Dec 09

LEGO® Batman: Beyond Gotham v1.03.1~4 [Mod Money+Heroes] APK Is Here! [Latest]

LEGO® Batman: Beyond Gotham
The best-selling LEGO Batman franchise returns in an out-of-this-world, action-packed adventure! Play as Batman and join forces with characters from the DC Comics universe as you blast off to outer space to stop the evil Brainiac from destroying Earth.

How to Install?

  1. Download and Install Mod APK From The Links Given Below
  2. Download and Extract OBB DATA in “sdcard0/Android/OBB” Folder
  3. Done, Enjoy


LEGO® Batman: Beyond Gotham Mod For Adreno GPU | Mirrors (6 MB)
LEGO® Batman: Beyond Gotham Mod For PowerVR GPU | Mirrors (8 MB)
LEGO® Batman: Beyond Gotham Mod For  Tegra GPU | Mirrors (8 MB)
LEGO® Batman: Beyond Gotham Mod For Mali GPU | Mirrors (6 MB)
LEGO® Batman: Beyond Gotham OBB Data For Adreno GPU | Mirrors (1.4 GB)
LEGO® Batman: Beyond Gotham OBB Data For PowerVR GPU | Mirrors (1.4 GB)
LEGO® Batman: Beyond Gotham OBB Data For Tegra GPU | Mirrors (1.4 GB)
LEGO® Batman: Beyond Gotham OBB Data For Mali GPU | Mirrors (1.5 GB)

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Dec 09

How augmented reality helps you buy furniture and capture Pokémon

Posted by Jamil Moledina, Games Strategic Lead, Google Play

Online furniture seller Wayfair and Niantic’s Pokémon
GO have more in common than you might think. Both of these companies
use augmented reality to create innovative, immersive experiences for their
users. I sat down with Mike Festa, Director of Wayfair Next, and Tatsuo Nomura,
Product Manager for Pokémon GO, at our recent Playtime event to discuss how
developers can make the most of AR as a platform.

From 3D furniture modelling in WayfairView
using Tango, to logging
countless miles catching Pokémon, hear how these developers are innovating with
AR, and get their advice for others looking to use AR in their apps and games.

out more sessions from our global Playtime events to learn best practices
for your app and game businesses. Also, stay up to date with more videos from
events, product news, and tips to help grow your business on Google Play with
the Playbook for Developers app.

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Dec 08

KK Launcher (Lollipop & KitKat) Prime V6.6 APK Is Here ! [Latest]

KK Launcher Prime
KK Launcher is the Top 1 Lollipop & KitKat style launcher; Most Fast, Cool, Powerful, and AD Free.

KK Launcher target users

  • Who want latest Android experience, clean and modern design
  • Who want smooth operation, handy features
  • Who want their phones to be more powerful and playful
What make KK Launcher outstanding comparing to other launcher?
  • KK Launcher have 20+ unique,COOL and useful features: such as Sidebar, Super folder, Private folder, App Lock, Double tap to turn off screen.
  • Compare to Nova Launcher(or Apex Launcher,Solo Launcher), KK launcher base on KitKat, has latest Android UI and UE; while Nova Launcher base on ICS.
  • Compare to Google Now Launcher, KK launcher has all of its features, adding many useful features.
KK Launcher Main Features
  • Support icon theme:
    Find 5000+ of launcher icon pack from Google Play Store; compatible with themes of nova launcher,solo launcher,go launcher,apex launcher, etc
    KK Launcher also support color theme: Customize icons color, shape, mask, size as you want easily
  • Handy Sidebar:
    Include Memory cleaner; Quick toggle; Favorite apps, and Sidebar can be launched from everywhere
  • Highly customize:
    Have 300+ of launcher options to tune your devices; options for grid size, app folder, 4 UI size mode, dock pages …
  • Google Now on your home screen:
    From left-most home screen, swipe right to access Google Now cards that give you just the right information
  • Just say “Ok Google”
    When you’re on KK Launcher screens(Android 4.4+), just say “Ok Google” to trigger voice input, then say your command
  • Updating to Android 5.0, Lollipop:
    Keep updating to latest Android L Lollipop (Android 5.0), bring you the latest Android experience
  • Launcher Desktop:
    Smooth animation; Wallpaper scrolling; 16 transition effect; 5 live wallpaper effect; Color wallpaper
  • Launcher Drawer:
    Create drawer folder; Hide app; 3 drawer style; 4 drawer sorting; Quick A-Z location bar; Quick app search; Change grid size
  • Transparent StatusBar, larger viewing area:
    For Android 4.4, and Galaxy S4,Galaxy Note; Transparent StatusBar Clone for Android 4.0-4.3
  • Many Convenient Gestures:
    15 desktop gestures; Icon gestures; Folder gestures; Reachability Gesture(like feature in iOS 8)
  • Unread Counts:
    For SMS, Call, Gmail
  • Much more …
KK Launcher Prime Features
  • Private folder; Super folder
  • App Lock
  • Double tap to turn off screen, triple tap to turn on
  • More Unread Counts/Notifier
  • More gestures; Icon gestures
  • More transition effect
  • Etc…
How to install ?
  1. Download & Install KK launcher Prime Apk.
  2. When KK launcher Prime Apk will be installed then not open it.
  3. Download KK launcher Prime Apk unlocker & install it & open
  4. Open the app.
  5. Done.

Download Links
KK Launcher (Lollipop & KitKat) Prime Apk | Mirror (4.7 MB)
KK Launcher Prime Unlocker | Mirror

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Dec 08

Watch sessions from the Playtime 2016 events to learn how to succeed on Android & Google Play

Posted by Patricia Correa, Head of Developer Marketing, Google Play

We’re wrapping up our annual global Playtime series of events with a last stop in Tokyo, Japan. This year Google Play hosted events in 10 cities: London, Paris, Berlin, Hong Kong, Singapore, Gurgaon, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Seoul and Tokyo. We met with app and game developers from around the world to discuss how to build successful businesses on Google Play, share experiences, give feedback, collaborate, and get inspired.

You can now watch some of the best Playtime sessions on our Android Developers YouTube Channel, as listed below. The playlist opens with a video that celebrates collaboration.


What’s next for Google Play

Learn how we’re helping users discover apps in the right context, creating new
ways to engage with users beyond the install, and powering innovative
experiences on emerging platforms like virtual reality, wearables, and auto.

Develop and launch apps & games

development in 2016

Android development is more powerful and efficient than ever before. Android
Studio brings you speed, smarts, and support for Android Nougat. The broad range
of cross-platform tools on Firecase can improve your app on Android and beyond.
Material Design and Vulkan continue to improve the user experience and increase

& Tango

Daydream View is a VR headset and controller by Google that lets people explore
new worlds, or play games that put them at the center of action. Learn how we’re
helping users discover apps in the right context and powering new experiences
with Daydream and Tango.

chat – Wayfair & Pokémon GO on augmented reality

Augmented reality engages and delights people everywhere. In this fireside chat,
online furniture seller Wayfair and Niantic’s Pokémon
GO share their experiences with AR and discuss how other developers can make
the most of the platform.

for billions, featuring best practices from Maliyo Games

Learn how to create apps and games for emerging markets, which are expected to
drive 80% of global smartphone growth by 2020, by recognizing the key challenges
and designing the right app experiences to overcome them.

At minute 16:41, hear tips from Hugo Obi, co-founder of Nigerian games developer

smart on Google Play

Set your app up for success using experimentation and iteration. Learn best
practices for soft launching and adapting your app for different markets and
device types.


growth solves most problems for apps, featuring best practices from
SoundCloud &

Planning and executing a great growth strategy involves a complex set of choices
and mastery of many tools. In this session we discuss topics including key
business objectives, tools, and techniques to help you solve the growth puzzle
with our partner, SoundCloud.

Also, check out some growth
best practices from Peak.

sustainable user growth for startups, by Greylock

User growth isn’t just about growing the number of users you have. The key to
sustainability is creating and delivering core product value. In this session,
VC Greylock discusses how to identify your core action to focus on and shows you
how to use these insights to optimize your app for long term growth.

engagement is the new black, featuring best practices from Lifesum

As the app marketplace becomes more competitive, developer success depends on
retaining users in apps they love. Find out which Google tools and features can
help you analyze your users’ behaviors, improve engagement and retention in your
app and hear insights from others developers including Lifesum.

lifetime value in the apps world

Deepdive into lifetime value models and predictive analytics in the apps ecosystem.
Tactics to get the most out of identified segments and how to upgrade their
behaviors to minimize churn.


Learn about Google’s efforts to enable users, around the world, to seamlessly
and safely pay for content. This session provides updates on Google Play billing
and recent enhancements to our subscriptions platform.


game fits all, featuring best practices from Space Ape Games

Customize your game’s experience for different users by targeting them with lifetime value
models and predictive analytics. Hear how these concepts are applied by
Space Ape Games to improve retention and monetization of their titles.

your game and growing your user base, featuring best practices from Seriously

Learn how to use Google’s latest tools, like Firebase, for benchmarking,
acquiring users and measuring your activities. Also, hear game
developer Seriously share their latest insights and strategies on YouTube
influencer campaigns.

long-term retention, loyalty and value with engaging LiveOps events, featuring
best practices from Kabam &
Creative Mobile

Learn how successful developers keep their games fresh and engaging with Live
Operations. In this talk, the LiveOps expert on Marvel: Contest of Champions
discusses tips about the art and science of running an engaging LiveOps event.

Also check out the tips and best
practices to run successful LiveOps from games developer Creative Mobile.

- Play fair: Maintaining a level playing field in your game, featuring Space Ape
Games and Kongregate

Ensuring that your game is fair is critical to success. Find out how game
developers are achieving this and some ways Google Play can help.


you need to build for families

Family-based households with children have higher tablet and smartphone
ownership rates than the general population. These families are more likely to
make purchases on their mobile devices and play games. Learn about how parents
choose what to download and buy, and how you can prepare for maximum conversion.

keys to growth: user acquisition & app engagement, by Cartoon Network

Hear how Cartoon Network leverages their network to cross-promote new titles,
acquire new users and keep them engaged through immersive experiences.

global: Getting ready for the emerging markets revolution, by

Papumba has a clear vision to grow a global business. Hear how they work with
experts to adapt their games to local markets and leverage Google Play’s
developer tools to find success around the world.

for a post install world

You’ve spent time and resources getting users to download your apps, but what
happens after the install? Learn how to minimize churn and keep families engaged
with your content long term.

best practices on freemium, by 01 Digital

Learn how 01 Digital uses In-App-Purchases (IAP) to effectively monetize their
apps while maintaining a safe environment for families.

a subscription business that appeals to parents, by PlayKids

PlayKids has been at the forefront of the subscription business model since
their inception. See how they best serve their subscribers by refreshing their
content, expanding their offerings and investing in new verticals.

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Dec 08

Google I/O 2014 App Source Code Now Available

By Bruno Oliveira, Tech Lead of the I/O app project

The source code for the 2014 version of the Google I/O app is now available. Since its first release on Google Play a few weeks before the conference, the I/O app was downloaded by hundreds of thousands of people, including on-site attendees, I/O Extended event participants and users tuning in from home. If one of the goals of the app is to be useful to conference attendees, the other primary goal is to serve as a practical example of best practices for Android app design and development.

In addition to showing how to implement a wide variety of features that are useful for most Android apps, such as Fragments, Loaders, Services, Broadcast Receivers, alarms, notifications, SQLite databases, Content Providers, Action Bar and the Navigation Drawer, the I/O app source code also shows how to integrate with several Google products and services, from the Google Drive API to Google Cloud Messaging. It uses the material design approach, the Android L Preview APIs and full Android Wear integration with a packaged wearable app for sending session feedback.

To simplify the process of reusing and customizing the source code to build apps for other conferences, we rewrote the entire sync adapter to work with plain JSON files instead of requiring a server with a specific API. These files can be hosted on any web server of the developer’s choice, and their format is fully documented.

Storing and syncing the user’s data (that is, the personalized schedule) is crucial part of the app. The source code shows how user data can be stored in the Application Data folder of the user’s own Google Drive account and kept in sync across multiple devices, and how to use Google Cloud Messaging to trigger syncs when necessary to ensure the data is always fresh.

The project includes the source code to the App Engine app that can be reused to send GCM messages to devices to trigger syncs, as well as a module (called Updater) that can be adapted to read conference data from other backends to produce the JSON files that are consumed by the I/O app.

We are excited to share this source code with the developer community today, and we hope it will serve as a learning tool, a source of reusable snippets and a useful example of Android app development in general. In the coming weeks we will post a few technical articles with more detailed information about the IOSched source code to help bring some insight into the app development process. We will continue to update the app in the coming months, and as always, your pull requests are very welcome!

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Dec 07

Plants vs. Zombies Pc Game Full Version Direct Link

Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies one of the best games that is fun for children and test it once again can not stop it. Play addictive PopCap designed by well known companies and anyone with any age with itself involves. In this game you must use the courtyard in a variety of plants, each with unique features and capabilities, the zombies from entering into the garden and your home. The more points you going and the game allows you to purchase new plants and use them in combat. Zombies are also one of the features they need to eliminate the use of more powerful plants. Stunning graphics and soundtrack play the game is more attractive. I would not miss this game. You can now play attractive from powerful servers to download Persian receive and enjoy the game.

required system :

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7

Processor: 1.2GHz + processor

Memory: 1GB of RAM

Graphics: 128MB of video memory, 16-bit or 32-bit color quality

DirectX: DirectX 8 or later

Hard Drive: 65 + MB of free hard drive space

Sound: DirectX-compatible sound 
Click Here

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Dec 07

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe Giveaway, Hurry Up

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe
All-in-one video software as an 4K Ultra HD video converter for Windows (10), online (YouTube) video downloader, slideshow maker and video editor, gives you an ultimate control over SD, HD and 4K resolution video files. With over 320 video codecs & 50 audio codecs, it owns powerful capability to meet fast and high-quality video conversion needs without assistance of any third-party tool.

Between all mainstream video formats, this video software enables you to convert 1080p multi-track high definition videos MKV, H.265, M2TS, AVCHD, MOD, HD camcorder videos, Blu-ray videos, and convert standard AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, MOV, VOB, FLV, RMVB, WebM, Google TV, etc. It has 410+ built-in preset device profiles to convert SD/HD videos for playing on iPhone 6/6 Plus/5S, iPad Air 2/mini 3, New Nexus 7, Apple TV, HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy Note 4/Edge, Galaxy S5 Mini/Tab S, Surface, WP8, Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Chromecast, PS4, PSP, Fujitsu, etc on the journey.

  • Convert 4K HD & SD Videos at One Go
  • Competitive Support for Multi-track HD Videos
  • 410+ Preset Profiles for Apple Android Devices
  • Make & Convert Photo Picture Slideshow Video
  • Edit/Trim/Merge/Subtitle Videos at Ease
  • Online Downloader and Video Converter
  • Output Video with Highest Possible Quality
  • Unparalleled Video Transcoding Speed

License Code: AF-VBELVONN-UHMACX ( Activate before Aug.31 )
Note : The version being given away doesn’t support update.
winx-hd-converter-deluxe.exe [34.7 Mb]
Giveaway page

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Dec 07

Saving Data: Reducing the size of App Updates by 65%

Posted by Andrew Hayden, Software Engineer on Google Play

Android users are downloading tens of billions of apps and games on Google Play.
We’re also seeing developers update their apps frequently in order to provide
users with great content, improve security, and enhance the overall user
experience. It takes a lot of data to download these updates and we know users
care about how much data their devices are using. Earlier this year, we
announced that we started using the
bsdiff algorithm (by
Colin Percival). Using bsdiff, we were able to reduce the size of app
updates on average by 47% compared to the full APK size.

Today, we’re excited to share a new approach that goes further — File-by-File
App Updates using File-by-File patching are, on average,
65% smaller than the full app, and in some cases more than 90%

The savings, compared to our previous approach, add up to 6 petabytes of user
data saved per day!

In order to get the new version of the app, Google Play sends your device a
patch that describes the differences between the old and new versions
of the app.

Imagine you are an author of a book about to be published, and wish to change a
single sentence – it’s much easier to tell the editor which sentence to change
and what to change, rather than send an entirely new book. In the same way,
patches are much smaller and much faster to download than the entire APK.

Techniques used in File-by-File

Android apps are packaged as APKs, which are ZIP files with special conventions.
Most of the content within the ZIP files (and APKs) is compressed using a
technology called Deflate.
Deflate is really good at compressing data but it has a drawback: it makes
identifying changes in the original (uncompressed) content really hard. Even a
tiny change to the original content (like changing one word in a book) can make
the compressed output of deflate look completely different. Describing
the differences between the original content is easy, but describing
the differences between the compressed content is so hard that it leads
to inefficient patches.

Watch how much the compressed text on the right side changes from a one-letter
change in the uncompressed text on the left:

File-by-File therefore is based on detecting changes in the uncompressed data.
To generate a patch, we first decompress both old and new files before computing
the delta (we still use bsdiff here). Then to apply the patch, we decompress the
old file, apply the delta to the uncompressed content and then recompress the
new file. In doing so, we need to make sure that the APK on your device is a
perfect match, byte for byte, to the one on the Play Store (see APK Signature
Schema v2 for why).

When recompressing the new file, we hit two complications. First, Deflate has a
number of settings that affect output; and we don’t know which settings were
used in the first place. Second, many versions of deflate exist and we need to
know whether the version on your device is suitable.

Fortunately, after analysis of the apps on the Play Store, we’ve discovered that
recent and compatible versions of deflate based on zlib (the most popular
deflate library) account for almost all deflated content in the Play Store. In
addition, the default settings (level=6) and maximum compression settings
(level=9) are the only settings we encountered in practice.

Knowing this, we can detect and reproduce the original deflate settings. This
makes it possible to uncompress the data, apply a patch, and then recompress the
data back to exactly the same bytes as originally uploaded.

However, there is one trade off; extra processing power is needed on the device.
On modern devices (e.g. from 2015), recompression can take a little over a
second per megabyte and on older or less powerful devices it can be longer.
Analysis so far shows that, on average, if the patch size is halved then the
time spent applying the patch (which for File-by-File includes recompression) is

For now, we are limiting the use of this new patching technology to auto-updates
only, i.e. the updates that take place in the background, usually at night when
your phone is plugged into power and you’re not likely to be using it. This
ensures that users won’t have to wait any longer than usual for an update to
finish when manually updating an app.

How effective is File-by-File

Here are examples of app updates already using File-by-File Patching:

Original Size
Previous (BSDiff) Patch Size
(% vs original)
File-by-File Patch Size (% vs original)
Farm Heroes Super Saga
71.1 MB
13.4 MB (-81%)
8.0 MB (-89%)
Google Maps
32.7 MB
17.5 MB (-46%)
9.6 MB (-71%)
17.8 MB
7.6 MB (-57%)
7.3 MB (-59%)
Google TTS
18.9 MB
17.2 MB (-9%)
13.1 MB (-31%)
52.4 MB
19.1 MB (-64%)
8.4 MB (-84%)
16.2 MB
7.7 MB (-52%)
1.2 MB (-92%)

Disclaimer: if you see different patch sizes when you press “update”
manually, that is because we are not currently using File-by-file for
interactive updates, only those done in the background.

Saving data and making our
users (& developers!) happy

These changes are designed to ensure our community of over a billion Android
users use as little data as possible for regular app updates. The best thing is
that as a developer you don’t need to do anything. You get these reductions to
your update size for free!

If you’d like to know more about File-by-File patching, including the technical
details, head over to the Archive Patcher GitHub
project where you can find information, including the source code. Yes,
File-by-File patching is completely open-source!

As a developer if you’re interested in reducing your APK size still further,
here are some general
tips on reducing APK size.

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Dec 06

FIFA 16 Full Version PC Game

FIFA 16 Free Download for PC

FIFA 16 computer game play style of sports and simulation by EA Sports in September 2015 and is designed for platforms PC, PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One to market. For the first time in the history of the FIFA game series that has shipped more than 20 copies, the game allows you to select from among 12 national women team have been picked as a team chosen and to compete with other teams to pay online or offline. Germany, United States of America, France, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Spain, China, Italy and Mexico are 12 teams to compete and race with them. 
It is interesting to know the women’s national teams can only go to the news of the confrontation between the women’s national team or a club in FIFA 16 men so you will never lose the rivalry between Sydney Leroux with Cristiano Ronaldo. According to David Rutter as one of the team’s play, “The addition of some of the best players and national teams in the franchise, EA Sports is one of the biggest events and we as millions of fans FIFA From this excited. Since all players of the 12 teams have very good cooperation with the manufacturer, using the most advanced technology in all their movements simulated as best as possible, we will ensure that gamers a new experience in the field of play Women’s national team will be. We have great team travels around the world to use the technology to capture the faces of all the players to simulate.

To make the game more realistic, we designed, we decided to make major changes in the skeleton, animations, how to stand, walk, jogging, sprinting and shooting the women apply. Rutter said that we seem to be more natural hairs of players have benefited from the new physics. During the development of the game, representatives from the national teams of Canada and America, and we met with our team to create new momentum for women in FIFA 16, including walking, speed and vertical movement have helped. “The company plans to innovations in FIFA 16 EA is conducted, in addition to fans surprise FIFA series, PES its longtime rival in the competition with her forever. I would not miss this game. You can now download the game attractive to powerful servers in Persian and enjoy the game. 
View game FIFA 16:
Name game: FIFA 16
Name of the game (Persian): FIFA 16
Platform: PC
English language
Year: 2015
Manufacturer: EA Canada
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Style: sports and simulation

FIFA 16 Free Download for PC
FIFA 16 Free Download for PC
The Game is Released for PC
Release Date: 22 September 2015 [Game Leaked]
The Link Will be provided here Check After Release

Link Will Be Mailed to People who comment below with his email id. For Link now comment your email id below..

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Dec 06

Google Play Services 3.2

We’ve just finished rolling out the latest release of Google Play services to devices around the world. It offers better performance and greater power savings, as well as enhancements to the Location Based Services, maps, InstantBuy, Google+, and Photo Sphere.

To simplify your testing, we’ve also released an updated Google APIs emulator image that includes Google Play Services 3.2. You can download the image through the Android SDK Manager.

Maps and Location Based Services

Google Play Services 3.2 includes several enhancements to the Location Based Services. The Fused Location Provider now supports the selection of a low-power mode option when requesting location updates, and the ability to inject mock locations — allowing you to more efficiently test your apps in a variety of simulated conditions.

The geofencing APIs have been updated to support hardware-based GPS geofencing on devices that have supporting hardware, such as the Nexus 4. Hardware geofences consume significantly less battery, and best of all your app will automatically take advantage of this feature on supported hardware without you having to make any changes.

A new Snapshot feature in the maps API lets you capture a bitmap image of the current map in order to improve performance when an interactive map isn’t necessary. We’ve also added a listener to the My Location button.

Google+, Photo Sphere, InstantBuy, and Analytics

If you’ve used Google+ sign-in you can take advantage of the new simplified sharing control that can be embedded directly within your app, simplifying the process of sharing content directly to Google+. We’ve also taken the opportunity to add some butter to the Google+ sign-in animation.

The Photo Sphere viewer has also been extended to include a compass mode that allows users to explore Photo Spheres by moving their phones.

The InstantBuy implementation has been improved to increase efficiency, with improved latency, a cleaner UI with contextual text and assets for the holo light theme, and support for passing through loyalty and offers information.

More About Google Play Services

To learn more about Google Play services and the APIs available to you through it, visit the Google Services area of the Android Developers site.

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