Dec 16

AVG Internet Security 2013 x86/x64 free download

AVG Internet Security 2013 Build 3349a6461 (x86/x64)
AVG Internet Security is a software package for comprehensive protection for your computer. Includes Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Spam, Firewall. This software package includes all the tools to protect your PC from dangerous objects. AVG Internet Security blocks the penetration of viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, etc. The package also protects against theft of personal information, and a module to deal with root kits helps get rid of malicious processes, masking the virus. Protect your PC is functioning perfectly, and while working in the network is constantly checked both the boot and the messages that come through the Internet pagers. Also scanned the

websites you visit, and if they pose a threat (a phishing or viruses), then access is blocked. There are anti-spam module, which will prevent receiving unwanted advertising mail, and firewall successfully protect against network attacks.

>>>>>>>>>>Download Information<<<<<<<<<<
Name Of Software: AVG Internet Security 2013
Size:139 and 153 mb
category: antivirus

>>>>>>>>>Download Bellow<<<<<<<<<< 

x86 :139.6 MB
Download here
Download here
x64 :153 MB
Download here
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Dec 15

Internet Download Manager 6.18 | Software IDM Update terbaru 2013

Internet Download Manager

Free Internet Download Manager IDM 6.18 – Download Gratis IDM Versi terbaru Update bulan oktober 2013 Final Full Version – IDM Serial Number SN, Crack, Patch, Keygen, Product key – Inilah software download manager yang sangat populer dalam melakukan downloading file.

Dengan kecepatan download dari aplikasi idm ini menjadikan software ini banyak digemari oleh banyak kalangan. Internet Download Manager telah hadir dengan versi terbarunya, silahkan untuk diperbarui ke versi  6.18 yang dapat di unduh secara gratis versi full tanpa registrasi.

Update dan perbaikan Internet Download Manager 6.18, yang diantaranya:

  • Ditambahkan dukungan untuk pengaturan DPI Tinggi
  • Ditambahkan fitur untuk mengambil alih https download di Google Chrome
  • Ditambahkan fitur untuk menunjukkan mendownload video ini / panel audio untuk video https di Google Chrome
  • Terselesaikan masalah dengan men-download video dari beberapa situs
  • Tetap bug

Internet Download Manager (IDM) adalah Aplikasi Download Manager untuk mempercepat proses download hingga 5 kali lipat. Selain itu, aplikasi ini memungkinkan anda untuk dapat melakukan restart download yang terputus dan juga dapat di integrasikan ke dalam sejumlah besar browser, termasuk Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome dan Opera.

Tampilan Internet Download Manager sangat user-friendly dan terorganisir dengan baik, dengan gaya tombol yang kaya akan fasilitas untuk pengelolaan file dalam proses, sangat memudahkan penggunanya setiap melakukan download. IDM memiliki menu setting yang kaya di mana Anda dapat mengubah cara program menangani format file tertentu atau lokasi default download.



Internet Download Manager 6.18
Nama file:
File size:
Windows All Version
Multi bahasa
Open Source
Tonec Inc. (

Siahkan download Internet Download Manager 6.18 melalui link download dibawah ini:

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Dec 15

LoWPAN on Android Things

Posted by Dave Smith,
Developer Advocate for IoT

Creating robust connections between IoT devices can be difficult. WiFi and
Bluetooth are ubiquitous and work well in many scenarios, but suffer limitations
when power is constrained or large numbers of devices are required on a single
network. In response to this, new communications technologies have arisen to
address the power and scalability requirements for IoT.

Low-power Wireless Personal Area Network (LoWPAN) technologies are specifically
designed for peer-to-peer usage on constrained battery-powered devices. Devices
on the same LoWPAN can communicate with each other using familiar IP networking,
allowing developers to use standard application protocols like HTTP and CoAP.
The specific LoWPAN technology that we are most excited about is Thread: a secure,
fault-tolerant, low-power mesh-networking technology that is quickly becoming an
industry standard.

Today we are announcing API support for configuring and managing LoWPAN as a
part of Android Things Developer Preview 6.1, including first-class networking
support for Thread. By adding an 802.15.4 radio module to one of our developer
kits, Android Things devices can communicate directly with other peer
devices on a Thread network. These types of low-power connectivity solutions
enable Android Things devices to perform edge computing tasks,
aggregating data locally from nearby devices to make critical decisions without
a constant connection to cloud services. See the LoWPAN API guide
for more details on building apps to create and join local mesh networks.

Getting Started

OpenThread makes getting started with LoWPAN
on Android Things easy. Choose a supported radio platform, such as the Nordic nRF52840, and
download pre-built
firmware to enable it as a Network Co-Processor (NCP). Integrate the radio
into Android Things using the LoWPAN
NCP user driver. You can also expand support to other radio hardware by
building your own user drivers. See the LoWPAN user driver
API guide for more details.

To get started with DP6.1, use the Android Things Console to
download system images and flash existing devices. Then download the LoWPAN sample app to try it
out for yourself! LoWPAN isn’t the only exciting thing happening in the latest
release. See the release
notes for the full set of fixes and updates included in DP6.1.


Please send us your feedback by filing bug
reports and feature
requests, as well as asking any questions on Stack
Overflow. You can also join Google’s IoT
Developers Community on Google+, a great resource to get updates and discuss
ideas. Also, we have our new
community, where everyone can share the amazing projects they have built. We
look forward to seeing what you build with Android Things!

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Dec 15

Assassin’s Creed 4 Season Pass details revealed

Assassin’s Creed 4 Season Pass details revealed

Assassin's Creed 4Ubisoft, the company behind the famous Assassin’s creed game series has revealed the DLC and Season Pass features that will be available for the  4 th installment within the franchise.  The company has revealed that the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the PC version of the game will be able to purchase the game’s DLC while the WII U version still remains in doubt as the company is yet to give any details regarding the same.  Apart from the Assassin’s Creed 4 Season Pass details, below is what the company further revealed.

The downloadable content will revolve around nine-mission-single player storyline Freedom Cry which will be set 15th years from the events of the main campaign.  The case will include Edward Kenway’s first friend Adelwale, who will find himself shipwrecked as the storyline begins.
The Season Pass will also provide the Kraken Ship Pack which will allow the gamers to customize Kenway’s Jackdaw ship.  This particular pack will not be available separately.

As far as the release date of the DLC is concerned, it is expected to make its way before March 2014 and the SP will be available during launch itself.  The price will be 20 percent less than buying the downloadable content individually.  
The release date of the game for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and WII U is expected to be on October 29th while PS4, Xbox One and PC Version will be available from November.

What are your thoughts about the Assassin’s Creed 4 Season Pass?

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Dec 14

Enable your messaging app for Android Auto

Posted by Joshua Gordon, Developer Advocate

What if there was a way for drivers to stay connected using your messaging app, while keeping their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road?

Android Auto helps drivers stay connected, but in a more convenient way that’s integrated with the car. It eliminates the need to type and read messages by replacing these activities with a voice controlled interface.

Enabling your messaging app to work with Android Auto is easy. Developers like Skype and textPlus have already done so. Check out this DevByte for an overview of the messaging APIs, and see the developer training guide for a deep dive. Read on for a look at the key steps involved.

Message notifications on the car’s display

When an Android 5.0+ phone is connected to a compatible car, users receive incoming message notifications from Auto-enabled apps on the car’s head unit display. Your app runs on the phone, but is controlled by the car. To learn more about how this works, watch the Introduction to Android Auto DevByte.

A new message notification from Skype

If your app already uses notifications to alert the user to incoming messages, it’ll be easy to extend these for Auto. It takes just a few lines of code, and you won’t have to change how your app works on the phone.

There are a couple small differences between message notifications on Auto vs. a phone. On Auto, a preview of the message content isn’t shown, because messaging is driven entirely by voice. Second, message notifications are backed by a conversation object. This is simply a collection of unread messages from a particular sender.

Decorate your notification with the CarExtender to add support for the car. Next, use the UnreadConversation.Builder to create a conversation, and populate it by iterating over your app’s unread messages (from a certain sender) and adding them to the conversation. Pass your conversation object to the CarExtender, and you’re done!

Tap to hear messages

Tapping on a message notification plays it back on the car’s sound system, via text to speech. This is handled automatically by the framework; no additional code is required. Pretty cool, right?

In order to know when the user hears a message, you provide a PendingIntent that’s triggered by the system. That’s one of just two intents you’ll need to handle to enable your app for Auto.

Reply by voice

Voice control is the real magic of Android Auto. Users reply to messages by speaking, via voice recognition. This is far faster and more natural than typing.

Enabling this functionality is as simple as adding a RemoteInput instance to your conversation objects, before you issue the notification. Speech recognition is handled entirely by the framework. The recognition result is delivered to your app as a plain text string via a second PendingIntent.

Replying to a message from textPlus by voice.

Next Steps

Make your messaging app more natural to use in the car by enabling it for Android Auto. Now drivers can stay connected, without typing or reading messages. It just takes a few lines of code. To learn more visit

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Recover Password V1.0.0.21

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Dec 14

Diagnose and understand your app’s GPU behavior with GAPID

Posted by Andrew Woloszyn, Software Engineer

Developing for 3D is complicated. Whether you’re using a native graphics API or
enlisting the help of your favorite game engine, there are thousands of graphics
commands that have to come together perfectly to produce beautiful 3D images on
your phone, desktop or VR headsets.

GAPID (Graphics API
Debugger) is a new tool that helps developers diagnose rendering and
performance issues with their applications. With GAPID, you can capture a trace
of your application and step through each graphics command one-by-one. This lets
you visualize how your final image is built and isolate problematic calls, so
you spend less time debugging through trial-and-error.

GAPID supports OpenGL ES on Android, and Vulkan on Android, Windows and Linux.

Debugging in action, one draw call at a time

GAPID not only enables you to diagnose issues with your rendering commands, but
also acts as a tool to run quick experiments and see immediately how these
changes would affect the presented frame.

Here are a few examples where GAPID can help you isolate and fix issues with
your application:

What’s the GPU doing?

Why isn’t my text appearing?!

Working with a graphics API can be frustrating when you get an unexpected
result, whether it’s a blank screen, an upside-down triangle, or a missing mesh.
As an offline debugger, GAPID lets you take a trace of these applications, and
then inspect the calls afterwards. You can track down exactly which command
produced the incorrect result by looking at the framebuffer, and inspect the
state at that point to help you diagnose the issue.

What happens if I do X?

Using GAPID to edit shader code

Even when a program is working as expected, sometimes you want to experiment.
GAPID allows you to modify API calls and shaders at will, so you can test things

  • What if I used a different texture on this object?
  • What if I changed the calculation of bloom in this shader?

With GAPID, you can now iterate on the look and feel of your app without having
to recompile your application or rebuild your assets.

Whether you’re building a stunning new desktop game with Vulkan or a beautifully
immersive VR experience on Android, we hope that GAPID will save you both time
and frustration and help you get the most out of your GPU. To get started with
GAPID and see just how powerful it is, download it, take your
favorite application, and capture a

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Dec 12

WWE Smackdown 25/04/2014 Results

WWE Smackdown

The show kicked off with Vickie Guerrero, Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger.  Paul  Heyman and Zeb Colter were in the ring and along with them were two podiums set up.  Vickie announced the main event match up between The Shield and 11 other superstars.  A great debate between Heyman and Colter was also announced.  Zeb however wanted a debate against Cesaro who turned his back on him while Heyman claimed that Brock Lesnar ended the streak about 20 times.  Colter once again asked Heyman why he stole Cesaro to which Heyman responded by asking him when was the last time a Zeb Colter guy won.  He said that since the time Cesaro won the Andre the giant memorial, he was a Paul Heyman guy.

* Antonio Cesaro defeated Jack Swagger.  Post match, The Shield made their way out and Roman Reigns hit a superman punch on Swagger along with a triple powerbomb.  Dean Ambrose claimed that Swagger had failed to adapt.

* Tamina Snuka defeated Natalya.

* Backstage, 3mb claimed about how they were the main event of the night. The Shield interrupted and destroyed them.

* Erick Rowan and Luke Harper defeated Cody Rhodes and Goldust.

* The Shield destroyed Brad Maddox.

*Emma and Santino Marella vs Layala and Fandango never started as the Shield interrupted and destroyed Fandango.

* The Shield Vs Titus O’ Neil, Ryback, Alberto Del Rio, Damien Sandow, Bad News Barrett and Curtis Axel ended in a no contest after The Shield wrecked havoc.