America’s got Talent 13/08/2013 – Recap and Review

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America’s got Talent 13/08/2013 – Recap, Review and Analysis

America’s got Talent that aired on 13/08/2013 featured 12 acts performing live.  The contestants at last night’s show fought against each other to impress the judges and most importantly the audiences to get their votes.  To know about how the show went down last night, take a look at the America’s got Talent 13/08/2013 Recap along with the list of Semi Finalists from the Round 1,2 and 3.

Note: Spoilers below.

Before i get into the recap of the show last night, Lets have a quick look at the Semi Finalists of Round 1, 2 and 3.

Round 1

KriStef Brothers – Balancing Act

Collins Key – Magician

Branden James – Singer

Anna Christine – Singer

Round 2

Innovative Force

Marty Brown



Round 3

American Military Spouses Choir

Kinichi Ebina 


Chicago Boyz

America’s got Talent or AGT that aired on 13/08/2013 officially kicked off with the act of 3Penny Chorus and Orchestra.  Their speciality was music and their performance last night was impressive.  Mel B loved the act but claimed the song didn’t work as well as the last one.  Howie said that they had a unique way of taking the songs but wasn’t sure if it was different.  Howard claimed to have seen this all before while Heidi liked the performance.
Next up at AGT was Chloe Channell.  Chloe’s speciality was music and performance decent.  Howie loved the act and confessed he could not believe she was 11.  Howard said she lost her breath with nerves but gave a great effort.  Heidi confessed the performance was amazing and Chloe looked amazing.  Lastly, Mel B loved her music and advised her to be herself next time rather than being all over the place.

Champions Forever’s act on 13/08/2013 was Variety.  Howard said that after the birth control act it was fun but he lost interest midway.  Heidi liked the act, Mel B liked them but found the act repetitive and boring.  Howie on the other hand claimed that a family made them a good production and reproduction.

Sensation’s act at AGT involved a Light show.  Mel B liked the technical aspect of it but wanted something more, Howie claimed that he saw a mashup of acts from shows past with their own mix, Howard on the other hand did not understand the story.

The Robotix were up next on 13/08/2013.  Their Specialty was music.  Mel B loved the act and hoped for more, Howie loved them but offered advice to the drummer, Howard enjoyed it but thought the drummer was the best part but singer had some difficulty and Heidi enjoyed it.

Timber Brown’s act at AGT involved him playing with danger.  Howie loved the act, Howard claimed Brown updated an aerial act by making it more dangerous, Heidi claimed this to be her favorite act of the night and said he belonged to Vegas and Howie said the act was incredible.
Cami Bradley’s act at America’s got Talent saw her showing her music skills.  Howard said that he thinks USA will vote for her, Heidi said she was clever with her performance, Mel B said she was brave and thought she could give Cher some ideas on her music and Howie claimed her to be a brilliant star.
Tummy Talk’s act on 13/08/2013 left Heidi uncomfortable as she claimed that it seemed as though they wanted to laugh at him and not with him, Howie asked him Stick to good music, forget the funny, lastly, Howard  said that this seemed kind of juvenile to him.
Taylor Williamson’s act at America’s got Talent involved a Comedy act.   Mel B said the act was a hit and miss and claimed that she could tell that Taylor was nervous, Howie claimed to enjoy the act, Howard said he was a very likable guy while Heidi said she was not a fan of the material.

Aerial Ice who did a variety of acts got some good appreciation from the judges. Howie was thrilled, Heidi  said that the group was awesome while Mel B wished that they could have started with the end tricks.

David Ferman’s act involved danger.  Heidi and Mel B liked the act while Howard and Howie found it amazing.

Jimmy Rose’s act involved singing.  His act at America’s got talent was the final one of the night and ended with Heidi claiming that he had a lot of heart and soul, Mel B said  that the song was her favorite while Howie and Howard found the performance great as well.  That’s it for my recap.

What are your thoughts about the America’s got Talent 13/08/2013 Recap?

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