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Android Studio 2.0 – Beta

Posted by Jamal Eason, Product Manager, Android

Android Studio 2.0 is latest release of the official Android IDE focused on build performance and emulator speed to improve the app development experience. With brand new features like Instant Run which enables you to quickly edit and view code changes, or the new & faster Android emulator, Android Studio 2.0 is the upgrade you do not want to miss. In preparation for the final release, you can download Android Studio 2.0 Beta in the Beta release channel. Overall, the Android Studio 2.0 release has a host of new features which include:

  • *Updated for Beta* Instant Run – Enables a faster code edit & app deployment cycle.
  • *Updated for Beta* Android Emulator – Brand new emulator that is faster than most real devices, and includes a brand new user interface.
  • *Updated for Beta* Google App Indexing Integration & Testing – Adding App Indexing into your app helps you re-engage your users. In the first preview of Android Studio 2.0 you could add indexing code stubs into your code. With the beta release you can now test and validate your URL links in your app all within the IDE.
  • Fast ADB – Installing and pushing files is now up to 5x faster using Android Studio 2.0 with an updated Android Debug Bridge (ADB) offered in platform-tools 23.1.0.
  • GPU Profiler Preview – For graphics intensive applications, you can now visually step through your OpenGL ES code to optimize your app or game
  • Integration of IntelliJ 15 – Android Studio is based on the efficient coding platform of Intellij. Check out the new features from IntelliJ here.

Check out the latest installment of Android Studio Tool Time video below to watch the highlights of the features.

New Features in Android Studio 2.0 Beta

Instant Run

We first previewed Instant Run in November; this latest beta release introduces a new capability called Cold Swap

Instant Run in Android Studio 2.0 allows you to quickly make changes to your app code while your app is running on an Android device or Android Emulator. Instead of waiting for your entire app to rebuild and redeploy after each code change, Android Studio 2.0 will try to incrementally build and push only the incremental code or resource change. Depending on the code changes you make, you can see the results of your change in under a second. By simply updating your app to use the latest Gradle plugin ( ‘com.android.tools.build:gradle:2.0.0-beta2’ ), you can take advantage of this time saving features with no other modifications to your code. If your project is setup correctly with Instant Run, you will see a lightning bolt next to your Run button on the toolbar:

Instant Run Button

Behind the scenes, Android Studio 2.0 instruments your code during the first compilation and deployment of your app to your device in order to determine where to swap out code and resources. The Instant Run features updates your app on a best-effort basis and automatically uses one of the following swap methods to update your app:

  • Hot Swap – When only method implementations (including constructors) are changed, the changes are hot swapped. Your application keeps running and the new implementation is used the next time the method is called.
  • Warm Swap – When app resources are changed, the changes are warm swapped. This is similar to a hot swap, except that the current Activity is restarted. You will notice a slight flicker on the screen as the Activity restarts.
  • *New for Beta* Cold Swap – This will quickly restart the whole application. Typically for structural code change, including changes to the class hierarchy, method signatures, static initializers, or fields. Cold Swap is available when you deploy to targets with API level 21 or above.

We made major changes to Instant Run since the first preview of Android Studio 2.0, and now the feature works with more code and resources cases. We will continue to add more code change cases to Instant Run in future releases of Android Studio. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to send us a feature request and learn more about Instant Run here.

App Indexing

Supporting app indexing is now even easier with Android Studio 2.0. App Indexing puts your app in front of users who use Google Search. It works by indexing the URL patterns you provide in your app manifest and using API calls from your app to make content within your app available to both existing and new users. Specifically, when you support URLs for your app content, your users can go directly to those links from Google Search results on their device.

  • Code Generation
    Introduced in Android Studio 2.0 Preview, you can right click on AndroidManifest.xml or Activity method (or go to Code → Generate…→ App Indexing API Code) to insert HTTP URL stub codes into your manifest and app code.

  • *New for Beta* URL Testing & Validation
    What is new in Android Studio 2.0 Beta is that you can now validate and check the results of your URLs with the built-in validation tool (Tools → Android → Google App Indexing Test). To learn more about app indexing, click here.

Insert App Indexing API Code into your app

App Indexing Testing

App Indexing Test Results

Android Emulator

*Updated for Beta* The new and faster Android emulator also includes fixes and small enhancements for this beta release. Notably, we updated the rotation controls on the emulator toolbar and added multi-touch support to help test apps that use pinch & zoom gestures. To use the multi-touch feature, hold down the Alt key on your keyboard and right-click your mouse to center the point of reference or click & drag the left mouse button to zoom.

Pinch & Zoom Gesture with Multi-Touch

What’s Next

Android Studio 2.0 is a big release, and now is good time to check out the beta release to incorporate the new features into your workflow. The beta release is near stable release quality, and should be relatively bug free. But as with any beta release, bugs may still exist, so, if you do find an issue, let us know so we can work to fix it. If you’re already using Android Studio, you can check for updates on the Beta channel from the navigation menu (Help → Check for Update [Windows/Linux] , Android Studio → Check for Updates [OS X]). When you update to beta, you will get access to the new version of Android Studio and Android Emulator.

Connect with us, the Android Studio development team, on Google+.

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Jul 26

Free Download Recuva 1.47.948 Final Update Terbaru 2013


Free Download Recuva 1.47.948 New Update Terbaru. Recuva 2013 Full Version Gratis. Recuva merupakan sebuah aplikasi yang dapat membantu Anda Memulihkan/mengembalikan file yang telah dihapus.

Setelah Anda memulai Recuva, Anda akan disambut oleh Recuva Wizard, di mana Anda menjawab beberapa pertanyaan sederhana untuk Anda mulai (tetapi ada juga mode lanjutan). Ini membuktikan perangkat lunak ini dirancang untuk pemula dan power user.

Anda harus menentukan jenis file Anda yang ingin Anda coba untuk memulikan. file tersebut bisa berupa gambar, musik, dokumen, video, file yang dikompresi, email atau orang lain.

Opsional, Anda dapat memasukkan lokasi terakhir yang diketahui dari file-file tertentu (misalnya pada kartu media atau iPod, di My Documents atau Recycle Bin) dan, jika Anda beralih ke mode lanjutan, Anda juga dapat menentukan format yang tepat dari file Anda.

Selain itu, jika Recuva tidak dapat menemukan file yang bersangkutan pada upaya pertama, Anda dapat mengaktifkan scan mendalam (meningkatkan waktu scan), untuk pencarian menyeluruh dalam sistem komputer Anda.

Aplikasi Recuva ini tidak memakan waktu lama untuk mendeteksi file yang dihapus (Anda dapat melihat berlalu dan tersisa waktu), dan hasilnya ditampilkan dalam thumbnail. Setelah Anda data memilih file, Recuva akan mengembalikan file Anda ke komputer Anda di tujuan pilihan Anda.

Recuva adalah alat yang sangat baik untuk memulihkan file yang hilang, dan apa lagi aplikasi ini termasuk aplikasi portabel yang membuatnya lebih mudah untuk digunakan dan lebih menarik tentunya.




Recuva 1.47.948
Nama file:
File size:
3.55 MB
Windows XP / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64 / Windows8 / Windows8 64
Multiple languages
Piriform (www.piriform.com)

Siahkan download Recuva 1.47.948 melalui link download dibawah ini:

  • DOWNLOAD - 3.55 MB

What’s New in Recuva 1.47.948?

  • Added file type filtering to Deep Scan.
  • Improved detection of removable storage devices.
  • Optimized memory usage.
  • Improved VHD Image creation.
  • Reorganized context menu items.
  • Added Thai language support.
  • Minor bug fixes and GUI improvements.

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Jul 26

Android Testing Support Library 1.0 is here!

Posted by Michael Amygdalidis, Stephan Linzner and Nick Korostelev from the Mobile-Ninjas team at Google

We’re pleased to announce the version 1.0 release of the Android Testing Support
Library (ATSL).

ATSL version 1.0 is a major update to our existing testing APIs and comes with
lots of new features, improved performance, stability, and bug fixes. It
provides full API parity with the now deprecated Android platform testing APIs.
This release also adds a number of features that we discussed in our Google I/O 2017 talk,
such as native support for Multiprocess
Espresso and the Android
Test Orchestrator.

We are also happy to announce that, starting with version 1.0, we’re
distributing releases on Google’s Maven repository, which makes it a lot easier
to use ATSL in your builds. To learn more about using this repository, see the
getting started with the Google Maven repository guide. Note that we’re no
longer tying future updates to the testing infrastructure with platform updates.
If you have not yet upgraded your tests to ATSL, this is an excellent time.

Finally, we want to announce a big update to our Android testing documentation.
We’ve migrated our old testing documentation from our GitHub
website to developers.android.com/testing.
All the testing documentation now appears in a single place, making it even
easier to learn how to write and execute tests on Android.

Let’s move on to the fun part of this post, an overview of new APIs and tools
that we’re providing in this release.


Espresso 3.0.0 comes with amazing new features and improved
overall performance. Some of the highlights include: Multiprocess Espresso,
Idling Registry and new Idling Resources. Let’s dive in and have a more detailed
look at these new features:

Multiprocess Espresso

Starting with Android
O, the platform includes support for instrumenting tests outside of your
app’s default process. (Prior to Android O, you could only test against app
components in your app’s default process.) Multiprocess Espresso makes this
support possible. It allows you to seamlessly test your app’s UI interactions
that cross process boundaries while still maintaining Espresso’s synchronization

The good news is that Espresso does all the work; you don’t have to change
anything for setups with UI in multiple processes. You can keep writing your
Espresso tests like you would for single process apps, and Espresso
automatically handles the process IPC and synchronization between processes.

The following diagram shows how multiple instances of Espresso communicate with
each other:

If you want to learn more about Multiprocess Espresso and how to use it, please
take a look at our documentation
and our Multiprocess

Idling Registry

Some apps use build flavors in Gradle or a dependency injection framework, like
Dagger, to generate test build configurations that register idling resources.
Others simply expose the idling resource through their activities. The problem
with all these approaches is that they add complexity to your development
workflow, and some of them even break encapsulation. With the latest release of
Espresso, we’ve made it easier to register idling resources from within your app
code by introducing the new IdlingRegistry API.
IdlingRegistry is a lightweight registry that doesn’t bring in the
entire Espresso library, so you can more easily register resources from your
application code. When combining this API with Multiprocess Espresso, you can
register idling resources from any process within your application code.

Registration from the Espresso class is now deprecated.

Idling Resources

Writing custom idling resources can be time consuming, so Espresso 3.0.0 now
comes with more idling resources out of the box to synchronize your threads. The
new resources include: IdlingThreadPoolExecutor and
IdlingScheduledThreadPoolExecutor. There will be more to come!

To take advantage of the new idling resource, add these new dependencies to your
build.gradle file:

  androidTestCompile "com.android.support.test.espresso.idling:idling-concurrent:3.0.0"

Additionally, CountingIdlingResource,
which was previously deprecated in Espresso contrib, has been removed with this
release. Therefore, you need to update your tests to use the new CountingIdlingResource
package that’s located in Espresso idling resource. For the full migration
details, refer to our release


When you test ContentProvider
objects, you can now use ProviderTestRule
instead of ProviderTestCase2.
ProviderTestRule offers an easier way to work with other test rules
currently available for AndroidJUnit4.

includes APIs for initialization, as well as commands to run against a ContentProvider
under test. If your ContentProvider is based off of a SQLite
database, you can use the ProviderTestRule commands for setting the
database file and initialization commands.

To learn more, see the ProviderTestRule

Grant Permission

Android M (API level 23) allows apps to request permissions at runtime. However,
the dialogs that request runtime permissions place tests in a state where they
cannot continue, causing them to fail. By using GrantPermissionRule,
you can skip the dialog popups altogether and simulate a user granting a runtime
permission for your app.

Android Test

Typically, AndroidJUnitRunner runs all tests in the same instrumentation
process, which can cause a number of problems. For example, tests share their
state in memory, and if one test crashes, it prevents the remainder of the test
suite from running.

Although it’s possible to isolate tests by issuing sequential adb
commands, this process adds host-side processing load. By using the new Android
Test Orchestrator instead, you can achieve test isolation entirely on the
device, as shown in this diagram:

Be aware that if your tests require shared state to pass, the
orchestrator causes them to fail. This behavior is by design. As of this post,
Android Test Orchestrator is in beta and is available for use via the command
line. We have integrations planned for Firebase Test Lab and Android Studio,
coming soon.

For more information, see the Android
Testing Orchestrator developer guide.


AndroidJUnitRunner now includes a number of additional features:

  • You can use JUnitParams.
  • You can configure class loaders and custom JUnit test filters using the
    runner arguments

Sometimes you want to test an activity that you create and configure on the fly
as part of your test workflow. Now, you can configure MonitoringInstrumentation
(and by extension, AndroidJUnitRunner)
using an InterceptingActivityFactory.
You can create your activity under test with a test-specific configuration
without having to rely on compile-time injection.

This overview highlights only some of the most significant changes that we’ve
made to ATSL. They are many more changes that are worth exploring. For the full
release details, refer to our release

Last but not least, we want to thank all the developers who contributed features
to this release. We also want to thank the Android testing experts on the mobile
engineering teams at American Express, Slack and GDE Chiu-Ki Chan for
collaborating with us and providing valuable feedback on the pre-release version
of Android Testing Support Library.

Happy testing from the ATSL team!

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Jul 25

Free Download Winamp 5.70 Full Beta 3402 Update Terbaru


Free Download Winamp PRO 5.70 Full Version - Gratis Winamp 5.70 Full Beta 3402 Update Terbaru 2013. Winamp adalah sebuah aplikasi pemutar audio video dengan multi-format media player. Winamp telah mendukung berbagai macam format musik kontemporer dan file khusus, termasuk format pada MIDI, MOD, MPEG-1 layer audio 1 dan 2, AAC, M4A, FLAC, WAV, OGG Vorbis, dan Windows Media Audio.

Winamp juga sangat mendukung untuk pemutaran format MP3 dan AAC, dan terdapat Equalizer untuk mengatur suara sehingga menghasilkan suara yang jernih. Selain itu, ada kita juga bisa menggunakan Winamp impor untuk memutar musik dari CD audio, dan juga dapat membakar musik ke CD.

Winamp mendukung pemutaran Windows Media Video dan Nullsoft Streaming Video, serta sebagian besar format video yang didukung oleh Windows Media Player. 5.1 Surround sound, di mana format dan Decoder memungkinkan Anda untuk dapat memutarnya dengan lancar.

Winamp mendukung berbagai jenis media streaming :
- Internet radio
- Internet telelvision
- XM Satellite Radio
- AOL video
- konten Singingfish
- podcast
- dan RSS media feed.

Hal ini juga memiliki dukungan diperpanjang untuk portable media player, dan pengguna dapat mengakses perpustakaan media dimanapun mereka melalui koneksi internet.

Anda juga dapat memperluas fungsi Winamp melalui penggunaan plug-in, yang tersedia di situs Winamp.

Winamp 5.70 Full

: Winamp 5.70 Full Beta 3402
Nama file
: winamp57_3402_beta_full_all.exe
File size
: 17.26MB
: Multi bahasa
: Gratis
: Nullsoft (www.nullsoft.com)
Klik tombol download di bawah ini untuk mendownload Winamp 5.70 Full Beta 3367:

  • 500MHz Pentium III or comparable
  • 256MB RAM
  • 20MB Hard Disk Space
  • 16bit Sound Card
  • DirectX 9.0c (for watching videos and Milkdrop vis)
  • Internet Explorer 5.01 or higher (for Online Services)
  • 1x speed or greater CD Burner (Required for Burning)
  • 2x speed or greater CDROM (Required for Ripping)

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Jul 25

Developer Preview 4 now available, official Android O coming soon!

Posted by Dave Burke, VP of Engineering

As we put the finishing touches on the Android O platform, today we’re rolling
out Developer Preview 4 to help you make sure your apps are ready.

This is the final preview before we launch the official Android O platform to
consumers later
this summer. Take this opportunity to wrap up your testing and publish your
updates soon, to give users a smooth transition to Android O.

If you have a device that’s enrolled in the Android Beta Program, you’ll receive an
update to Developer Preview 4 in the next few days. If you haven’t enrolled your
device yet, just visit the Android Beta
site to enroll and get the update.

Watch for more information on the official Android O release soon!

What’s in this update?

Developer Preview 4 is a release candidate build of Android O that you can use
to complete your development and testing in time for the upcoming official
release. It includes the final system behaviors, the latest bug fixes and
optimizations, and the final APIs (API level 26) already available since Developer
Preview 3.

We’re releasing the Developer Preview 4 device system images today, together
with the stable version of the Android 26.0.0 Support Library. Incremental
updates to the SDK, tools, and Android Emulator system images are on the way
over the next few days.

We’re also introducing a new version of Android Testing Support Library
that includes new features like Android Test Orchestrator, Multiprocess
Espresso, and more. Watch for details coming soon.

Test your apps on Android O

Today’s Developer Preview 4 system images give you an excellent way to test your
current apps on the near-final version of Android O. By testing now, you can
make sure your app offers the experience you want as users start to upgrade to
the official Android O platform.

Just enroll a supported device in the Android
Beta Program to get today’s update over-the-air, install your current app
from Google Play, and test the user flows. The app should run and look great,
and should handle the Android O behavior
changes properly — in particular, pay attention to background
location limits, notification
channels, and changes in networking,
and identifiers.

Once you’ve resolved any issues, publish your app updates with the current
targeting level, so that they’re available as users start to receive Android O.

Enhance your apps with Android O features and APIs

Users running the latest versions of Android are typically among the most active
in terms of downloading apps, consuming content, and making purchases. They’re
also more vocal about support for the latest Android features in their favorite
apps. With Android O, users are anticipating features like notification
channels and dots,
pinning, picture-in-picture,
and others. These features could also help increase engagement with your app as
more users upgrade to Android O over time.

With Android O your app can directly pin a specific app shortcut in the launcher
to drive engagement.
Notification dots keep users active in your app and let them jump directly the
app’s core functions.

Enhancing your apps with Android O features can help you drive engagement with
users, offer new interactions, give them more control and security, and improve
performance. Features like adaptive
icons, downloadable
fonts, and autosizing
TextView can simplify your development and minimize your APK size. Battery
is also a top concern for users, so they’ll appreciate your app being optimized
for background
execution limits and other important changes
in vital system behavior for O apps.

Visit the O Developer
Preview site to learn about all of the new features and APIs and how to
build them into your apps.

Speed your development with Android Studio

When you’re ready to build for Android O, we recommend updating to the latest
version of Android
Studio 3.0, available for download from the canary
channel. Aside from improved app performance
profiling tools, support for the Kotlin
programming language, and Gradle build optimizations, Android Studio 3.0
makes it easier to develop with Instant
Apps, XML
Fonts, Downloadable
Fonts, and Adaptive

We also recommend updating to the stable version of the Android
Support Library 26.0.0, available now from Google’s
Maven repository, and to the latest SDK, tools, and emulator system images,
available over the next few days.

You can update your project’s compileSdkVersion to API 26 to compile against the
official Android O APIs. We also recommend updating your app’s targetSdkVersion
to API 26 to opt-in and test your app with Android O specific behavior
changes. See the migration
guide for details on how to setup your environment to build with Android O.

Publish your updates to Google Play

Google Play is open for apps compiled against or targeting API 26. When you’re
ready, you can publish your APK updates in your alpha, beta, or production

Make sure that your updated app runs well on Android O as well as older
versions. We recommend using Google
Play’s beta testing feature to get early feedback from a small
group of users. Then do a staged rollout. We’re looking forward to seeing your
app updates!

How to get Developer Preview 4

It’s simple to get Developer Preview 4 if you haven’t already! Just visit android.com/beta and opt-in your eligible
phone or tablet. As always, you can also download and flash
this update manually. The O Developer Preview is available for Pixel, Pixel
XL, Pixel C, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, and the Android Emulator.
Enrolled devices will automatically update when we release the official version
of Android O.

Thanks for all of your input throughout the preview. Continue to share your feedback and
requests, we love it!

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Jul 25

Sri Lanka Vs South Africa 31/07/2013 – Results and Review

Sri Lanka Vs South Africa 31/07/2013 – Results, Review and Statistical Highlights

The fifth and the final ODI cricket match of the Dialog Cup between Sri Lanka and South Africa on 31/07/2013 kicked off with Sri Lanka winning the toss and electing to bat first.  Prior to the match, The Lankans had already won the series 3-1 while South Africa were looking for some pride through the victory in the final One Day International.  Read on for the complete Sri Lanka Vs South Africa 31/07/2013 Results along with the batting and bowling performance review and Statistical Highlights of the match.

Statistical Highlights

CricketWhen Sri Lanka (SL) came into bat on 31/07/2013 they lost a wicket early but Tillakaratne Dilshan, Lahiru Thirimanne and Kumar Sangakkara played exceeding well to help them reach a target which really looked out of reach for the proteas batsmen.  The best highlights of their batting was Dilshan who missed a century by a run scoring 99 before he was bowled by Ryan McLaren.  As far as South Africa (SA) bowling on 31/07/2013 was concerned, McLaren was their best bet as he was economical and picked up an important wicket of Dilshan before SL reached a score of 307.

South Africa’s batting on 31/07/2013 started well with Quinton De Kock scoring freely but once his wicket fell, No one else apart from AB De Villiers who scored 51 could do anything to threaten the target SL had set.  As far as Sri Lanka’s bowling on 31/07/2013 was concerned, Suranga Lakmal and Ajantha Mendis were the best highlights as they picked up three wickets each before the proteas were bowled out for 179 runs and lost the series 4-1 to SL.  Take a look at the complete Sri Lanka Vs South Africa scorecard below.

Sri Lanka innings (50 overs maximum) Dismissal R B 4s 6s SR
TM Dilshan b McLaren 99 110 13 0 90
MDKJ Perera c †de Kock b Morkel 9 16 2 0 56.25
HDRL Thirimanne c Duminy b Phangiso 68 93 6 1 73.11
KC Sangakkara† not out 75 45 12 0 166.66
AD Mathews* c Miller b Tsotsobe 23 22 1 1 104.54
NLTC Perera not out 17 14 2 0 121.42
Extras (lb 8, w 8) 16
Total (4 wickets; 50 overs) 307 (6.14 runs per over)
Did not bat LD Chandimal, AK Perera, SMSM Senanayake, RAS Lakmal, BAW Mendis
Fall of wickets 1-13 (MDKJ Perera, 4.2 ov), 2-176 (Thirimanne, 33.4 ov), 3-212 (Dilshan, 38.6 ov), 4-257 (Mathews, 45.2 ov)
Bowling O M R W Econ Extras
M Morkel 10 0 78 1 7.8 (5w)
LL Tsotsobe 10 2 52 1 5.2
R McLaren 10 0 47 1 4.7 (1w)
F Behardien 4 0 28 0 7
JP Duminy 7 0 46 0 6.57
AM Phangiso 9 0 48 1 5.33 (2w)
South Africa innings (target: 308 runs from 50 overs) Dismissal R B 4s 6s SR
Q de Kock† b Senanayake 27 21 5 0 128.57
HM Amla lbw b Senanayake 18 28 2 0 64.28
JP Duminy lbw b Dilshan 15 14 3 0 107.14
F du Plessis c †Sangakkara b NLTC Perera 6 13 0 0 46.15
AB de Villiers* c Mathews b Mendis 51 51 5 1 100
F Behardien c Mathews b Lakmal 1 22 0 0 4.54
DA Miller c †Sangakkara b Lakmal 0 2 0 0 0
R McLaren c Mathews b Mendis 29 73 2 0 39.72
M Morkel b Mendis 0 4 0 0 0
AM Phangiso not out 18 28 3 0 64.28
LL Tsotsobe b Lakmal 3 7 0 0 42.85
Extras (w 11) 11
Total (all out; 43.5 overs) 179 (4.08 runs per over)
Fall of wickets 1-35 (de Kock, 5.4 ov), 2-60 (Amla, 9.5 ov), 3-61 (Duminy, 10.4 ov), 4-69 (du Plessis, 13.2 ov), 5-85 (Behardien, 19.3 ov), 6-85 (Miller, 19.5 ov), 7-137 (de Villiers, 32.1 ov), 8-137 (Morkel, 32.5 ov), 9-171 (McLaren, 42.4 ov), 10-179 (Tsotsobe, 43.5 ov)
Bowling O M R W Econ Extras
RAS Lakmal 5.5 0 24 3 4.11 (1w)
AD Mathews 4 0 32 0 8
SMSM Senanayake 10 2 29 2 2.9
TM Dilshan 10 0 41 1 4.1 (3w)
NLTC Perera 5 1 17 1 3.4 (1w)
BAW Mendis 9 2 36 3 4 (2w)

What are your thoughts about the Sri Lanka Vs South Africa 31/07/2013 Results?

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Jul 24

Project Tango workshops help bring indoor location apps to life

Posted by Eitan Marder-Eppstein, Developer Engineering Lead, Project Tango

GPS helps us find our way outside whether it is turn by turn navigation to the nearest grocery or just getting us oriented in a new city. But once we get indoors, it is not quite as easy – GPS doesn’t work, with accuracy dropping and navigation becoming all but impossible. This is one of the reasons why we started Project Tango, which has centimeter-scale accuracy of a device’s location, allowing better navigation and experiences in indoor spaces.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been collecting amazing ideas from around the world for great apps for Lenovo’s Project Tango-powered phone. (Have an idea? If you can dream it, you can submit it!) As part of this program we’re hosting workshops, focused on specific Tango features. And we just wrapped up a session that we hosted with Westfield Labs devoted to indoor location. Here are some of the highlights:

As you can see, everyone from retail brands to robot startups joined in on the fun—using Project Tango’s motion tracking, depth perception, and area learning capabilities to build some amazing location-based apps. Some of our favorites included:

  • Wayfair made it possible to look through your phone and visualize how a piece of furniture would look in your home.
  • Lowe’s Innovation Labs improved in-store navigation by overlaying directions to individual items
  • And Aisle411 created a shop-along experience with some of your favorite celebrities

The next stop in our series is a utilities workshop, where we’ll be going deep on getting things done with Project Tango—like taking 3D measurements, or mapping your home or building. In the meantime, keep submitting your ideas to the App Incubator (the deadline is February 15!), and we’ll see you soon!

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Jul 24

Download Cartoon Yourself For Java Support Phone

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Cartoon Yourself  For Java Support Phone

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Jul 23

Clean Master

clean masterUpdated : 04 July,2013
Rate: *****
Size:  2.78  MB
Type: Apk
Current Version: 3.3.0

Details:Clean Master is an all-in-one cleaner app for android mobile/device .If you’re running low on space on your Android device, Clean Master makes it very easy to identify what’s hogging your storage, and helps you get rid of it.Its very easy and fully fresh software.So lets download & enjoy the application.



This Application Supported For Android Device:

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