America’s got Talent 17/09/2013 – Recap and Review

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America’s got Talent 17/09/2013 – Recap, Review and Analysis

America’s got Talent or AGT that aired on 17/09/2013 was a show where the Top Six finalists competed one last time live at the Radio City Music Hall as they tried to impress the judges and the audiences in their bid to win one million dollars.  Before we get into the recap of last night, lets take a look at the top 6 contestants who have made it through so far.  As of now, dancer Kenichi Ebina, Singer Cami Bradley, Comedian Taylor Williamson, Opera singers Forte, County singer Jimmy Rose and Magician Collin Keys have made it through.  To know more about what happened during the course of the episode last night, Read on for the complete America’s got Talent 17/09/2013 Recap along with a review and analysis of the show.

Note: Spoilers below.

AGT kicked off with a performance by Country Singer Jimmy Rose.  He sang an original song today and justified his place in the top 6.  As far as judges are concerned, Mel kicked off by saying she was not a fan of Jimmy in the beginning but he definitely turned things around.  Howie claimed that he felt that America will be voting for the wonderful talent of Jimmy.  Howard on the other hand said he had been waiting for long time for Jimmy to sing this song again while Heidi said she thought USA fell in love with him during the auditions and wished him luck to enter the finals.

Next up at America’s got Talent on 17/09/2013 was dancer Kenichi.  A brilliant performance ended with Kenichi receiving a standing ovation from the audience as well as the judges.  Howard claimed there was nobody better than him while Howard appealed the audiences to vote for him.  Heidi said this was her favorite performance of the season while Mel claimed she was thrilled she got an opportunity to witness this.

Cami Bradley was next up at America’s got Talent 17/09/2013.  She sang the song Believe by Cher and received a standing ovation for the same.  Howard said he looks like a jerk as he thought Kenichi should win because how he thought Cami should win.  Teary eyed Cami said she was proud of her while Mel said she was a class act.  Lastly Howard said he felt people tend to vote for singers more and believed Cami was the most unique.

Magician Collin Key’s performance at AGT last night was a little different but was still above average.  Heidi was thrilled with the performance and claimed it to be great while Howie said he was amazed by it.  Howard claimed Collins was a bit worried that the audience at home would not have understood the performance while Mel thanked Collins for letting her nearly kiss Heidi and claimed the performance to be inspirational.

Forte’s performance at AGT saw them performing their Vegas week performance and their performance was fantastic.  The audience loved it and almost all the judges gave them a standing ovation.  Howie didn’t stand and said that he didn’t stand because this might have been a great piece of television but it  didn’t compare to someone working alone like Kenichi.  Howard on the other hand was impressed while Heidi claimed to be a huge fan and said that she would go to Vegas to see them perform.

Comedian Taylor Williamson’s act at America’s got Talent 17/09/2013 saw him doing something she has already done in the past with a little bit of a twist.  He brought out a camel and a choir and it was funny to watch.  Mel and Howie gave him a standing ovation.  Heidi pretended to be mad at him for cracking a seal joke while Howie said Taylor’s act was original more than those of the singers.  Howard said that it was very difficult to do what he did while Heidi claimed she was trying to pretend that she was mad at him and said she loved him.  Mel said she liked the performance.

Cami Bradley’s second performance of the night at America’s got Talent 17/09/2013 was a superb one as she performed to the song “I wanna hold your hand.”  An amazing performance kicked off with Cami saying she is perfect for the song while Heidi said that nothing Cami could do to disappoint the judges.  Mel said the performance was flawless while Howie said that there was no other singer like her and she was amazing.

Magician Collin Key’s performance at America’s got Talent 17/09/2013 involved a lot of people on stage.  He basically predicted what was written on a piece of paper.  Mel said she now believed in magic while Howard said it was a clear and concise performance.  Heidi wrapped up things by saying she enjoyed Collins performance as it was very current.

Country Singer Jimmy Rose performed to a few assorted songs and was again wonderful tolisten to.  Mel said she enjoyed the performance while Howie loved it.  Howard agreed with Mel while Heidi said it was a beautiful song but the choice might not be that great.

Next up was Taylor Williamson’s Comedy once again.  An average performance ended with Heidi said she loved it while Howie found it brilliant and tough.  Howard wrapped up things by saying that comedy was overlooked at AGT.

Kenichi’s second dance of the America’s got Talent 17/09/2013 night was also quite good.  Mel didn’t love the performance while Heidi said that she thought Creativity was relentless and she could still vote for him.  Howard claimed Mel was ridiculous and thought the act was brilliant.  Howie ended by saying that he thought Kenichi and Taylor deserved to win much more than the singers.

Forte’s last performance of Opera Singing at AGT was fantastic.  All four judges gave them a standing ovation while Heidi said she loved the song in the original version.  Mel commented that she thought the act was amazing.  That’s it for my Recap.

What are your thoughts about the America’s got Talent 17/09/2013 Recap?

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