America’s got Talent 30/07/2013 – Recap and Review

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America’s got Talent 30/07/2013 – Recap, Review and Analysis

America’s got Talent or AGT that aired last night (30/07/2013) saw twelve more contestants trying to give it their all as they tried to get more love from the audience’s through their votes to proceed one step closer to the crown.  Last week’s results included Brandon James, The KriStef brothers and Collin Keys being chosen to move on while American Hit Men and Anna Christine depended on votes to move forward.  Eventually it was Anna Christine who was one of the final four.  To know more about what happened last night, Read on for the complete America’s got Talent 30/07/2013 Recap along with a review and Analysis of the show.

Note: Spoilers will be included below.

At last night’s AGT, twelve acts performed to try and earn America’s vote as they showcased their unique talent.  The results now depended more on the public votes than the judges and it was going to be interesting to see who the public chose to be the best among the rest.

The first act of the night at America’s got Talent 30/07/2013 was innovative force.  The kids gave an amazing performance with Mel B stating that she loved the energy, costume and force while Howie said that what they did was very dangerous but was unsure if they had what it takes.  Howard said they had many elements in their routine and the performance was incredible and lastly, Heidi said no one realized how hard it was as they made it look easy.

Ciana Peleki, a performer from Hawaii who wanted to be the next big thing with her grandma as her inspiration seemed to be well prepared with her vocals and make up at America’s got talent.  She performed to the song “Next to Me” by Emili Sande and her performance was average.  Howie called her performance as the year of youth and said she had a whole package while Howard said she does not have the whole package but he did not love the performance and also stated that she got lost a bit.  Heidi said her performance was of a star while Mel B claimed she was mature for her age and agreed she needed all the backups.  She ended up receiving a standing ovation at the Radio City Hall during the America’s got talent 30/07/2013 Night.

Alexander Magala was a break dancer/freak show artist.  His performance as expected was freaky and terrified the judges as he did acrobatics with fire, stripped and swallowed a sword.  Howard claimed that his performance was dangerous and he actually cut his stomach sword swallowing but the real talent took it all the way, Heidi said she didn’t know if she wanted to look or look away.  Mel B loved the performance and seeing him shirtless.  Howie claimed Alexander could do everything that the stage required off him.

Struck Boyz were the next performers at America’s got talent on 30/07/2013.  Their performance left everyone mesmerized and in a different mood.  Most of the judges had good things to say about them after their performance.  Heidi said that the act was so much fun to watch and that they already had a huge fan base.  Mel B also enjoyed the performance terming it as fun and so did Howie.  Howard was the odd one out as he did not enjoy the performance just as much.

Another Freaky act of the night on 30/07/2013 came from Brad Byers who started off by sticking his tongue out in a fan.  He then laid on a bed of nails while his brother ran an ATV over him.  Judges were little taken aback by the performance with Mel B asking the reason behind them performing the same act as she wanted to see more showmanship to which Howie agreed.  Heidi loved the back story but agreed with Howie and Mel B.  Howard in the end asked Brad to put his shirt back on and told him that the act was entertaining but lacked the wow factor.

The next act at America’s Got Talent was Kid the Wiz.  He tried doing a lot of hat tricks which the judges did not quite get impressed with.  Howie appreciated the originality of the act but felt he had seen it all before while Howard claimed that he was current and fresh and should be in a sneaker commercial.  On the other hand, Heidi claimed he had a lot of charisma and charm while Mel B confessed her kids love him as he is cool.

Forte were the next act to perform on 30/07/2013.  The trio met online but their audition was the first time they ever sung together.  Howard claimed that they had good quality and did a good job while Heidi loved the performance as it filled up the entire room doing perfect justice to the song.  Howie got goosebumps during the performance.

Moving on with AGT  Recap, the next act was by Angela Hoover who was a master impressionist.  She mocked the judges and Christina Aguilera.  Her performance left people wanting for more as it was pretty short.  Heidi wished her performance was longer while Mel b thought that the act was funny from the beginning.  Howie was pretty impressed but Howard on the other hand claimed that he was a fan of hers but did not feel she was prepared and was rather weak.
Dave Shirley’s performance on 30/07/2013 was once again average as Mel B claimed the performance to be a little off but loved the presentation.  Howie loved the comedy but felt last week was better.  Howard and Heidi felt the act required more precision and Synch as they found it boring.
Marty Brown’s performance at America’s got talent involved him singing the song “You are Still the one” by Shania Twain.  It was a below average performance.  Howie said that getting emotional hurt him as he saw a photo of his dad which made him cry.  Howard claimed the emotions got the best of him as well while Heidi loved that he was serenading his wife but claimed his voice to be weak. Lastly, Mel B said  he was much better than his performance.
Aquanuts performance on 30/07/2013 started with nine swimmers but were reduced to eight as one of their swimmers had got concussion post landing.  Howard confessed that it was a miracle that nine people cared about this sport.  Heidi loved the show because of the diversity and claimed the performance to be dangerous while Mel B liked that they were swimming in heels and hoped they get the votes.  Lastly, Howie loved what they did and though they compete at olynpic level they were not better last night than the week before.

Tone the ChiefRocca was the last act of America’s got talent on 30/07/2013.  Last night they unveiled their first music video.  Heidi loved the act and claimed it to be fun while Mel B thought they did a great Job.  howie wanted to know why the song was not already a hit while Howard woke up finally and loved their statement of having one hit wonder.  That’s it for my recap of America’s favorite show.

What are your thoughts about the America’s got talent 30/07/2013 Recap?

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