tablet.
It has all the features and facilities that support the Android operating system and allows any application on the phone is also on your Windows operating system experience. As the hardware system is stronger, smoother and better programs will work.

When using this program, be sure to note the following points:
- Do not forget the fact that the program is still in the early phases of the test result may have problems while working with the Zune community forum, but tries to the problems of users help.

- Before you run the latest version of your graphics card driver to install, users often have problems because of the graphics card driver is not updated.

- Always use the latest version of the program.

- It is suggested that after the installation of the “market” and install apps and games via the download and update them. 

Installation guide
Android apps and games are all with APK extension, to install new applications according to the following guide.
Installing an Android app (with extension APK) software BlueStacks:1. First, download and install BlueStacks software.
2. Run the APK file and install the extension automatically installs the desired application or game.
To access the applications installed, you can run them into the Apps folder on the Desktop.

The direct access to SDCard software BlueStacks (to copy files and Data):
1. A file management software to install, for example, ES File Manager.
ES File Manager can use to download from the link below:
2. completely exit the program.
3. photos and files that you want to enter in BlueStacks Copy the following branches:
4. BlueStacks and ES File Manager run.
5. The following Search Folder Search program see:
6. Look into bstfolder followed the following folder:
7. BlueStacks copy all the information that you need to see here.
8. photographs and information on the programs you want to use it to the folder of your choice.
9. Click and hold on to a small menu appears on the Copy button.
10. UP button to go back a step before (usually the SDCard).
11. Through the Menu -> Operation -> Paste to copy your information here.

- If you intend to install the game to have a special Data File, Data File will be according to the copy in the correct location.
- The way to access your files through the program, for example, upload photos WeChat and so on.

- If the problem is with the program you can use the “discussion” login and ask your problem.

Important Note: Version placed entirely Root and SuperSU to proceed. 

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