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fringUpdated : 04 July,2013
Rate: *****
Size: 1.17MB
Type: sisx
Category:Video calling & chatting
Current Version: Latest

Details:Fring is free video calling and massaging software.It has some new features like,(a)You can now fring your friends on Symbian,(b) Use your phone number for registration instead of username / password,(c)Group calling with 4 friends at the same time,(d)Free calls, messaging & video calls to other fring users worldwide,(e) Free text messaging (no more expensive SMS),(f) Almost free calls to mobiles and landlines with fringOut.So lets make FREE mobile calls, video calls & live chat to fringsters and other internet friends.



 This application is allowed for:

01.Sony Ericsson P900
02.Nokia 6600
03.Nokia N-Gage
04.Fujitsu F2102V
05.Fujitsu F2051
06.Sony Ericsson P800
06.Nokia 7650
07.Nokia 3650/3600
08.Nokia 9290 Communicator
09.Nokia 9210 Communicators
10.Motorola A925                                       

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Racing Moto 2014 3.0 apk

Racing Moto 2014 3.0 apk

The funnest and most extreme Moto Racing game for Android!
Very realistic 3D graphics and environment.
Very addictive, very fun.
Many levels and upgrades to keep you playing for many hours!
Tap to accelerate and tilt to control your direction.

 ===download info===
file size: 35.7 mb
Download Share File : Download here

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Android Instant Apps starts initial live testing

Posted by Aurash Mahbod, Software Engineer, Google Play

Android Instant Apps was previewed at Google I/O last year as a new way to run Android apps without requiring installation. Instant Apps is an important part of our effort to help users discover and run apps with minimal friction.

We’ve been working with a small number of developers to refine the user and developer experiences. Today, a few of these Instant Apps will be available to Android users for the first time in a limited test, including apps from BuzzFeed, Wish, Periscope, and Viki. By collecting user feedback and iterating on the product, we’ll be able to expand the experience to more apps and more users.

To develop an instant app, you’ll need to update your existing Android app to take advantage of Instant Apps functionality and then modularize your app so part of it can be downloaded and run on-the-fly. You’ll use the same Android APIs and Android Studio project. Today, you can also take some important steps to be ready for Instant Apps development. The full SDK will be available in the coming months.

There has already been a tremendous amount of interest in Instant Apps from thousands of developers. We can’t wait to hear your feedback and share more awesome experiences later this year. Stay tuned!

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WWE Smackdown 23/08/2013 – Results, Review and Analysis

WWE Smackdown 23/08/2013 – Results, Review and Analysis

WWE’s Friday Night Smackdown that’s about to air tonight (23/08/2013) was taped on Tuesday Night from Bakersfield, California.  This was the first episode to take place after Summerslam and was expected to reveal a bit more about the storylines moving forward.  Read on for the complete WWE Smackdown 23/08/2013 Results along with the performance review of the matches and analysis of the show.

Note: Spoilers Below.

The show officially kicked off with Vickie Guerrero introducing the new WWE world heavyweight champion ‘Randy Orton’ to the ring.  Orton confidently claimed that he was a true role model and a champion who told the truth.  He further said he was not aware of Triple H’s plans and further claimed he didn’t need anyone’s help to be the new champion.  Daniel Bryan then made it out to the ring and thanked John Cena for the opportunity.  He called Orton arrogant and said that Orton was given everything while he had to work hard for every opportunity, he also said he would beat Orton again for the title.  Bryan then asked for a rematch but Orton refused.  Orton then tried to give a sneaky RKO to Bryan but failed after which Bryan dropkicked him.

A backstage segment at Smackdown 23/08/2013 saw Wade Barrett requesting for a match against Daniel Bryan.  Vickie Guerrero politely obliged as she sanctioned a steel cage match.

*The Results of the match between Curtis Axel and Cody Rhodes went in favor of Axel after a distraction from Paul Heyman.  Post Match, Heyman spoke about the pain and emotional distress caused by CM Punk and praised Brock Lesnar’s  win.  The segment ended with Heyman claiming Punk’s action at Raw as low and issued a challenged to Punk on Behalf of Curtis Axel for next week’s raw.

*Dolph Ziggler pinned Big E Langston after a Zig Zag despite AJ’s interference.

*Alberto Del Rio defeated Christian after he locked in an armbreaker.

Post Match, Del Rio took the Mic and played to the fans and spoke against them.  Ricardo came out and praised the crowd in spanish and brought out Rob Van Dam.  Christian who had regained strength by now nailed a Missle Drop Kick while RVD hit a rolling thunder and the segment ended with RVD and Ricardo holding the title.

*Big Show and Mark Henry won against 3MB in a handicap match.

*Darren Young defeated Antonio Cesaro despite Jack Swagger’s interference.

*The Steel cage match between Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett saw Bryan eventually winning after he nailed a running knee.

Post match, just as Bryan was leaving the cage he was attacked by Randy Orton who was present under the ring. That’s it for my recap.

What are your thoughts of the WWE Smackdown 23/08/2013 Results?

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Pakistan Vs South Africa 30/11/2013 – Results and Review

Pakistan Vs South Africa 30/11/2013 – Results, Review and Statistical Highlights

The 3rd One Day International (ODI) Cricket match between Pakistan and South Africa kicked off with South Africa winning the toss and electing to field first.  At the toss, AB De Villiers confirmed that he wanted his side to chase the target as he wanted to see if they were able to cope up with the pressure.  To know about what happened durin the course of the match, Read on for the complete Results, batting and bowling performance Review, Scorecard and Statistical Highlights below.

Statistical Highlights

CricketWhen Pakistan came in to bat, they once again had a poor start as they lost their openers quite cheaply.  The responsibility once again came on Misbah-Ul-Haq who didn’t disappoint and scored a decent half century but unfortunately he did not have many players to play around him as the team ended at a score of 179 in 46.5 overs.  As far as South Africa’s bowling was concerned, all their pacers as well as spinners bowled pretty decently to get a team which was running high on confidence after winning the first two matches bowled out.

When South Africa came in to bat, they had a decent start but had a mini collapse.  Luckily for them, the target was a small one which they reached comfortably in the end, thanks to a score of 46 by AB De Villiers who ensured he saw his team through.  As far as Pakistan’s bowling was concerned, Saeed Ajmal was once again the pick of their bowlers as he took two wickets.

Have a look at the scorecard of the match between South Africa and Pakistan  as it happens on 30/11/2013.

Pakistan innings (50 overs maximum) R B 4s 6s SR
Umar Amin c Amla b McLaren 25 35 4 1 71.42
Ahmed Shehzad c Amla b Philander 0 3 0 0 0
Asad Shafiq c †de Kock b Tsotsobe 1 5 0 0 20
Sohaib Maqsood c & b McLaren 25 39 4 0 64.1
Misbah-ul-Haq* not out 79 107 4 2 73.83
Umar Akmal† c †de Kock b Philander 5 26 0 0 19.23
Bilawal Bhatti c Amla b Imran Tahir 1 9 0 0 11.11
Anwar Ali c †de Kock b Philander 1 2 0 0 50
Abdur Rehman c Amla b Imran Tahir 22 40 2 0 55
Sohail Tanvir c Parnell b Tsotsobe 6 11 1 0 54.54
Saeed Ajmal c de Villiers b Parnell 0 4 0 0 0
Extras (lb 1, w 13) 14
Total (all out; 46.5 overs; 207 mins) 179 (3.82 runs per over)
Fall of wickets 1-2 (Ahmed Shehzad, 0.4 ov), 2-7 (Asad Shafiq, 3.1 ov), 3-48 (Umar Amin, 10.6 ov), 4-67 (Sohaib Maqsood, 16.2 ov), 5-85 (Umar Akmal, 24.2 ov), 6-96 (Bilawal Bhatti, 27.5 ov), 7-97 (Anwar Ali, 28.1 ov), 8-148 (Abdur Rehman, 41.4 ov), 9-164 (Sohail Tanvir, 44.5 ov), 10-179 (Saeed Ajmal, 46.5 ov)
Bowling O M R W Econ Extras
VD Philander 10 3 26 3 2.6 (2w)
LL Tsotsobe 10 2 38 2 3.8 (4w)
R McLaren 8 1 28 2 3.5
WD Parnell 8.5 0 30 1 3.39 (2w)
Imran Tahir 10 0 56 2 5.6 (1w)
South Africa innings (target: 180 runs from 50 overs) Dismissal R B 4s 6s SR
Q de Kock† c Saeed Ajmal b Bilawal Bhatti 15 18 3 0 83.33
HM Amla run out (Umar Amin/†Umar Akmal) 41 48 6 0 85.41
H Davids st †Umar Akmal b Saeed Ajmal 7 18 0 0 38.88
JP Duminy c †Umar Akmal b Abdur Rehman 16 23 2 0 69.56
AB de Villiers* not out 48 63 3 0 76.19
DA Miller c †Umar Akmal b Sohail Tanvir 24 26 3 0 92.3
R McLaren b Saeed Ajmal 17 29 2 0 58.62
WD Parnell not out 7 9 1 0 77.77
Extras (lb 4, nb 2) 6
Total (6 wickets; 38.4 overs; 168 mins) 181 (4.68 runs per over)
Did not bat VD Philander, LL Tsotsobe, Imran Tahir
Fall of wickets 1-39 (de Kock, 5.5 ov), 2-49 (Davids, 10.5 ov), 3-75 (Amla, 15.6 ov), 4-84 (Duminy, 19.2 ov), 5-124 (Miller, 26.5 ov), 6-164 (McLaren, 35.5 ov)
Bowling O M R W Econ Extras
Sohail Tanvir 7.4 0 42 1 5.47 (2nb)
Anwar Ali 2 0 15 0 7.5
Bilawal Bhatti 8 1 35 1 4.37
Saeed Ajmal 10 1 34 2 3.4
Abdur Rehman 9 0 40 1 4.44
Sohaib Maqsood 2 0 11 0 5.5

What are your thoughts about the Pakistan Vs South Africa 30/11/2013 Results?

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Download AVG Free Antivirus 2014 Build 4158a6730 Offline Installer Setup

AVG Free Antivirus 2014 Build

There are numerous users who prefer to rely on a freeware antivirus solution and, despite ongoing rumors, this does not necessarily mean that the computer is less protected than in the case of using a paid tool. For that purpose AVG Anti Virus 2014 Professional Free Edition is a perfect choice.

AVG Antivirus Free 2014 Build 4158a6730 is one of the freeware antivirus software that should be taken into consideration when thinking about a freeware solution to protect one’s PC. It only provides basic protection, but this should be enough for those who are not avid computer users who download tons of files from the Internet.
Extra attention should be paid when installing this application, since it offers to make some changes to your search engine and install a browser toolbar. Even if you refuse these offers, the software still functions properly. 
The interface of AVG AntiVirus 2014 Free Edition pleasant, and packed with features that users would only expect from paid solutions, including modules such as LinkScanner, E-mail Protection or Anti-Rootkit. Read more – Click here.
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That was the year that was … 2011!

Greetings Programs!

Well, now that 2011 has been stuffed into the bin with all the Chrissy wrapping paper and turkey leftovers and I’d like to start this blog entry by sending a massive THANK YOU to everyone who has helped and supported Psytronik Software in 2011. I’m hugely grateful to everyone who has written or helped out with a Psytronik release, and of course, to everyone who bought a Psytronik game this year … It takes a whopping amount of my (very limited!) spare time to run Psytronik Software but I don’t mind as it’s just so darned satisfying to see a release come together and appear in the BZ store in all it’s lovingly packaged glory. It’s also great fun putting together packages for eager retro fans as I know how cool it is to receive a shiny new game for your fave computer, rip off the shrink-wrapping and load it for some retro gaming fun!

Anyway, that’s quite enough back-slapping and hugging for now. Now lets take a look at the Psytronik releases from 2011 complete with thoughts and musings about each one plucked directly from my addled brain type device:-

1,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs (C64) (12th Feb)

The first Psytronik release to bolt out of the starting gate for 2011 was the amusing Alf Yngve beat ‘em up romp 1,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs. Once again Alf managed to push SEUCK in all sorts of directions that it wasn’t designed to go and using cunning design and some ingenius tricks he actually managed to coax a scrolling beat ‘em up out of an editor designed for shoot ‘em ups! The combination of wacky storyline, tongue in cheek humour and cartoony graphics resulted in a pretty darned nifty release. Richard Bayliss also assisted by bolting on a new front-end and plumbing in some in-game power-ups and the cream on this particularly yummy cake were the oriental soundtracks that were specially composed for the game by Jon Wells. My only teeny niggly regret with this release is I didn’t have the chance at the time to do a loading bitmap for the game – but I made up for this when the sequel to this game came along, but more about that later in this blog entry!

Sub Hunter (Amstrad CPC) (13th Feb)

The incredible Amstrad CPC conversion of Sub Hunter was one of my favourite Psytronik releases in 2011. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Amstrad CPC computer so I was really pleased to be able to release some Amstrad games thanks to the awesome skills of CPC programmer Paul Kooistra. I had a great time working with Paul during the development of Sub Hunter and was absolutely blown away by the quality of the completed game. Paul had managed to squeeze almost every single feature from the C64 game into the Amstrad version (including that stunning parallax scrolling) – and in some places he even managed to IMPROVE on the original C64 game! Herve Monchatre also did a superb job in converting the music from the C64 version onto the Amstrad. And the amazing thing about the CPC version of Sub Hunter? It was all crammed into just 64K!

AutoCross Racing (PC) (13th Feb)

AutoCross Racing is a fun PC release for Psytronik that came together REALLY quickly! I’m a huge fan of top-down racing games (I used to play loads of them on the Amiga) and as soon as I saw footage of the game in action I knew it would make a great Psytronik release – and I wasn’t wrong, the actual game itself is a total hoot to play and is jam-packed with neat options. The game was produced for the PC by Kevin Murphy who I already knew from the C64 game Flubble & Squij – that very nearly got a Psytronik release back in the 1990s. Anyway, it took just over a week from seeing a video of the game to having a fully packaged Psytronik version of the game ready to go! Mat ‘Preferred Image’ Recardo also helped out with this release by rendering some action-packed artwork that was used for the packaging.

Sheepoid (C64) (1st June)

Sheepoid is a psychedelic shooter from Richard Bayliss in which you control two Sheepoid units defending the universe from a variety of weird and wonderful attackers from the beyond the Neon Vortex … Or something! The game was inspired by Lazer Zone – by the hairy hero Jeff Minter and I thought it would be good fun to release the game in some rather colourful Psytronik packaging at the RetroVision event … And it was at RV that I finally got to meet Richard in person for the first time ever – and a jolly nice chap he is too. STE’86 (Steve Day) delivered a gorgeous loading bitmap and Mat Recardo produced the superb cover design. This was based on artwork by Alf Yngve that was originally produced for a Jeff Minter themed edition of my old Commodore Zone mag that was never produced in the end. It was just a shame Jeff himself didn’t turn up to the event to see the game … Baaa!

Hyper Viper (C64) (24th June)

This was the debut release from programmer Jamie Howard. The game is a nice conversion of the original MSX version and not only featured everything from the original game but also included additional features as well. This was an interesting release for Psytronik as it was the first game to feature properly licensed music (the title tune is a cover of AM180 – as featured in the movie 28 Days Later). STE’86 produced a jolly loading screen for the game and Smila produced the eye-catching box art. All in all, a fun retro-style release and a great debut title from Jamie. I just hope he gets around to completing his C64 conversion of the MSX game Polar Star as that looked absolutely belting!

Shoot ‘Em Up Destruction Set 2 (C64) (9th November)

Here’s another of my fave Psytronik releases from 2011. As Alf Yngve is so darned prolific it can be tricky keeping up with all the cool C64 titles he keeps producing so I came up with the idea of releasing another compilation of his games – which is a great way to quickly get a bevy of his titles into the Psytronik range (and to offer extra value for money for all you lovely retro fiends!) I then thought it would be cool to make the compilation a sequel to the first SEUDS compilation – and to present the games with similar artwork to the original. For SEUDS 2 I chose two unreleased games from the Psytronik back-catalogue (Bloodwheels & Trojahn), a recent side-ways scrolling shooter (Super Tau-Zeta) and the brand new game 2,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs. Richard Bayliss did an absolutely superb job enhancing the games with power-ups, special effects, new front-end presentation and music etc., I worked with STE’86 on the loading screens (we produced two bitmaps each) and I also produced logos for 2,000 KFM, Bloodwheels & Trojahn. Interestingly, Alf was so impressed with the bitmap that Steve produced for Trojahn that he revamped the game completely to bring it up to a similar standard. I’m also very pleased that I got to make up for my lack of input on 1,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs by producing the loading screen and front-end logo for its sequel. As well as handling all the tape masters for SEUDS 2, Richard also worked wonders with the disk menu – which was done in the same style as the original SEUDS menu but with a re-worked bitmap screen … And if all that wasn’t enough, SEUDS 2 also featured a complete extra game as well – the excellent Forbidden Forest inspired game Forgotten Forest … Bonus!

Oracle III (C64) (18th December)

The final Psytronik release for 2011 which just managed to get into the BZ store before the end of the year (albeit on a pre-order basis) was ORACLE III. This was one of those releases that started off simply enough with the idea to release a previously unreleased – but completed – puzzle game on the Psytronik label. It then got totally more elaborate with brand new ambient soundtracks being composed for the game, a soundtrack CD being bundled in with it (featuring recordings done from the composers own SID chip) and the whole thing being re-compressed to use less disk-space (oh, and the Psytronik logo was bolted onto the loading screen as well). Mat Recardo once again came up trumps (chortle!) with some excellent rendered cover-art that nicely depicted the in-game action. Oracle III was a great way to round off 2011 and it was great to add a different style of game to the Psytronik catalogue.


In last blog entry I mentioned that Psytronik was going to be exhibiting at the REPLAY EXPO in Blackpool … I bet you are all BUSTING to know how I got on at the show aren’t you? Well, here’s how it all went … I was initially unsure as to whether I would attend the 2011 show as it would involve a 300 mile round-trip and it was all a bit of an unknown for me as I missed the first REPLAY show in 2010. I received a nice call from Dave Moore (one of the show organisers) that convinced me I should come along and everything else seemed to click into place at just the right time. On the Friday before the event I loaded up my mighty silver Mondeo and set a course for Blackpool. The Journey to the event was actually easy-peasy. I’m not usually a fan of the M6 but once you get past Birmingham it’s plain-sailing all the way to Blackpool. 157 miles later (I know it was that far as I reset my mileometer just as I set off) I was standing outside the Norbreck Castle – the venue for REPLAY! I had a quick recce of the place to get my bearings and chatted to a few familar faces before I checked in at my hotel – the lovely Poldhu – which is literally 100 yards away from the venue. I then headed back to the Norbreck and bumped into Vintage Matt from RetroVision and somehow accidentally (heh!) ended up in a pub type environment with lots of the RV peeps – and a very nice evening of stout imbibing and pub japes ensued followed by a tasty CURRY. I had arrived!

The Specadore 64 got a lot of attention at REPLAY!

Saturday!! After nomming a tasty cooked brekkie at the Poldhu Hotel (served up by the Yoda-esque lady there) I headed to the Norbreck to set up my Psytronik table. I was situated next to my good chum Jason ‘TMR’ Kelk (he of the Retro Gamer Homebrew section fame) so it was great to be able to have a natter with him. I took a slightly scaled-down setup to REPLAY as I wasn’t sure how much room I would have – so I only had two systems to set up. The first of which was the crowd-pleasing SPECADORE 64 – which is always popular at these events – and the second system was my shiny new COMMODORE 64x – which is the new PC-in-a-C64-style-case … I planned to run emulators and Psytronik promo videos on the C64x, as well as the PC remake of Armalyte – which is awesome being played with a retro style joystick (a USB Competition Pro) running on a C64 style PC! The Specadore 64 featured the recently-released conversion of Prince of Persia running from an EasyFlash cart that I had literally received a few days before the event. This gave people the chance to play the stunning C64 conversion of the game on REAL hardware. I also demonstrated some new Psytronik releases including SEUDS 2 – with 2,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs being a highlight as it caused much mirth with its amusing power-ups (poodle attack!) The Psytronik stand was in the entrance area of the event (not in the main hall) so everyone attending REPLAY would have to pass me at some point! This meant there were plenty of people throughout the day going past so I had lots of interest in the Psytronik goodies that were on display. I ventured into the main hall at various times throughout the day and was blown away by the size of the event. It … was … HUGE! I’ve attended a LOT of retro events in the past but this was easily the biggest I’ve ever seen – a mindscrambling array of arcade cabs, retro & modern systems and pinball machines were available to be played on (if you could figure out how to get the freeplay arcade cabs to start!), there were impressive stands set up by various sponsors and retro selling peeps, HUGE screens showing what was going on, lots of Cosplayers, boothbabes and various heroes from the retro scene (Jeff Minter!! Oli Frey!!), it really was an incredible sight – it wasn’t like any other retro event I’d been to, it was a proper EXPO! In the evening I headed along to an aftershow gig at another hotel that featured SID 80′s (minus MadFiddler, sadly). Unfortunately, this was hampered by a massively overlong quiz, hugely expensive drinks and awful acoustics. The day was rounded off with a bazillion mile walk into town with various peeps to a restaurant that didn’t exist. So an emergency kebab was duly purchased while we were amused at the shouty drunken antics of the skimpily dressed girls in the middle of Blackpool on a freezing Saturday night in November. And a classy bunch they certainly were! ;)

Me ‘n’ Yak!

Sunday!! Hangover part 2, and a room smelling of cold kebab (it was cold when I ate the bloody thing!) Another lovely cooked brekkie was served up by Mrs Yoda – I loved the way I came down to brekkie and she shuffled next door to bring it to me, already prepared! And as it was beautifully sunny outside I had a nice walk along the sea-front to clear my head and enjoyed some moments of zen-like calm before heading over to the Norbreck for REPLAY DAY 2! My second day at REPLAY started out pretty much the same as the first – but I was determined to PLAY MORE GAMES so did spend a lot more time in the main hall on Sunday. I also recruited Vintage Matt to be my camera co-pilot at one point and we went on a most excellent mission to get photographed with as many cosplayers and girls on the stands as possible. Our mission was very successful I’m pleased to say! All in all, I really enjoyed my time at REPLAY. As well as being a cracking event I knew loads of people there so there was always someone I could chat to and everyone else I met was friendly and seemed to be having a good time. One thing that amused me about the Psytronik stand was that a lot of people didn’t actually notice the C64x as at a glance it looks just like and old breadbin style C64 – the Specadore 64 got a LOT more attention than the latest addition to the Commodore range … ! There wasn’t really much about REPLAY that I *didn’t* like. I did notice an odd musty pong in one of the side-rooms near to where the talks were being held (a few people noticed this, apparently), the after-show gig on Saturday was a bit naff – although we did our best to liven that up with some incredible “free-form darncing” – Ben Daglish was most impressed with our efforts! I couldn’t get a look-in on the Pinball machines – they were in constant use each time I went past them – and quite a few of the arcade machines seem to require some magical trickery to get them going, but these are minor niggles only and didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the event one iota.

Me – In my natural environment. :)

And that pretty much sums it up for REPLAY. Would I go again? Definitely! I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and it was definitely worth the 300 mile round-trip. A massive YO! to all the people I met and spoke to at the event (far too many to list here), I look forward to seeing you all again in 2012! You can view a selection of photos I took at the event by clicking the link below:-


Thanks for reading!

Kenz / www.psytronik.net
Psytronik Software

Jan 21

Offer Your Educational Apps On Google Play for Education

Posted by Pratip Banerji, Google Play for Education team

Last month, we announced Google Play for Education — a platform enabling developers and content providers to reach K-12 educators and students in the United States through a new Android based initiative. Google Play for Education is an extension of the Google Play Store for schools, adding curation, bulk purchasing, and instant distribution to students’ Android tablets for educational apps, books and videos. As we said at the time, we are excited to be doing our part to make technology and innovation in the classroom more accessible.

Starting today, you can use the Google Play Developer Console to mark your apps for inclusion in Google Play for Education, which is actively being piloted in schools across the country. Marking your app identifies it as targeted for the US K-12 educational market and queues it for evaluation by a third-party network of educators. These educators perform a first-pass qualification of apps, assigning the appropriate subject, grade, and common core standards metadata, while evaluating whether they meet the Google Play for Education criteria for classroom use.

Leading up to the fall launch, the Google Play for Education team is conducting an extensive series of pilots that include schools and students across the U.S. By marking your app for inclusion now, you will be getting your app into the hands of these schools and key influencers in the education technology community.

Whether you already have an existing educational app or are looking to build one, take a look at our Guidelines for Apps to make sure your app is appropriate for the K-12 environment. Follow our detailed requirements and test your app to ensure it is optimized for Android tablets. Then, upload your new or updated app, mark it for inclusion in Google Play for Education, and publish. We will email you when your app has been evaluated. Depending on app submission volume, this process can take 3-4 weeks. For more information, see Get Started.

Also please tune in to our panel for education developers on Tuesday June 25th at 10:30 AM EDT. Live from the ISTE (the International Society for Technology in Education) Conference, we’ll tell you more about developing for Google in Education and we’ll host some educators who explain what they are looking for in educational apps. The panel will be streamed on Google Developers Live and we’ll make the video available to you as well.

For more information on Google Play for Education, please visit developer.android.com/edu.

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WWE Smackdown 29/11/2013 – Results, Review and Analysis

WWE Smackdown 29/11/2013 – Results, Review and Analysis

World Wrestling Entertainment’s friday night professional wrestling show that aired from Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut kicked off with a dark match between Justin Gabriel and Hunico.  Gabriel was able to defeat Hunico without any problems after he dominated for most part of the match.  To know more about what happened during the course of the show that will air on 29/11/2013, Read on for the complete Results, Review and Analysis

Note: Spoilers below.

The show officially kicked off with Renee Young interviewing Randy Orton in the center of the ring.  Orton spoke about Survivor Series and about the TLC match against John Cena but ended up walking out in the middle of it.
WWE Smackdown 
*The match between Mark Henry and Curtis Axel with Big E Langston and Ryback at ringside ended with Henry winning comfortably in the end.
*Titus O’Neil  won the eating contest and earned a match against Antonio Cesaro for later.
* Los Matodores defeated 3MB.
*Tensai and Brodus Clay defeated Xavier woods and R-Truth
*Renee Young Interviewed CM Punk.  Punk claimed he hadn’t heard from Daniel Bryan after being taken by The Wyatt family and said that he didn’t know why The Shield attacked him He thought maybe they were just following the authority’s orders.

*Antonio Cesaro defeated Titus’ O Neil after Darren Young Interfered, Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger were also at ringside. After the match O’Neil fell sick as a result of eating earlier and puked in JBL’s cowboy hat and put it on Michael Cole’s head.  Titus ten Puked on Zeb Colter.

*Goldust and Cody Rhodes defeated Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns by DQ after Ambrose interfered.  CM Punk came out and cleared the ring after which Vickie announced that this will be a six man tag match.

The lights then went out and out came The Wyatt family.  The Usos and Rey Mysterio also came out.  Vickie then made it as a twelve man match.  They then beat down Mysterio until Punk was tagged and he cleaned the ring.  The match ended with Mysterio’s 619 on Erick Rowan and Punk hit him with a GTS for win. 

What are your thoughts about the WWE Smackdown 29/11/2013 Results?

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Far Cry 3: A Man Named Hoyt – Mission Objectives

Far Cry 3: A Man Named Hoyt – Mission Objectives and Review

The Fourteenth mission of Far Cry 3 is A man Named Hoyt.  The mission kicked off from where the previous one left off and began after you have burnt the drug crops of Vaas and destroyed the boat that carried the shipment of the drugs.  The objectives just like the previous few missions are simple enough to complete.  Check out below to know what you need to do in order to complete the level and move on to the fifteenth mission.

Mission Objectives

  • Speak to Willis.
  • Escape from the hut.
  • Reach the rice fields
  • Reach the observation point without being detected.
  • Secure the area before Rongo gets killed and rescue him
  • Protect Rongo on the way to the village.
  • Receive the documents by Rongo.

Take a look at a few pictures and a couple of videos from the mission.

Trying not to attract attention

Protecting Rongo

Rongo searching the house

Shotgun Reloaded

 Take a look at the couple of videos below

Far Cry 3: A Man Named Hoyt – Get to the observation point undetected

Far Cry 3: A Man Named Hoyt – Protect Rongo While he searches the house

What are your thoughts about Far Cry 3: A Man Named Hoyt – Mission Objectives?

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