America’s got Talent 20/08/2013 – Recap and Review

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America’s got Talent 20/08/2013 – Recap, Review and Analysis

The Season 8, Episode 18 of America’s got Talent or AGT that aired on 20/08/2013 was the last Semi-Final round where a few more contestants tried to impress the judges through their incredible abilities.  To know what exactly happened during the course of the show last night, Read on for the complete America’s got Talent 20/08/2013 Recap along with the performance review of the contestants and analysis of the show.

TVThe first act of the AGT night on 20/08/2013 involved Virginia State University Gospel Choir.  Their audition was the perfect one to kick off Tuesday night as they sung a very good version of Like a Prayer making it sound like a gospel.  Mel B looked impressed and said she wanted to join them during their performance while Howie jokingly said “I have been healed” and made a few jokes.  Howard agreed with the other judges while Heidi found the performance to be very powerful.

The next contestants at America’s got Talent was Melody who was a contortionist.   The act looked weird to an extent as her bones looked to be really flexible.  Howie claimed he was shocked by the things she did as they looked quite natural while Howard said the performance was fantastic.  Heidi found the performance was incredible and stunning to watch however she was not sure if it was stunning to watch while Mel found her pose and performance incredible.

The next contestant at AGT 20/08/2013 was a singer named Dave.  His performance was decent enough which impressed the judges as well as they all agreed that dave was the best singer this year.

2 Unique who were a rapping/DJing group were quite good as well especially the girl rapper.  Heidi found the performance much better than last time around while Mel B said that the girls looked adorable but was not sure if they were ready.  Howie found the performance “Disney Like” while Howard felt they got lost in stage.

The next performers at America’s got Talent 20/08/2013 saw a group of Duo Resonance doing Artistic Dancing/Strength.  A cute performance which involved lifting and balancing stuff ended with Howard saying that this act never comes off as cheesy while Heidi found the act pretty, Mel thought it was erotic and Howie said it was like porn for the whole family.

D’Angelo and Amanda’s ball dancing performance was quite good as it ended with the judges giving them a standing ovation.  Howie found the performance fierce, perfect and precise while Mel B claimed it was full on as far as the technical aspects were concerned.  Howard found the performance terrific.

The next performer of the night was a contestant named Selena MyKenzie who was a singer.  Her performance was great but something looked amiss.  Heidi was a bit confused with the performance and was not sure while Mel agreed with Heidi she said Selena was a bit off.  Howard agreed with the other judges.

A comedian named John was next up at America’s got Talent on 20/08/2013.  Quite a good performance.  Mel loved it while Howie felt he did a great job.  Howard agreed with Howie and Mel as well.

Sprice built a few machines and mazes at last night’s show which was fun to watch.  Howie appreciated their concentration but was not too impressed with their stage presence.  Despite claiming it to be a good performance, Howard said it will be tough for them to survive in the show business as they lacked charisma.

Ballroom dancers Ruby and Jonas did a superb job and were arguably one of the best acts of the night.  Mel found the performance “On Point, without a doubt but claimed it was a bit over the top and cheesy.  Heidi loved the facial expressions while Howie said he enjoyed D’Angelo’s choreography more.

The final contestants of America’s got Talent  were catapult entertainment.  They were a dance troupe who were quite decent with their performance.  Heidi found the performance to be the best of the night while Mel claimed she didn’t want it to be stopped.  Howie said that the producers did a good job putting them last as no one else was suppose to fallow them.  Howard found the performance emotional.  That’s it for my recap.  Hope you enjoyed it!

What are your thoughts about the America’s got Talent 20/08/2013 Recap?

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