America’s got Talent 03/09/2013 – Recap and Review

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America’s got Talent 03/09/2013 – Recap, Review and Analysis

America’s got Talent or AGT that aired on 03/09/2013 kicked off with 12 acts going against each other as they tried to make it through to the top 12.  As we inch closer towards finding out who wins the crown, the competition just got a whole lot fiercer on Tuesday Night.  To know more about who made it through or what happened during the course of last night, Read on for the complete America’s got Talent Recap along with the performance review of contestants and Analysis of the show.

Note: Spoilers below.

The first group who performed at AGT on Tuesday Night were the Salsa Dancers D’ Angelo and Amanda.  The duo performed to Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson and their performance was quite good.  The judges however seemed to think otherwise as Mel and Howie claimed the performance was flat.  Howard disagreed and said that the act was fantastic while Heidi  called it as fierce.

The second performers up to perform at America’s got Talent 03/09/2013 was the country singer named Marty.  He performed to a song called “Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts and i must say, the performance was a little below average.  Mel claimed the performance to be a lot better while Howie confessed that Marty proved him wrong as he could handle pressure.  Heidi called the performance as 100% better than the last one.

Next up at AGT were the Chicago Boyz who specialized in Tumbling and doing tricks.  The group were a member short as one of their members had a broken leg but they still managed to give a good performance.  The Judges and the audience loved the act.  Howard appreciated their performance by saying they never disappoint.    Heidi found the act “Truly Inspiring” while Mel thought it was off the hook.

Lean and Romey who specialized in doing magic tricks were quite good and a total fiest to watch.  Howard enjoyed the act while Heidi felt the same.  Mel found it amazing while Howie gave a standing ovation to howard for bringing the act back through wild card.

The singing act by Anna Christine was quite decent as well.  Mel B claimed that her performance as “Bloody Fantastic” while Howard couldn’t believe it  Heidi claimed that she thought Anna Christine had the strongest voice.

Next up at America’s got Talent 03/09/2013 was a dancer named Kenichi.    A fantastic performance ended with Howie saying that Kenichi embodied the essence of a variety show.  Howie said that he thought  Kenichi  was going to win and wanted him to get $ 1 million.  Howard loved it.  Mel claimed it to be mind blowing.

Comedian John Wing started a bit shaky but steadied down quite well.  Howard claimed him to be a pro who deserved to be voted for, Heidi said he’s every man’s man while Mel loved it.  Howie on the other hand claimed John’s act was effortless and he loves him.
The Opera Singer Brendan James’ act was deent with Heidi saying that she really enjoyed while Mel claimed he was good to look at.  Howie said he was not sure how America was going to choose the best talent this Season.  Howard said he didn’t do a great job as he normally does.
The Kristef Brothers who specialized in Strength and Balancing act were one of the best acts of the night.  Their act was so good that the judges had nothing but positive things to say for them.  Heidi said she wanted them to win, Mel welcomed them back to the competition.  Howie and Howard loved the acts as well.
The next act at America’s got Talent 03/09/2013 was American Military Spouses Choir.  A beautiful performance ended with Heidi saying it was very powerful as it was a performance song choice.   Mel on hte other hand said she wasn’t sure if the performance was good enough.

The Acrobat’s Timber Brown were below average.  Howie claimed that he noticed a flaw in hteir performance while Howard said it was boring.  Heidi agreed that the act didn’t do justice while Mel thought it was magnificent.

The Country Singer Jimmy Rose gave a pretty solid performance.  Heidi enjoyed the act while Mel said she could feel the emotion in the performance.  Howie thought that choosing one was going to be the toughest decision ever while Howard agreed.  That’s it for my recap.

What are your thoughts of the America’s got Talent 03/09/2013 Recap?

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